JMH Custom Rock'Ollive
JMH Custom Rock'Ollive

Rock'Ollive, Tube Guitar Amp Head from JMH Custom.

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Bluesforum's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JMH Custom Rock'Ollive
So it's a special edition version of the head "Rockwood", created especially for ... Me! (As well to the farting like that ...). Calmos good, in fact Herdhuin Jean-Michel is a wizard in electronics, he does that for everyone! You arrive home, he welcomes you as if you were the Rolling Stones and he asks you what you need ... And there he shared his already hyper-performance models and you concoct the amp of your dreams ... The, in this case is 20 watts "fucking idiot!", 20 watts is not anemic ... That is your drummer still mourns her mother, if you know what I mean. Personal is perfect for me because in bars I can still heat lamps, for a wonderful natural distortion, and when it's out on stages or more, I transplanted, and being in front of amp, I can afford to fully and it is a real treat ... The connection is minimal, and behind, a switch "on-off", the entrance to the footswitch, a "standby", a small additional filter, an effects loop, 2 outputs 8 and 16 ohms, and before; Guitar Input, Clean channel with bass and treble, volume and switch to a small filter that colors the sound more or less serious, switch to change channels, channel saturated with gain, bass, mid, treble, volume and switch bbost to connect the "spitfire", which is aptly named .... This is an amp for lovers of the beautiful warm sound vintage rock fans will not find modeling their account. Mine has no reverb at the beginning I said "what? No reverb?" then after I am even more aware ...


There's no longer cool to carry you and you are the branches within 70 'in the rock records of légende.Y has no manual, but if you have half a brain that prevents you from aim for the hole to plug your jack, calling you the manufacturer and he Himself who will guide you to get there? there's no longer available, competent and nice as this guy.


Good example: the head connected to the cabinet 2 times accompanied V30, on boosted channel you put the knobs at noon with the treble at the bottom, you put the volume at 15h, you plug a Les Paul with P90 and playing on the volume knob of the guitar (neck pickup) you get:
1) knob to 3 on the "little wind". Beware, I say not a sound to the "little wind ', I told her The" little wind "; harmonics breath, a slight crunch well balanced between bass and treble, a crunch that depends the pick of the attack, frankly, it's extraordinary ... The heat lamps plugged directly into the pick. The sound is of course a matter of taste, but I it's been years I'm looking for this the 'root' and 'rock'.
2) knob to 6-7, is "Mary Had a Little Lamb" as good as the studio record!
3) knob to 10 is "born to be wild," "Black Betty" or "smoke ...". Good attention, I did not say that we are forced to play this stuff is just to determine the level of distortion. And disto sublime, you really come and listen to the difference.
4) If you want more distortion, two options: Install the "gain", or start the "spitfire ... But here we go further in the distortion, it's heavy ...

Then the clean channel is very class, too. Well it is not the "deluxe reverb" (nothing is), but it has beautiful clean sounds a bit "dry" as long as HP is not run in, that align with beautiful arpeggios. The canal starts cruncher from 10 am, which is good because you can have the sound volumes broadly similar, the light or the crunch. But the thing about this amp is the sound Rock and Roll ....

Update of November 13, 2009
Well, now it's been a while since I have I'm beginning to know by heart, yet every time I connect, I tape! My config has changed somewhat, now I'm playing a Duesenberg Double Cat, (1 + a P90 hum), and the sound I was saturated with the sounds HUGE. I can deal with the gain knob at 9 o'clock, and knob volume to 14 hours and I have a crunch ébluissant, for the distortion I can get the gain up to 15h and adjust the volume of the knob my guitar, or connect an upstream compressor (mine is a MULTICOMP EBS) which acts as an overdrive without coloring the sound and again I set the distortion with the volume of the guitar and so I have been a big crunch to the "Castles Made of Sand" to the large distortion for "antisocial" or "Black Betty". It's great this amp sounds like death.
Demo here:


I've had one month and I can not do without. I do not know if I will not be buried with me later ... No, kidding, it will enchant other cages honey ... But frankly, wiring everything by hand, no Chinese standard printed circuit board, components, high-end, a beautiful finish (vintage), a sound that exceeds a vast majority of stuff much more expensive, and all for 850 euros, Ben I do it again this choice with his eyes closed, to appreciate even more with my ears ...