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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 8 reviews )
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loudfunk's review"Nice ride..."

Fryette Amplification Sig:X
100 watt all tube head running a pair of KT-88. You can set any of the channels to run 40 or 100 watts.
On the front we have Input, Channel Switch,
for the Lead channel...Voice Switch, Gain 1, Gain 2, Boost, More/Less Gain Switch, Power Shift (100/40) Switch, Master Volume, Scoop Switch, Treble, Middle, Bass, Lead/Rhythm Presence
Rhythm Channel: ...Voice Switch, Gain 1, Gain 2, Boost, More/Less Gain Switch, Power Shift (100/40) Switch, Master Volume, Scoop Switch, Treble, Middle, Bass, Lead/Rhythm Depth
Clean Channel:...Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Voice Switch, Boost Switch, Power Shift (100/40) Switch, Fat Switch, Presence, Depth

On the back...
Ground Switch
AC Input
Mains Fuse
DC Fuse
16 ohm Speaker Jack
Impedance Selector
4/8 ohm Speaker Output Jacks
Line out
Loop Level Control
Loop Return Jack
Loop Send Jack
Loop Level Switch
Series/Parallel Switch
Loop Bypass Switch
Footswitch Jack


It'll take a minute to figure out all the switching options. The loop is probably the best sounding loop I've come across it. I used this with a TC Electronic G-system with the "four cable method". What a great versatile set-up with a minimum of gear to carry.


Ah yes, this is like a channel switching Deliverance. Or so I thought. Not quite, but such a nice sounding crunch and lead channel. And the clean channel sounds and feels like an old amp. A wonderful ride.


The Fryette Sig-X is super dynamic and articulate, but not as tight as say a Pitbull Ultra Lead. It whispers, growls, screams and sings. On any channel. And very good investment for any one trying to let their own sonic signature come out. And fun to play.
I'd go so far to say that this amp will even appeal to guys that spent their life on vintage amps and wouldn't be caught dead playing a channel switcher as well as modern players.

Chater-La's review"Amazing"

Fryette Amplification Sig:X
Originally written by Stephen Sawall on

I had sent in my Sig X to Fryette to get the latest official updates ….. it also got fresh power tubes (Sovtek KT88) , bias and V1 (Tung Sol) was replaced and the face plate was replaced with the Fryette logo. I got it back a few weeks ago. There was sound changes …. all for the better if you ask me.

How much is from the updates and how much from the new tubes ….. who knows ?

It seems the 3 way voice switches are more distinct sounding. It also seems the tone controls have a better range. I have run it thru a lot of sound shapes and gain ranges and so far I like everything. All three channels well do clean and crunch. The rhythm and lead channels well go into high gain.


I did notice the harmonics changed and it is warmer now. Still has the great dynamics and I think the feel is better.

Funk / country / rock / etc. sounds amazing with this amp.

This amp is kind of the best of both worlds. The options and control of a channel switcher .... yet the way it response to my guitar volume control, harmonics and the dynamics of a single channel amp. The bass still seems very focused. The balance of frequencies is working as I tune it in. I wish all amps had this kind of definition.

The amp responds very well to the guitar volume and different pickup selections. You can always tell what guitar is plugged in. It does not hide the sound of the guitar …. it enhances it.

All the switches are very useful to control the sound. You can really control the sound and feel. You can check out the manual and controls on the Fryette web site. Once you learn how the controls work and interact you well understand what useful tools these are.

The cleans seem bigger and more full. It has some of the best clean sounds of any amp. Strumming and appegioes all there.

The clean channel turned up to overdrive and everything else was more than I wanted. There are some great crunch sounds in the clean channel. The fullness and sounds of the amp was just great. I felt in complete control of the sound. I use the clean channel more like a non master volume amp most of the time. Using the guitar volume and pickup selector to get a wide range of tones.


The vintage less gain English style crunch sounds from the rhythm channel are just amazing as are the modern heavy sounds from this channel and everything between.

