Fryette Amplification Pittbull Hundred/CLX

Fryette Amplification Pittbull Hundred/CLX

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Pittbull Hundred/CLX, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Fryette Amplification.

2 user reviews
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Fryette Amplification Pittbull Hundred/CLX tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Fryette Amplification
  • Model: Pittbull Hundred/CLX
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 07/13/2011

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Fryette Amplification Pittbull Hundred/CLX user reviews

Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 2 reviews )
 2 reviews100 %

iamqman's review"Master built"

Fryette Amplification Pittbull Hundred/CLX
FRyette is a company that has change their name in recent years. They used to be VHT but some legal battle has now changed their Name to Fryette. Say great amplifiers and cabinets but with just a simple name adjustment. No big deal at all.

Hwt makes this different then the regular build Fryette Pittbull is that each solder joint and every inch of the amp is combed over with a fine tooth. Even Steven Fryette personally plays the amp to ensure satisfaction. This is $300 up charge and I feel is probably worth the extra money. I have never heard any complaints of customer service from the fellas over at Fryette and from testimonies from many people on the internet they are an amazing company.


Three channels: LEAD, RHYTHM & CLEAN
Gain Stacking
Six-Band Graphic EQ
Series/Parallel Effects Loop
Power Amp Mute
Half Power Mode
Dual-Class Mode
Variable Line Out
Front panel
Input HI/LO
Lead Channel: Lead Gain, Lead Switch, Hi Gain Switch, Lead Volume
Rhythm Channel: Rhythm Boost, Rhythm Gain, Rhythm Switch, Hi Gain Switch, Rhythm Volume, Edge, Treble, Shift, Middle, Bass
Clean Channel: Clean Volume, Boost, Treble, Bright, Middle, Shift, Bass
Master Volume
Standby, Power
Rear panel
Ground Switch
AC Input
Mains Fuse
DC Fuse
Power Amp Mute Switch
Dual-Class Switch
Impedance Selector
Speaker Output Jacks
Line Out Level
Line out
Footswitch Jack
EQ Switch
Loop Switch
Loop Return Jack
Series Parallel Switch
Loop Level Switch
Loop Send Jack
Loop Level/Mix


Power output
100 Watts RMS.
4, 8 or 16 ohms
Two parallel output jacks
Tube Complement
1-12AX7A Tung-Sol (Russia)
4-12AX7AC (China Selected)
4-Premium Matched Mullard EL34 Power Tubes
FC-2 Footswitch (included)
Recommended cabinet: FatBottom for maximum projection, exceptional low-end definition and focused sound
Actual Dimensions (W x H x D): 29.25" X 9.5" X 10.5" (74 X 24 X 27 mm)
Actual Weight: 50 Lb. (23 kg)
Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D): 34" X 15" X 18" (86 X 38 X 45 mm)
Shipping Weight: 55 Lb. (25 kg)


I have to say this is one of the baddest amp on the planet. this amp covers so much style ground and musical genres that is makes most amps look like toys. The appearance of this amp may be intimidating to some people thinking it is only a metal amp. This amp is just as every bit as versatile as a Bogner XTC or a Diezel VH4.

Tye lows on this amp are amazing. They are very tight and unforgiving, but also extremely dynamic. The notes just respond so sensitively to your fingers touch. And the gain on this amp is out of this world huge. Not to mention their speaker cabinets are some of the best in the business. They are perfectly voiced to match the goliath sound from these amps.


AT new these amps come in at around $3799, which is a lot of money for most people including myself. However, this is a professionals amplifier. This is also for someone who has been playing boutique amps for a while and can't seem to lock down his or her tone. this could be your amp if you like a tight riffing amp for metal and basically every style of music.

drapeau_rouge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification Pittbull Hundred/CLX
Head VHT CLX PITBULL built the unit with a Custom Shop Master Builder, put in 72 test and verified by the boss himself, Stevie Fryette! It is composed of power and 4xEL34 5x12AX7 in preamp. All this can take you out 50 or 100 watts depending on the position of the standby switch (thermostat on 1 or 2).

