Fryette Amplification PittBull Ultra-Lead

Fryette Amplification PittBull Ultra-Lead

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PittBull Ultra-Lead, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Fryette Amplification.

4 user reviews
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Fryette Amplification PittBull Ultra-Lead tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Fryette Amplification
  • Model: PittBull Ultra-Lead
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 04/10/2004

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Fryette Amplification PittBull Ultra-Lead user reviews

Average Score:3.6( 3.6/5 based on 4 reviews )
 1 user review25 %
 1 user review25 %
 2 reviews50 %
Audiofanzine FR12/15/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Fryette Amplification PittBull Ultra-Lead
(Originally written by Pucelle_Dabidjan/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I recently tested this amp head and I must say I was a bit afraid before plugging my guitar into it. I hated it before I even started to play it!! IMHO, no other amp head symbolizes better the current "branding effect" and the "anti-rock" attitude. With its abusive price it has to sound extraordinary otherwise I'll give it the lowest mark.

It has only 2.5 channels which is usually enough on a normal amp head but not on a head with this price tag. The VHT must offer much more to seduce me. However, it has interesting voicing options that work very good and really add something to the sound. The FX loop has enough settings to handle every kind of signal. The version I tested has a bypassable graphic EQ. I don't know if the head has MIDI implementation.

To be honest, I didn't pay attention to the rear panel until after a while. But I quickly returned to the front panel.

The finish is perfect although I find it a bit too sober. Diamond knobs on a gold panel might have justified the price...

(8) It provides everything and everything is ok, but it lacks more channels and a much better finish.


That's the problem. As I already mentioned, it's possible to get lots of sounds but you only have 2.5 channels and an excessive number of voicing switches which only make everything more complicated. Moreover, the graphic EQ is so effective that it changes the sound radically, making settings even harder. Even if every setting sounds good right away, you'll get a headache if you want to control all options.

A very positive point is its good response even at low output volumes. The sound remains well-balanced at very low and very high master level settings. A switch on the front panel allows you to reduce the output volume without sound quality loss. It's ideal for a rehearsal studio for example.

(8) Nothing revolutionary even though you get a good tone almost immediately, but you'll still need quite some time to learn how to control it.


Very heavy sound...

The overall sound is faithful to the amp's reputation. The clean channel can sound very clean, very clinical. On the other hand, it can also sound too brilliant like an old Marshall.

The secret weapon is the graphic EQ that can transform the head into a hot rod vintage amp or a big modern beast. I had lots of fun with rock and classic rock songs. The sound has a British touch to it but with more definition in the low-end and cutting highs. The signal has more rage, it's more vicious. But it's also possible to get moderate sounds. Change the EQ settings a bit and you'll get a much chubbier and warmer tone like with an old tube amp head. Twisting it once more you get a modern, compact, sharp and clean sound again. Very surprising. I didn't have a low-gain guitar at hand otherwise I would have tested the amp for Brit pop or ballads. But I'm pretty sure you could find a setting that works well with those styles.

I cannot detail every voicing, my review would be too long. I just want to add that the boost really earns its name! And the bright switch adds some overall brilliance. With the normal/high gain setting you can switch between a classic and a not-so-politically-correct sound. And you can also select a rhythm or lead option for the second channel (this function can be controlled via footswitch).

(10) Awesome, I don't usually like an amp so much. The sound versatility in clean and crunch modes is amazing.


I don't use it and probably never will (unless I find it secondhand). The European price is much too high. Even if its sound quality is undeniable.

(3) If you're looking for sound perfection, this amp will help you come closer to your goal. But for normal people, I find this amp is way too expensive.


heavy_donuts's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification PittBull Ultra-Lead
head 60/120 watt KT88 power.
3 channels
Finally, two and a half because lead and rhythm possde the same EQ.
paramtrique 6 EQ bands.
crankset 5 switch (lead, rhythm, boost, EQ, FXs)
I dtaillerai later.

the amp is standard, heavy, lugging breaks testicle because the weight is very poorly rpartit, and ugly as a bass amp. (I must admit, a bass amp is very ugly) so do not expect to have the class of a mesa stilleto or Bogner, but rather something simple type transistor FM of 80 years granny.

but all this is that "Dtail" compare the rest.


The facade looks very complicated, but we made it fast.

possde each channel "options" supplmentaires using switches.
not actionable in feet (okay) once we have what is sought is not key.

the crankset it, not too big, not too heavy (the owners of Hughes and Kettner Triamp will recognize)
it is well DETAILEDREPORT for live, over 5 switches allow you to use the background amp comple.
we can change 3 channels, activate a boost for the rhythm and clean, assign EQ paramtrique desire to channel any prior notice using a button on the crankset and the FX loop.

there is also the choice of the loop effect In parallel or in series; the possibility of using rhythm and lead channels in high gain or not separately (has it's terrible).

Briefly, the amp is full without complex being. (Less than knobs on a powerball and easier rgler rectifer a) (I had 2)


I play with ESP nt2 horizon duncan sh2 / SH6 and also with a Fender Tele us.
in cabinet, I have a 4/12 mesa recto.

the clean is good without being excellent. clearly, we never have the sound of a hotrod.
is straight and stiff, and treble quickly go live.

the "bright" option is very powerful.
saying that this focus Nevertheless rest of very good quality. it is not a must, but ...

Rhythm channel is the versatile channel: playing with the boost and the normal option / hi gain distortion goes crunch a kind jcm 800 that oats.
the attack, the game is very ben restitution.

the lead, everyone knows what that means, do not bother to make a drawing.
to the metal, I use it in this way: gain third and tube screamer in faade.
the sound is very, very clean. I say own to attack the mathcore, technical death.
EQ paramtrique is very powerful, in only 6 bands can deform the his wish.
and this is the slap. adcoupe fucking! precision what ever ...
the only way to do better I think would be the combination of 2 amps (the usual config groups) for the studio and live.