The lead channel also does a lot of voices well. I have never felt like I need a pedal with this channel. It well do a wide variety of lead sounds. This channel can also get some very thick rhythm sounds.

I did a side by side with a several other modern amps in a wide range of tones and gain ranges. All the amps have their own taste .... and liked it better than any of them for the big modern sounds and everything else as far as that goes. It has way better dynamics and better tone control than any of these amps for my taste.


The way I could control the thickness of the bottom and blend in the the midrange was very impressive. Heading into heavy sounds on a lot of amps they do not cut well in the upper midrange and have poor dynamics. Dynamics are key in my playing. Between the heavy sounds on the rhythm and lead channels I found some of the best sounds I have found from any amp for these sounds for my taste. The tone, definition, articulation, control, dynamics and feel are all there.

Every channel has so much usable range. This amp does it all .... clean / edge of break up / crunch / heavy / leads / vintage and modern flavors.

Well blending preamp and power amp distortion the control of the sound was the best I have seen.

I do not know if this amp would work for everyone as well as it does for me? But this works for me.

drkorey's review"“A very versatile amp that covers a lot of ground!”"

Fryette Amplification Sig:X
The Fryette Sig:X is a 100W guitar amp head, powered by two KT-88 tubes, that features three channels, a footswitchable boost, a series/parallel variable footswitchable effects loop, line out, extra presence and depth knobs and can be run at 4, 8 and 16 ohms. Here are the three individual channels and control layouts for each.

Lead Channel:
Voice Switch, Gain 1, Gain 2, Boost, More/Less Gain Switch, Power Shift (100/40) Switch, Master Volume, Scoop Switch, Treble, Middle, Bass, Lead/Rhythm Presence

Rhythm Channel:
Voice Switch, Gain 1, Gain 2, Boost, More/Less Gain Switch, Power Shift (100/40) Switch, Master Volume, Scoop Switch, Treble, Middle, Bass, Lead/Rhythm Depth

Clean Channel:
Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Voice Switch, Boost Switch, Power Shift (100/40) Switch, Fat Switch, Presence, Depth


It is fairly easy to get a good rock and clean sound out of this amp with minimal tweaking. The manual is clear and gives you good sample control setting starting points. I bought the amp used and the manual was available for download at the Fryette user’s forum. Although it is easy to get very usable sounds right from the start, there are a vast array of tone shaping options on each channel so you can fine tune your sound, which might take awhile to dial in.


This amp is a cover band guitarist dream! I have used it exclusively in a cover band that plays 60’s – 90’s rock, classic rock, modern rock, punk and blues. Everything from Aerosmith, Alice In Chains and Poison to REM, SRV, Red Hot Chili Peppers and ZZ Top.

I have used PRS, Suhr Modern’s (super strat style) and McNaught (Les Paul on steroids) guitars with this amp and it lets the characteristic of each guitar through. It doesn’t color each of them and make them sound the same.

My favorite sounds are the rock and 80’s rock sounds, which I think this amp excels at. It is possible to get a nice Plexi lower gain sound and then hit the footswitch boost for a JCM 800 tone on the rhythm channel. The lead channel can take you from JCM 800 territory and into “heavier” Mesa Mark 4 tones.

The clean tones are really nice, as well. I have been through a lot of amps and this is one of the best clean channels I have used. It really shines in a loud, live setting. In the past, I have had trouble with my clean channel being able to be heard through the band mix and this one has been great for that, due to the fact that there are very useful tone shaping options to choose from on this channel.

The one weak sound on this amp is getting it into super high gain territory i.e. that of bands like Pantera. It can get close on the lead channel, like I said before, Mesa Mark territory. I have been able to dial in a sound close to Metallica’s Master of Puppets and that might be heavy enough for some. An EQ in the loop might be able to solve this but I have not tried it.


Overall, this is a fantastic amp, especially for what you can buy them for on the used market.
The features I like the most are the great tone shaping options on each channel. It is possible to get six different types of sounds/tones if you set your three channels to where you want and then hit them with the footswitchable boost for a different sound and feel.

