Fryette Amplification Deliverance 60

Fryette Amplification Deliverance 60

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Deliverance 60, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Fryette Amplification.

8 user reviews
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Fryette Amplification Deliverance 60 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Fryette Amplification
  • Model: Deliverance 60
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 09/18/2005

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Fryette Amplification Deliverance 60 user reviews

Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 8 reviews )
 5 reviews63 %
 3 reviews38 %
Value For Money :

James...'s review"One sound does it all"

Fryette Amplification Deliverance 60
Very simple layout for this amp. 2 KT88 tubes. Front panel is no surprises. 2 gain knobs. Bass, middle, treble, depth, presence...etc. It has the two gain stages obviously. This amp is really the antithesis of the Sig: X. It's a tribute in function to classic amps of the 60's and 70's. A no frills tone monster. It's meant to let you forget about the amp and focus on your playing really. Stripped down tone.


I got the deliverance because I was in a hard rock band for a while and I didn't need any cleans from my amp. I just wanted a good gainy head I could clean up with the guitar knob if I have to. The deliverance fit the bill. It's a really simple amp to use. Pick either less/more mode and go to it. You can use pedals with it but that's not really what the amp is about.


In my setup I used a Les Paul Standard and a Bogner 4x12. The only effects I used with it was a delay and a boost pedal. The deliverance may be a one channel amp but in reality it's more like a two. The less side is something very unexpected. It has a low gain cleanish tone to it that's somewhere between a voxy chime and a plexi grunt. It's not a "clean" clean in other words. By using the volume knob you can get from various states of really clean to semi clean to fairly dirty. The more mode is a whole other animal. Basically take a hotrodded JCM800 and a dual rectifier and smash them together. You get the D60 more mode. It's got the thickness of a mesa with the mids and presence of a marshall. Better yet, it cleans up great. The thing to do with this amp is use your guitar volume and that's all.


The simplicity is the draw with the D60. It's not for tweakers or players looking for a ton of tones. If you need one good core sound that you can clean up with the volume and maybe tack a couple of pedals on, this is the amp for you. I play in a lot of different projects and this head could not hang in all of them. If you're in a band that uses mostly high gain sounds and little clean, this might work for you. Although you can get semi-cleans with the volume knob. The value is good. I would buy one again if I needed it for the application it fits.

loudfunk's review"Now this is how you make a single channel head..."

Fryette Amplification Deliverance 60
Very straight forward 60 watt tube head. 2 KT88 power tubes, 12AX7 pre-amp tubes, 2 gain controls, less/more gain toggle switch, master volume, bass, middle and treble controls, and depth and presence controls for the power section. And that's all she wrote.

The amp is a modern homage to the old no effects loop, or silly wattage switches, etc...


Super simple to dial in. The manual is fine but unnecessary. If you're looking for an amp that does one great sound at a time and responds well to the guitar's volume and the player's picking hand that is it.


Here's where the fun starts, the 2 gain control let you dial is easily anything tight and spanky to warm and woolly, regardless of the gain level. Unlike many amps where the higher you go with the gain the closer it gets to serious mud, not on this. In addition the difference in sonics between say gain 1 low/gain 2 high and gain 1 high/gain 2 low is pretty amazing. Only to be out done by the difference of running the combination of both gain controls high with the toggle set to Less as compared to running the controls low with the switch set to high.
The EQ controls are great for tailoring your sound since they're center in very usable range.
Depth lets you control the speaker excursion, making the sound tighter or looser.


If you're a fan of old Marshalls there are plenty of modded Marshall guys out there ready to sell you you a supposed better mouse trap. This amp has the feel of an old amp, just hppenes to be very well thought out. And has as much in common with old Hiwatts as it does with old Marshalls. And just like those amps it makes for an amazing clean amp as well as a crunch or gain monster.