So we'll do a little tour:

FRONT first:

-Hands: You push the button to the glow ptites loupiotte
-Standby: Position 1: 50W (2 EL 34 does not work then), Position 2: 100W
-Volume: Master Volume of the power amp, independent channels. It is progressive.
-EQ: EQ 6-band integrated amplifier, suited to the frequency of the guitar. Activated by footswitch or a small button on the back of the amp.
-Shift: Boosts the low mids.
-Bright: Boost highs (over the volume of the amp is strong, it is less active)
Boost: boost the gain of the clean channel
-Volume: Volume / Gain Channel clean. To do cruncher, is already to go!
-Bass: Common channel Rhythm and Lead
-Middle: Common channel Rhythm and Lead
-Shift: Common channel Rhythm and Lead. It makes the sound more smooth, somewhat compressed and gives a saturation denser, more "compact", heavier.
-Treble: Common channel Rhythm and Lead
Edge: Boost the treble
-Selector Normal / High Gain: allows two gain ranges on the Rhythm channel
-Boost: Boosts the gain of the Rhythm channel.
-Selector Normal / High Gain: allows two gain ranges on the lead channel
Edge: Increases a little gain (but also the background ...) I always leave off.

2 High or Low Impedance Inputs. High and Low it's normal for guitars with high output level.


-Depht: This is the depth of sound. It acts on the sub frequencies, making them more or less powerful. To make the bottom if using a 4x12 Marshall) If the half that's enough with a good cab.
-Presence: Gives more ... Presence ^ ^
-Effect Level: Level effects loop
-Loop Effect
Line-Out with adjustable output level
-2 Output HP: For config 'half stack or full stack (as in photo)
Selector-output 4.8 HP or 16 Ohms
Class-Selector AB / Dual Class: Dual In Class, the amp has a softer volume and treble and bass softer because the lamps operate through cathode.
Selector-activation or deactivation of the power amp: To avoid damaging the head if you only use the preamp. A lil mix preamp VHT power amp and ... well ... Mesa Boogie example anyone?

Head so full well, with many possibilities, which may seem complicated at first but when used for a while, we see perfectly and we know what we want!
9 out of 10 it all without being too complex to be a Road King in Mesa. But in fact it has less features than a Road King. So 9.


In use, the CLX is very easy to use after a few hours.
The settings are many, take the time to understand what each knob, and why you turn the knob and not another depending on what you want. The sound in all cases is beautiful, really. Good value for money.

The manual is clear and sufficient, although in English. It clearly explains the action of different knobs.
In practice, it is perfectly aware that the strength of the head, it is the Mid control, which on all channels, you will ring or very Dark and Bright Light. Mediums are the base of each set of the CLX, they are fundamental. If this knob is set incorrectly, especially on rhythm and lead channels, your sound will be excellent, but it can do much better. Do not overlook the settings, take your time, even when everything is at noon, it sounds really great!

Unlike Rectifier here when touching the knob of bass, it does not affect the sound in the treble or the media. And that's good I want to say, so that the setting is much easier. Also I think the great strength is the integrated graphic equalizer, which really makes this go to the next level Pitbull level versatility and expansion of the sound field. OK, an external equalizer should also ca is not a revolution. But it is well thought out and once you've tasted, it's impossible to go back. In addition, the footswitch allows me to assign the EQ to any channel (the 3 if I want). It can then act as a fourth channel if it is set to change the sound altogether. Add to that the boost and effects loop (which I use to increase the output level by adjusting the volume of the loop but without connecting any effect in the loop or cables: devilish practice) and it makes us .. . I can not count ^ ^ but at least 15 different sounds with just the amp! VHT Congratulations!