Another great feature is the footswitchable effects loop. I use it for a solo boost, set the level higher than your amps volume and kick it in when you need a volume boost for solos – works great!

The only drawback for me is not being able to get the ultra heavy sound from it but all the other features and flexibility make up for it.

This amp is a well built tone generator that can give you many tones. I have had many amps and for cover band gigging this would be one of my top choices – especially for the used market price they go for.

nico-de-gap's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Pure beef and lasts"

Fryette Amplification Sig:X
all-tube amp 100w, see features on the net!
no effect but it does not lack (for me anyway).
3 channels: clean, rhythm, lead, one for clean, one for crunch (but I use for big greasy saturated the Gojira), and a surgical channel whose accuracy is foolproof!


Each channel has its own EQ: treble middle bass (nothing special)
Easily get a good sound with this amp, and we realize that tampering with the settings you can have a good sound and that we can not do without those moments when one hour is going to make his adjustment to THE finally get her, in fact, it seems that this amp has the ability to do better every time!
A small point in more depth the knob that adjusts the intensity of palm-muting, this croumphh croumphh that will rock your whole body;, and then it's still well thought out!


I play everything and also amp so everything is fine (of Clapton Gojira, not even changing the channel with the small switch more / less).
The sound is not fat and drooling a mesa in the U.S. but rather a mixture of German and American, hyper accurate but at the same time with a character, a sound of its own but we looks like!
I use a Les Paul with Burstbuckers 2 and 3 and the bridge pickup combined with the rhythm channel, foot, a big full but not too low and bouncing .. I also play with a ltd mh-1000 EMG81 or adjustments more delicate por arrive to get a sound not too impersonal ...


I month, and I had time to test a lot of possibilities, including many hairy music and ca sends the block, attention, I hope that there is no crack in your walls, otherwise the house may collapse ...
This is the first time I had an amp that this specific and personal sound, unlike engl will be limited to sanitize its sound, the VHT will build character, while not falling into the U.S. slobbery distortion. .
This head can play everything from blues, rockabilly, rock n roll, metal ...
His weak point, clear sound that is very nice but very cold and crystalline.

Gon_Bordeaux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It sounds and it is versatile: Perfect!"

Fryette Amplification Sig:X
_Ampli 100w (2 KT88) switchable to 40w
_3 Channels, the first Clean, the second Crunch / Big saturation and the 3 big crunch / OD and Mega fat saturation!
each channel can be set Bass / Mid / Trebble / presence / Bottom (= The big graoumph!) + The switch or wood scoop (which allows two different touch when playing. And a three position switch for each channel choose the type of preamp (eg Brown, Brit or Blow) + the boost (for solo or just over lvl and saturation) with knob to lvl boost (gain 2)
_Pedalier Channel 1 / Channel 2 / Channel 3 / Solo (to activate the boost) / Effects Loop. Nickel this pedal! Need MIDI!
_Mono Or 16 ohms stereo (4 or 8 ohms)
_Boucle Effect lamp. (Nickel Works!, For once)


At the beginning, it makes pinball ... We see lots of switches everywhere ... And finally everything is simple, just used to something ... And all means!
Find his "son" is just superd simple ... I change my guitar, hop, I rule that the mids (and a little saturation) if necessary ...

The crankset is awesome and think example: you are on channel 2 for rhythm and the bass would add boost, or an effects loop ... Here, nothing original, you press the swith pedalier provided for that purpose!
But what class is that if you planned to play rhythmic lead channel 3 and channel 4 + in + loop boost ... Ba and there's just a press Channel 4 (on which you had previously relied on the boost switches and loop), the receiver keeps in memory! Then you return to channel 3, loop-free and without boost, just a pressure ...
Very very helpful and agréble live! Without millions of connections to do on stage during a change table!

So in the end .. I found a multitude of its exploitable very easily!
But for the first time (after having been 5150, Engl, Mesa dual, Marshall JCM 800, Diezel, Krank, Mr Hector etc ...) I found my sound directly!
Whether with my ESP, Jackson my or my Gibson ...


