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Laney Tube Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Laney VH100RN

    Laney VH100RN - "Where is the beef"


    Laney amplification has been around for a long time. They were one of the first amplifier companies to really take the British voicing and compound on it. They're one of those companies that use that familiar British tone and gave it a lot more featu…

  • Laney GH50L Discontinued

    Laney GH50L Discontinued - "Nice British tone"


    The Laney amplification company has built a great consistency of good quality sounding amplifiers. This amplifier is a single channel no-frills no nonsense 50 W amplifier head. It has a classic A/B power section as well as a the ability to switch EL…

  • Laney L20H

    Laney L20H - "It's ok"


    Laney is a great company feels high quality amplifiers and equipment very low and ask inexpensive prices. This amplifier is a great little 20 W amplifier that has a clean in overdrive channel. You also get a little bit extra features such as the brig…

  • Laney GH50L Discontinued

    Laney GH50L Discontinued - "Great Rock and Roll Amp"


    Laney GH50L Features * Single Channel, 50 Watt, Class A/B Amp Head * Hi and Lo Input Jacks * Footswitchable Gain * Premium ECC83 and EL34 Valves * FX Loop and Slave Jack *Switchable Between EL34 and 6L6/5882 tubes UTILIZATION …

  • Laney GH100L

    Laney GH100L - "JCM800 tones on a budget"


    For some reason, Laney doesn't get talked about that much. The GH100L is a 100 watt Marshall-esque amplifier complete with a switchable boost, effects loop, switchable bias, resonance control and slave out. It's not exactly a great looking amplifie…

  • Laney GH100L

    Laney GH100L - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by ben_du_02/translated from Audiofanzine FR) 100-watt all-tube amp with high and low gain inputs. The front panel settings are very simple and effective: one resonance switch, one presence control to boost high frequencies, bass…

  • Laney GH50L Discontinued

    Laney GH50L Discontinued - dci100's review


    The Laney GH50L is a British-made,all-tube (both pre and power amp sections), 50 watt rated, single channel (plus lead) beast. I say rated at 50 watts because this thing howls and can more than keep up in most clubs and venues without miking. The am…

Translated user reviews
  • Laney IRT60H

    Laney IRT60H - "A great surprise!"


    The Laney Ironheart is an all-tube amp with a power of 60 watts (enough for a configuration rehearsal, studio and live ...). Power it has two 6L6 Ruby Ec83 4 (also known as 12AX7) preamp. In the manner of a Rectoverb, it has a switch to switch EL3…

  • Laney IRT60H

    Laney IRT60H - " Not bad at all, and not limited to the metal"


    - UTILIZATION - SOUNDS - OVERALL OPINION I have 2 1/2 months, used for metal Si and more anecdotal to the rock Mi Is it because this is my first head, but the setting is a little long at the beginning ( rpt 3-4) ... not that sound that…

  • Laney IRT-Studio

    Laney IRT-Studio - " Heavy with active micro ..."


    15 watt tube amp, 1w input available and it sounds very strong especially in the apartment ... UTILIZATION To find the sound of his favorite band is fast enough but to find the sound that suits us perfectly it gets more complicated because it is …