Laney IRT-Studio
Laney IRT-Studio

IRT-Studio, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Laney in the IronHeart series.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Arnaud24's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Heavy with active micro ..."

Laney IRT-Studio
15 watt tube amp, 1w input available and it sounds very strong especially in the apartment ...


To find the sound of his favorite band is fast enough but to find the sound that suits us perfectly it gets more complicated because it is set by the EQ push-pull system.


I play mostly Rock instrumental, sometimes a little Metal, I think this amp to a lack of distortion especially when coupled with passive pickups, when switching on the EMG it becomes a war machine, more need to activate the Pre-Boost sending it heavy.


It's Laney is still good law (excellent for pedals) but never be too cold, there are some very pleasant heat in this little amp.


The 15w crunch channel it to 5-6 volume and it is rather very pretty


It is not about Super High Gain crazy but with my active pickups, it does not hurt claps.

This amp is really (pedal-friendly) I have a vox Satchurator (satriani) that goes wrong on many amp (personal opinion) and that becomes a beauty on Laney irt.


I use it for a little over two months, amp having a very good price / quality ratio, it allows to go from a clean sound to Metal Madness (active pickups) no problem, I appreciate
input 1 watt and even with 1 watt all-tube that already face a lot in the apartment!

I would do this choice because it is totally suitable for apartment, play low or high volume without any worries.

Vundaboy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

Laney IRT-Studio
c / c characteristics:
15 watt all-tube head
3x ECC83 preamp lamps
2x EL84 lamps amplification
Input Mode <1W for its high gain at low volume
Preamp complete Ironheart (3 channels, controls, EQ Pre-Boost, Pull Boost, Reverb)
Rackable: 2U (brackets included)
MP3 input (mini-jack)
USB Audio Interface


Level configuration is simple! You plug the jack, turn the knobs and voila!
Nothing is easier at any age!


Level style of music I type in the metal of the most extreme more vintage.
This amp is just amazing, you can boost each frequency is just excellent!
I use on different guitar with active pickup, passive, vibrato or no vibrato ... All my guitars sound in! Incredible!

Distortion: you can have a pretty cool vintage stuff and then fuck the channel gain lead the way! If we find that it lacks gain, can add even more with the first boost?
Clean: the cleans sound good, I still have not tested the effect it but I am very pleased with the report.


I use it for less than a year, I already had some amp transistors before, and there! The miracle, I'm completely in love.
it sounds beautifully for less than 500 € I have a 15w head rack, with eq for rhythm and clean channel and one for the lead channel, I can do re-amping (not tested though) and I have a usb output! What happiness!

However, big big black dot point it is not controllable by noon!

Anyway see what I get with (any lamp for 500 € I recall), I'll probably buy one in the future to use only clean and one distortion only!

If I had the choice again, of course I do it again, and I'll do it again soon also!

mathieufrancis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Swiss Army Knife for metalheads"

Laney IRT-Studio
I think everything has been said about it, but I put 10/10!
All lamps, 15W or 1W with 3 channels (rather oriented metal).
Usable again, home studio, on stage with his XLR or USB output.
Little more practice, Rack format and carrying case background really amp the most convenient market head! In addition only 11Kg and then provides footswitch that controls channel 3, the boost and reverb ...

On paper, the ultimate weapon!


Config fairly simple saw the possibilities of the amp.
on the other hand equalization with push-pull takes a little time to find its sound ... The idea is nice, but I do not find it more convenient ...
As against the general settings ("Dynamics" and "Tone") are really effective and well thought out, it can precisely adjust the sound to the speaker or to be sent to a sound or sound card, which is really good in the "transportable" spirit!

Sucks big point: the footswitch, and only two small buttons for 3 channels, failed every time transitions!


A that is the important chapter! Yeah it's nice to have a Swiss Army knife, but still need to cut it right?

Personally, I find it really suitable for what I play (metal / alternative rock). Passages cleans, crunch and aggressive big lead sound. The boost allows a headroom for very heavy passages.

Use 1Watt fashion:
Rather flat across all channels ... The boost gives a little box (otherwise it looks like a clean old Marshall 15W transistor ...). The impression is accentuated because even 1W spits it too for peeps, and a tube amp sounds better when it sends the signal ...
So first impression leaving the head of the board is "blah" or "lamps are in there" ...
Overall Laney is already quite cold and as his right, but now it really lacks body.