I play in two groups.
One of Metal (Type Metallica Slipknot Nile through) and the other Rock (Muse, Red hot etc ...). This amp and met all my expectations!
Small flat for clear sound that does not top with EMG 81 ... But otherwise, everything is perfect and versatile.
To change the sound, there's the switches (Gain 1, Gain 2 (boost) and more / Less) that allows a switch is just moving from one extreme to a large saturation OD. Not to mention the switch type distortion (Brit / Brown / blow) ...
It is easy to adapt the song to song ... With a change or two scratches to better fit the style (or ESP for my Gisbon kidding) and hop ...


I have this head for almost a year.
I brought her on stage, say, at home and in the studio ... Each time it's been hit! This is great.

Scales are super fast! No frills .. It goes into the mix, you can hear everything that plays the guitar with a big groumph ... Well it's on, his notes must attack!!! This is certainly what I like most about this amp: The groumph notes and super clean (in palm-mute or played super speeds premieres on ropes ... Everything that is)
What I like least, it would be the clear with EMGs ...
But what a pleasure to hear his guitar sound like that, alone or in a group!
Ay, after many trials (amps mentioned above), so much money to spend, I finally found the head for me!

widomar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very disappointed"

Fryette Amplification Sig:X
Everything has already been marked repeatedly.


Many choice of different modular Wishing is a big plus!
The sound output is good, big and bold, precise way I like it.


Playing black, death metal, rock and punk, yes it is absolutely what I do and want to do.
I use it with my Ibanez and my MBM1 mainly LTD H1007.


And this is where I would come!
Yes indeed on paper everything is amazing, beautiful, versatile, rich in possibility. Anything is possible with this amp!
But since I bought it, ie August 2010, it is already gone twice in repairs!
Once for noise that came from the electronics and lamps (knowing that I can return it twice for the same problem), and again because the amp spit! I can not turn it no longer lights.

A two blows revision 600 euros each time, I can simply say that this is NOT a reliable and from the seller say official Swiss, it is by far not the first time that all these problems coming!
So if I can advise you something, invest in equipment that has made the test of time!

aymericb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Huge, I sold it, I want .........."

Fryette Amplification Sig:X
I post APRS let me pass in his hands.
The characteristics therefore, amp 100w lamp - 50w,
Connectors Ultra UNESCORecords, rglages crazy, the switch from everywhere ...

But what is missing:
- Control by noon *
- Rverbe

For I do not have the max, and for the price, they could make an effort


- It takes a little time to take in hand,
but we get a quick sound crazy
The equation is very effective as o whenever at VHT.


It suited all ...
DCRI often as an amp facing mtal only
bein not. The era I played with Ibanez piezo RG1620X.
Bcp dynamics in short, a big fat high in saturated gain super specific on,
not at all mushy, so watch out for fake notes ...
The best amp I had ...


I used one month, because I wanted to try full amp ... and I regret that block.
I had mesa dc 5 dual, triple, roadster, mark iv, our custom amp, VHT ISSUE ...
Bcp report quality price cheaper than a mesa, and I think certainly more solid and complete.
I do it again this election closed eyes, I cry there that think I let him go.

darkju06's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification Sig:X
5W amplifier transistor, can go without being transplanted bercy
non srieusement, 100W all-tube amp, switchable to 40W, but the diffrence between 100W and 40W longer changes the sound that the performance of the BTE.
out at 4, 8 or 16 Ohms with two possible outputs for 4 and 8 ohms.
an effects loop o There's everything you need: Hi / Lo, parallel / serial, Bypass in / out
a footswitch Lead / Rhythm / Clean / Boost / Effects

... between input and push it to the big jack

not possible to change modes by footswitch, no reverb (which I found shocking about the heads of now, for as to prevent going through a rack or pedalboard)


Well, There's the one concern is that when you come to have bte, ben parat a super complicated y 'switch around, understand the interaction of voicing .. . scared!
but the manual is very well done (you can see on the site of gillou ( ) ) so you have to do as a Newbie 'is to say test DIFFERENT rglages on offer and understand the logic of the beast!
trs now quickly get the sound I'm looking for, so no worries!