Usually amps will react better to either guitar with single coils or guitars with humbuckers, this one handles both with equal grace.
Some folks will miss the effects loop on this, but for that matter they should look into the Fryette Sig-X, or use this in a wet/dry set-up.

ejecta's review"My favorite Fryette/VHT amp"

Fryette Amplification Deliverance 60
I have the second generation of the Deliverance D60 that has the VHT logo. To me the VHT/Fryette amps have always had their own thing going on as far a voice goes. You can hear influences of British and American amps but Steve Fryette has his own take on tone. Some dig it some don’t. Anyway, I’ve always leaned to the Marshall voicing and not so much Fender or Mesa Boogie. To me the VHT/Fryette’s voice has more a Marshall/Hiwatt heritage than anything else. What I  think is cool and the heart of the versatility of this simple amp is the two gain controls. Gain 1 allows you to not only add some gain but also the EQ shift of the preamp. The more you keep Gain 1 to the left the more classic the voicing. To my ear it lowers the presence of low mids and bottom end. The more to the right you go the more the low mids and bottom comes in. The second gain knob brings in more gain on top of where you have it set with Gain 1. To me Gain 1 doesn’t affect the amount of gain as much as it does the voicing. Next is the “Less” and “More” switch that takes the amp from a more clean to classic/80’s  levels of gain to more modern levels. For me the interaction of these two gain knobs and this switch allow me to dial in the perfect mix of modern and classic or shift between the two depending on my mood. Then you have your typical EQ section with the addition of a “Presence” and “Depth” for added control. The amp from there is pretty much bare bones as far as features go which to me isn’t a bad thing. No loop, no line out, nor extra channels etc. I use a wet/dry set up so not having a loop isn’t that big of deal for me. My only wish for this amp is the ability to switch the “Less” and “More” remotely but really it’s not that big of a deal.


I found dialing in the Deliverance to be very straight forward and fit my needs for rock to hard rock.


I play a Les Paul style guitar with a M13 for effects. Since there isn't a loop I used a Suhr line out between the amp and the speaker cab to run to a wet dry rig.


Overall I find the Deliverance to be a more raw and open amp compared to some of the other models offered by VHT/Fryette which I find cool but have a more refined tone. The amp reacts very well to volume knob adjustments and pick dynamics. I really have become a fan of playing like this over the years more so than having a bunch of channels at my feet. The amp also really punches when you want it to. I dig that for drop D tuning that I sometimes like to write in. The amp will do metal tones easily but I also I think it will surprise you how well it will do classic rock and bluesy tones too.

gtel77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification Deliverance 60
See below. Description very complte.
Robust amp and well finished.
No frills, it's a real single channel that is not encumbered superfluous.
We love, or you do not like. I like;-) !!


Configuration is very simple, it is a single channel. Apart rglages traditional EQ, you can really shape the sounds varis thanks to the two knob GAIN I / GAIN II acting respectively on the voicing and the rate of OD.
GAIN I DO not bring evil as and like it turns right. The mini switch LESS / MORE allows also to expand the range of possible sounds on this head is really very versatile despite a single channel.


It took some time to find my rglages, mainly because of the fact that we should not hsiter sharply reduce the treble EQ (my taste of course).
I play mainly blues rock style, classic rock, and I mostly use the head in LESS mode. I thought at the beginning that the sound lacked fat, crmeux, and I thought for a few weeks that the head was not going to spend the winter;-) !!
But once I understood the operation of the amp, I fell on the c ..... This head in LESS mode is a crunch box, adopts an incredible dynamic, which restores full and transparent Manire playing the guitar - this may be why I found it hard to me lol. To mourn a neck pickup Strat or a Les Paul screaming bridge pickup is happiness.
The sound certainly can be a little crmeux in the mids, but the head accepts the pedals so well that quality of TS-like really bring color, personally I hardly dishes gain on the pedal and it just messes mediums as we like .... Hummmmm !!

Mode MORE, I go back I GAIN knob to 2 hour to bring the body, GAIN 2 between 12 am and 2Het the heavy cavalry !! Sound british typ - PLEXI survitamin for the Hard / Heavy 80's we are in it with nothing. I do not really play metal, so I do not know what will this head with extreme distos, but for big sound heavy rock, the MORE way it's all good.

Despite the absence of a loop, I use reverb facade, with lightness rgle AC is happening in IMPECC LESS mode, MORE mode against a march at all, the sound quickly becomes messy.


I use this head with a 2 * 12 G12H30. It seems that it still sounds better on cabs Deliverance, but hey we do with what we have !!

I played over the past few months, and I think I am beginning to understand well. This is not a head easy to access despite its apparent simplicity but DLivre (hh !!) sounds a quality and variety of truly Surprisingly for a single channel head, and possde a dynamic that did not think about the many amps on which I played. It perfectly accepts the pedals and refreshed sonic palette is enriched accordingly.

For ceusses who are not looking Fender cleans of Crunches Marshall and Mesa distos but seeking his home in the range of crunches, from a quality of hardware and with their own personality.

I would not change it for anything.
If I turn the Bogner Shiva for .......................

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