The sound is a VHT its type to the extent it is based rather dry and precise, regardless of the channel. This character can be tempered using a preamp, amp, cab different. Personally, I use the entire head (amp + preamp) in a 1x12 cabinet with a homemade HP uses VHT Eminence in his series "Fat Bottom" and a 4x12 Fat Bottom mounted with the HP Eminence, and the whole makes perfectly.
The sound (and I think you have guessed) is modern, clean, precise. It is difficult to make it less accurate, "the Marshall" apart using a distortion pedal or use the graphic EQ. Personally, that's why I chose this amp: it's an original, accurate and rarely heard. I play live, I have never seen other amps VHT except mine ...

The amp scrupulously respects the sound of the guitar that you plug into it. Whether a Start or a Les Paul, unlike a Rectifier, you will recognize your guitar perfectly.
on the other hand, and this may be a weak point, the sound is very precise and does not forgive the approximations of play: any bread means, even if you use high levels of saturation. But this force to pay attention and improve ^ ^

What else to say except that everything sounds divinely?

Sounds cleans are very nice, very straight, they can become very Bright in the Fender. The clean channel does not crunch at very high volume, and it's not a super nice crunch on the other hand ... It is better to use this channel Rhythm, be a clear limit to the crunch will be much more beautiful! The cleans are very jazzy playing on the bass, the Shift, the presence that you will drop a bit, and use Dual Class.

Sounds Crunches are the least well of the amp, but they are already very high-profile attention! They are very open, but not compressed (which I personally prefer: a rare lead at the Modern Hi Gain). If you prefer the crunch sounds are identical to the one Marshall Plexi or JCM800 but cleaner and more accurate, "wise" which, unless cradingue. But be careful they are still mortal, and not clinical either. Personally this channel is better suited for humbuckers I think the pickups sound simple enough bright, I do not appreciate. I prefer Start, use an overdrive pedal on the clean sound. However, it's a matter of taste! I'm not too fan of crunches in micro simple but many will find their account I think!

The distorted sounds are énormissimes énormissimes home. Death of the Rock, from Blues to Hard, they justify the purchase of the Pitbull by itself. And the head did not steal the name Pitbull, because once the channel Inrush, a demonic smile appears on my lips and then I go out the Washburn N-4-C Drop granted to unleash large-Powers bottom chords balloons! It is clear, bold with a specific setting on my equalizer but not least, severely beat up ca! Trash Death Metal fans you're welcome! Hard fans of the 70's, modern rock, pop-rock, blues also lowering the gain!, You are welcome too. The versatility of the CLX is great!

This head does it all, suitable for all. After a certain price, a certain quality, it's more a question of quality, but a matter of preference. The VHT is typed and will not please everyone. Personally I love it! The versatility of the CLX is certainly staggering. She knows everything, and it does really well. The graphic equalizer drives the point home, especially on heavy distortion is diabolical!


It's been a year since I have it. Its versatility, sounds in general, opportunities, typed VHT sound like a slap in particular the mouth but knowing also slightly mitigate this character appealed to me.
Be careful to leave the Heat before playing it for all its juice and gives it the best way of herself. Plus the amp is warmer, the sound is good. At each concert, I let heat about 1 hour before you play if the sound is worse. It seems he is (after I do not know who on this forum) a characteristic of VHT amplifiers.

The head is strong and reliable, the internal wiring of the head is perfect, the Custom Shop after all! The pedal also has a wiring clean and is very solid in structure, for it is frankly crap against. I had 2 and 2 went down. After several return home Gillou (Audiotubetech Lyon) I decided to take matters in hand and repair myself. The problem was the footswitch used by VHT that would have design flaws ... Anyway everything is back to normal, but for an amp head at this price is simply unacceptable. But I love her so ...

I tried many things before buying my CLX, the Engl, Bogner's, Mesa's, Marshall's, Peavey's, the Brunetti (Brunetti really great on the head Evo XL-R 120 is really nice). .. It is this that I took.

The quality / price ratio is non-existent for this product is the choice of the heart that's all.
With experience, I do not regret my choice. I would do 1000 times.

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  • Fryette Amplification Pittbull Hundred/CLX
  • Fryette Amplification Pittbull Hundred/CLX

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