15W in fashion:
So, need more of Boost, the clean start to find some roundness and warmth, good and bad the clean, this is not what you asked, if we could all Fender!

It engages the crunch and there must go easy on the gain, because there a lot of amps that do not have as much gain lead fashion ... Quite aggressive and sharp, I like, but it still lacks once heat. OK, it is not an Orange head! But hey it still sends the Medium and even without playing hard on spring mix well by pressing the pick!

Switch on the lead: The one enters the heart of the matter. It's really a sound "Laney". Must love what I find that almost lack of gain, good OK I play on a ENGL Powerball so it suffers in comparison ... So, a bit of a boost does not hurt him, I'll be investing in a Maxon overdrive kind for once! on the other hand presence is really impressive, no need to boost solos, you feel the slightest detail of the game even again, the medium cut squarely his other instrumentals without crushing is ultra comfortable!

Overall, this is a good amp to play metal but not a true benchmark of the genre. It is far from Mesa mini recto or Engl (but hey it's not the same price and none of these small amps do not offer as many possibilities). It's the taf but it's not the most beautiful sound lamps on the market.


The +
- Transportable
- 3-channel all-tube version Hi-Gain
- Below 500 €
- XLR, USB, headphone jack, 1W for entry in his room
- True metal sound that stands out in the mix (it buries the H & K TubeMeister example)

The -
- Lack of heat (especially 1W) / yeah it's still a big flaw for a tube amp)
- Logic footswitch really all rotten

I really do not regret my purchase because I was looking for something like that without ruining me, and at this price point, there is nothing comparable on the market (Orange Tiny Terror sound good but are ugly and palm mute single channel then what, TubeMeister 18 has a clear sound nice but no real distortion ...
The ideal would be a Mesa Mini Recto with loadbox attenuator and simulation of HP and manage a real footswitch that would give access to four sounds, but there would almost € 2,000 ...

IreneLagArkane's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"The bomb used in all circumstances"

Laney IRT-Studio
Everything said above by Pbois.
on paper what is "perfect" used for everything - the concert at home studio through repeats (15w lamp is more than enough for a rehearsal room and concert ... we do not play in amp from boonies except in restaurants / bars and there 15 w it is enough too, or if you want to play before 30,000 guys ... but if you&#39;re not too "picky" you ask it to sondier transplanted sound / he serves it as the guy - what is the "norm" in concert even double or triple recto mesa)


Simple Config but a lot of possibilities, 3 channels allow a range of sounds as well as Jazzy metal (I play mostly death metal) with a frankly baffling equalizer with each button (bass, middle, treble) and split (with pull / push) even no need to treble to kick especially since there&#39;s more of a tone knob EQ that allows while maintaining its ratios equalization switch to a tone more or less acute or severe ( without having to edit all the knobs can afford to have a fatter sound or stretched in a sharp boost.
As stated also the Pbois bp is more config usb via computer. FOr well run bazaar will require good knowledge of computer music and a manager asio almost obliged to manage I / O direct sound monitoring etc ... for once I struggled a while (I used a pod ux2 for computer music por which the shot is used as output) but with a little effort and the right tools (VST cabinets etc ...) on s &#39;not doing badly and was the "sound" with zero latency.
Directly connected to a firm, it runs no soucy and effectively flat, it is one branch of Watts less than 3 volume).
FOr what is the manual, I have received in English and actually it is not very well developed on the USB option.


Little repetition but worth to be clarified: you can play with it all ... incredible palette equalization level and 3 channels are largely taf ... After I tend to find the sound rather "modern rock" as "vintage". This is even more obvious when working on research and cleans crunch (via channel "rhythm") ... while the "lead" channel it there&#39;s no getting around the ass - "lead" is THE right word: it has its still good "loving myself" especially on the bass ... and if you want to add a layer, activate the "breboost" (adjustable via knob 0-10) useful to skip a rhythmic solo. I play on a lag arkane 2000 so the whole "loving myself" must be resolved in my case more than others guitounes.
Regarding the game, especially metal solo (my style), I tend to find that the amp has less sustain than other monsters ... the sound is rather "dry" that nevertheless, I think, allows for a much cleaner sound (legato a high speed is frankly amazing ... "put ...: bright lights"). Basically, the amplification of the light perfectly meets game enhancer left hand fingering.
According to those who like an output level with notes "out without forcing on the fingers" I guess a little screamer and / or gain of a compressor in addition should address this issue.
For rhythm by against, nothing to complain ... is precise and sharp own if you set the trick: I&#39;m the history of metal with this amp (from black sabbath to Cannibal corpse through the shredder darons).