I would say that the head is great think, that the manual is complete and sound enchants me!


The part I wanted to share!

right before you start, I note that the guitar has a very special rle in the sound of this amp, it magnifies the sound of this one by providing the particular grain brand. I jou above with:
- My custom shop jackson (it's my view prfre, well I get the sound I like)
- A Fender Start RI62: the stratum is the glue that srement best this amp!
- A PRS single cut: gnial sound since the sound of the instrument is very well retransmit!
- A Les Paul Standard Plus: blah, I find that the sound is not set gibson advantage here, but since I do not like the sound too
- An ESP eclipse (for EMG) silent good test in metal, and a really big c'tait his straight, but with the characters!

much better from what I heard on the previous ones MODELS brand, I would say even that I am fully satisfied!
round sound, slap, twang, sweet, crystalline, screaming, anything is possible. I would say one of the best clean the heads Hi-Gain I've experienced!
what is apprciable for those who do play that clean is that you can have a DIFFERENT on each channel, as the capabilities of voicing / gain standards are!

but what we love in VHT is the grain of distortion!
the Rhythm and Lead channels you can get fabulous crunch, my prfrs as:
- Rhythm channel on vintage fashion
- Brit mode on lead channel
So sounds ranging from blues and bold rock a super hot compress a lgrement rgal!

you want to send the pure? you do a solo of the dcolle calbute? just make it clear to locals that you can make a noise?
Here are your channel prfr: Lead!
group I play metal, and I admit that this channel gives me shivers of pleasure, never had so much wanted to play since I've got it!
Rhythm on the channel with boost, it may also sound metal, but they are closer to the head deliverance of the same brand!
The lead channel is close to rev my memories of the ultra lead! of ultra violent rhythm, solos and net prcis (each sound is magnificent but wrong notes ^ ^)
extreme versatility, but with a grain VHT!


Will make a good month, so I will post information supplmentaires later!
I love everything about this beast, nothing dplu me!
It makes you aware of all your mistakes more than a game such as mesa, and this pluttmchamment! impossible to tame, you must have a game just cleaner!
The sounds are trsmdium, and I love to! Some say that has not pass through the mix with another guitarist, and I found Ben, on the contrary, group means better instruments spars and we feel well Grain two guitarists, c ' is a real pleasure!
I try to twenty amp of this kind before making my choice, I have regrets but no remorse!
I can not stand the grain mesa so I lch trstt the case!
Marshall is not even comparable, and then they can have sounds like the old plexiglass with the Sig: X so ...
Engl: I do not have fond memories of tests with another forumeur oblivion so I live!
Laboga: is part of my regrets, but two channels with shared EQ ... has long been hsiter me!
Diezel: einstein gave me an eye, I almost cracked, but I get less modern sounds with the Sig: X, so my choice was the dernire!

Well there's not get it the same with a Soldano or Bogner SLO100, but the budget is not the same!

The report is a trick qualitprix berserk! VHT has become super COMPTITE without losing quality in the choice I would do without hsiter

I made a small video of the amp:

then the first one I wanted to give aperut dynamics in the bass, the sound silent in the lower right trs mdiums (a microphone in the cab and closed wind to capture what I was looking for, then take a smaller volume (on ur left) with sm directed on the join between HP and its "base")
for deuxime I recorded a solo track Premire + intro riff to the dlimitation in between "round" the center of the HP and the "CNE" the mic is slightly moves away ( ~ 20cm of the membrane) which gives a little more breadth to the sound. Then I recorded a new track over in "karaoke" mrgreen

for 3) a membrane micro parallle membrane hp east face of "waves" of HP, a black metal sounds trs

I get clean for not finding the right position but will come
the end of the silent and my girlfriend made me a blank for j'arrte to play so I put the track record Premire facepalm

ps: DSOL for terms not technical mrgreen