I'm a fan, fan, fan.

it is the revelation of my life scratch. I finally found the holy grail of the distortion of a tube amp, the epitome of brutality.

What a surprise when I saw that live Vogg gratteu of the decapitated play with!

I played on marshall JMP1 / 9100 - Hughues kettner Triamp - engl powerball - peavey 6505 - mesa dual front.

this amp fills the expectations I had on others and smashes. That said, special mention for peavey Nevertheless remains the cream of raw amps for most.
much better than a whore correct then yes I can say now that I sold mine !!!
versatile as a powerball, easier to use and more prcis in equalos.
short, tastes and colors that can not be discussed, so no need to declare it the squabble of the strongest amps in the world.

I chopp on audiofanzine OCCAZ 1250 euros without power tubes. new is virtually untraceable, and it must dbourser 3300 euros. both say that I made a case for life.

I wish each of kiffer his amp so. stay power!
Ibanez man01/13/2006

Ibanez man's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification PittBull Ultra-Lead
It's expensive and not scalable

This is the kind of nags head for speakers who like to brutalize and ears of the people, but it's enjoyable wishes ................

Any takers for his heavy


Sound heavy, heavy trs


It remains in the nag


Trs good for the other driver and mtal

Trs expensive purchase, that the EQ is optional (it's too expensive), but the good stuff in the end trs

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification PittBull Ultra-Lead
For once, I'll start one of my other tests. I recently conducted testing of the head and I must admit having had some trepidation before connect me. In fact, before starting the test, I hated her already. No other head does better for me symbolizes the effect "brand" of the moment and "anti-rock" attitude. For 8000 the beast and some potatoes in Switzerland, he has an interest in the gold shit otherwise it will have a beautiful zero points.

Already at the channel level we find that two and a half, which is normally on a normal head, but not a head to 8000 balls. There VHT has a long way to go. By-cons, the girl has options for voicing interesting walk all very well and bring something to the sound. The traditional effects loop is present but has enough controls to démerder with any type of signal. It is also possible to bypass the equalizer graphic, on this version I tried. No idea if the animal bears the afternoon.

In fact, seriously, I am not too backward to the rear. And went back in front.

The finish does not suffer criticism if I found a bit sober. Here and there one or the other knob diamond on its panel solid gold would have to justify the price a little, but there ... no non-plus.

(8) all here and there, but it lacks more channels and more radically than finish.


It's a bit is the problem. As you will see in the section, it is possible to get a lot of sounds with this thing, but it still has only two channels and a half in the leg, moreover equipped with a myriad voicing switch, this Further complicating the matter. Add the graphic equalizer is daunting to change at all while the behavior of the beast and you end up in very difficult adjustment. While everything sounds great right away, you have to break the head when one wants to go (the head).

Very good rating for use at low volume. The sound remains steady for a very low to very high on the master. In addition, a switch on the front allows the amp to sound less strong without losing sound quality. Perfect for a local repeat example.

(8) nothing revolutionary except that the right sound happens right away and that the head needs a seasoned hand to be set.


Sound heavy, very heavy ...

... nan kidding. I'll be a little shorter anyway! ^ ^

The overall sound of the craft were actually live up to their reputation. The clean channel can be very clean, very clinical. Or, conversely, tend to overflow into the upper as in the case of an old marshall (but without the side boing boing).

The secret weapon of the machine has a graphic equalizer which, according to its settings at the top diva turns hot roddée vintage or modern big brute. I really broke for uses rock and classic rock. The girl had a british voice well, without too much buzz in the basis of the signal, a nice scratch in the high frequencies and, overall, a lot of anger / resentment in the signal. But one could, in addition, easily calm things down and get something more moderate. A small change in the équalo graphic ... and hop ... the animal became much more chubby and warm, from head to tease an old lamp which try to driver. Still further, setting, once again, a modern sound, concise, cut with a knife, very sharp and very clean. Strange bird in any case. I had no guitar at low gain in the legs, otherwise I would have allowed exlorer the qualities of the machine for the british pop and ballads with soft sounds, even if it seems to me that some of the settings 'would have been perfect.

In terms of voicing, it would be a lengthy explanation. Let's just say that the boost deserves its name. The bright switch gives a little shine by increasing its overall slightly in this frequency sweep. The passage in normal and high gain sound track to a more classical ballistic incorrect. And you have the choice between an option rhythm or lead VTR functions in what you do with your second channel (and activated by footswitch please choose).

(10) Nice, it's rare that I like a head at this point. But the versatile sound whether clean or crunch worth a visit.


I do not use it and probably never will not use (except if I find an opportunity for in 1500 euros). 2,500 euros, nine is the price the United States, Europe, the price goes up around 4000 euros. So, gentlemen red card dealers VHT. While the beautiful sound that is undeniably has its price is not justifiable and EU, at the same time, the purchase of the beautiful becomes difficult argument.

You can do much more with the 2000 euros that separate a head high-end "normal". Save people dying of hunger, record a cd, a tour, you travel with your family, buy a set of heads ... Anyway ... VHT that damage to lens the 21st century by adapting its prices to reality.

(3) The fan is in his quest for perfection should approach it at a good pace with this tool. But for the average person (maybe I'm generalizing wrongly, but at least my resentment) is just an amp too much. [/ b]

<p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>As I write these lines, it seems that it is possible to find the girl of around 2999 ​​euros on European soil. This puts a little I said. </span>

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