The only downside that I really would note: the reverb - not enough "affirmed" / she is just "suggested" and very flat ...

I added effects from a ME 70 boss (especially delays / harmonizer etc ... distos are strictly for nothing with what the head sends ... maybe if you want to sound good Grindcore disgusting ;))) and now I have everything I need.

I want to say that the recording option "amping" is still interesting. The integrated sound card records in addition to the desired preamp sound in "dry" fashion ... and the first thing already: I&#39;ve never had a sound "dry" (without actual amplification) recording and even some amps clean avecau notes coming out so clearly and hairline (I do not know if this is really because I played especially during these properly taken ... but I was still "serious surprised"). So from this we can reapply the amp settings by connecting an output "amping" on the guitar input ... so we focused on the settings and listen to the sound in real time ... very cool thing if you are not satisfied with their initial settings when it comes to record "Zeuh decision that should keep absolutely fucking because it was well ouèje".


Used for one month ... after trying for more than fifteen years the number of transistors amps lamps through models modeling etc ... I would say that it is his "versatility" its asset and features perfectly suited to today&#39;s musician (work apart etc ...) whether an amateur or a pro ... (I am the entertainer, I know "a little" what I mean. Ratio quality / price than attempting (less than 500 euros for a lamp and its flawless Carr amp and preamp + including its integrated map! .. .)

So 9 of 10 ... should frankly nitpicking to put under it (no, Laney does not pay me for it ;)))). I play metal and at that price I do not see the other stuff at the same level ... I tried the Blackstar HT Hugues small tube, Peavy and even randall ... the only cool thing comparable in terms of price is the Engl E530 ... more powerful for the metal level preamp (the bass is put ... unhealthy!) but less than wattages (small amplification of 0.5 w so for the scene / repeat obligation to buy a power amp) and not integrated sound card ... So this amp is perfect for that / metal (or more) to the extreme, death metal genre Gorod / Obscura / Necrophagist and consors ... .

pbois's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent both live in home studio"

Laney IRT-Studio
Copy paste features:

2 entries 15W and 1W
3 channels Clean, Rhythm and Lead
3 ECC83 in the preamp and 2x EL84 for power
Class AB amplifier
Three-band equalizer with Shift button, overall tone
Switch Pre footswitchable boost
Digital Reverb Laney
Speaker output 8 or 16 Ohms
Effects loop
Power attenuator Vari Watts
Dummy Load to save without having to connect a speaker
Direct output with speaker emulation, at the output stage
MP3 input mini-jack
DI XLR output with speaker emulation
USB audio
Re-amp function that sends the dry signal (left) and the amplified signal (right)
Format 19 "2U
Weight: 11kg


The amp is relatively simple to use, it has 3 channels (Clean, Rhythm and Lead) and a boost (like a treble booster) whose rate is adjustable. The system push-pull pots Equalizer deserves some attention a bit to get the sound you want. The instructions are clear but there are few cons explanation of the use ASIO with a sequencer (such as having to install the ASIO4ALL driver).

Laney provided a switch with 4 buttons to change channels, switch the boost or reverb. on the other hand I find it unfortunate that we can not channel switcher with a MIDI pedal.


The sounds are excellent, whether live recording (with speaker simulation plugin or with the internal simulation) or connected to a speaker. You can get a variety of sounds, with beautiful clean, the crunch friendly and saturations ranging from 80's hard rock to modern metal. The amp sounds british but without being too aggressive with the setting of "TONE". Even at low volume gets pretty saturation by measuring a kind of natural compression with the "Dynamic" button.


I have this amp for only a week and I find it really great as it sounds at the features it offers. I expect to use it a little more by repeating to see how the amp is doing live and update my opinion.

You can take a ride on the forum of the amp, I've posted some samples.