Marshall JVM210H
Marshall JVM210H

JVM210H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JVM2 series.

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SonicPulverizer's review"Perhaps too ambitious"

Marshall JVM210H
The Marshall JVM210H is a feature packed amp. The amp is a 100 watt, el34 based design featuring 2 channels with individual Eq sections as well as separate reverb controls. The master section sports presence, resonance, and two separate master volumes. An effects loop is present. A speaker emulating xlr direct out on the back panel for recording purposes and a midi programmable foot switch top it all off. The amp lacks the classic charm of earlier Marshall amps and carries the same sloppy aesthetics that other modern Marshall amps bring to the table. Minor nitpick, as the features and sound are plenty pleasing.


The midi programmable foot switch makes recalling presets simple, and allows you to toggle on/off both master volumes. The six different modes available make the amp plenty versatile. I did not get a chance to use the silent recording out on the JVM, but the addition of this feature adds a degree a value and desirability. The amp is very loud but does not retain all that much clarity at gigging volumes.


I played through the JVM with a Gibson Flying V. Marshall 4x12 cab. No pedals.

The clean channel of the JVM is not impressive and the onboard reverb does little to hide this. I believe that with the help of some higher quality time-based effects in the loop, this channel could be passable, but it simply doesn't cut it out of the box. The mid gain sounds are useable and are very reminiscent of the JCM2000 series amplifiers. The high gain sounds, as with the JCM2000 as well, was a little over the top. You will find yourself rolling back the gain significantly to tame the harshness of the channel.


The Marshall JVM210H is an ambitious amp filled with useful feature. However, when you bring the sound quality of the amp under scrutiny, the amp falls on it's face. Pricing is not competitive, regardless of feature set. The Jcm 2000 I've tested before is nearly a quarter of the price of this amp, yet delivers much more in terms of pure sound.
King Loudness10/24/2011

King Loudness's review"Not bad, there's better though"

Marshall JVM210H
The Marshall JVM 210H is a scaled down version of their hundred watt four channel firebreather JVM. It forgoes the expansive and complex featureset of the 410 and pares it down to a standard dual channel head. Each channel contains 3 modes for different levels of gain and saturation, which makes this amp seem like more than a dual channel. It also features reverb and an effects loop too. It's powered by the good ol' EL34s giving it the juice and that Marshall sound.


Getting a good sound out of this amp is more difficult than dialing in the 410. That may sound odd but the truth of it is that the 410 has so many more options that you're more likely to find a few sounds that you like. Taking two channels out of the equation eliminates some of those hidden gems you might have found lurking inside the 410. The provided modes on this amp are nice enough and the interface is classic Marshall but after trying the 410 I'm simply spoiled by choice.


The tones out of this amp are pretty decent but like the 410 I think it's a bit too compressed and buzzy for my liking. Oddly enough this is more true with the two channel version I find. The clean and crunch tones have a cool EL34 based shimmer with that typical scooped midrange character that many Marshalls have in their clean sound. The second channel has a nice variety available in the gain modes, however it's a victim of too much compression for my liking. Always seems to be that way with my ears and modern Marshalls though.


All in all I think the Marshall JVM 210H is a decent amp for the player who likes the compressed type of Marshall sound and wants a bit of versatility too. They're about $1400 new which isn't a bad deal for what you are getting. Personally I'd buy a used Splawn QR with the gears as I think it's equally as versatile and sounds superior to any new Marshall made today.

yoTrakkz's review"one of the best, buy it"

Marshall JVM210H
The back of the Marshal JVM Series has a MIDI jack so if you have an external controller you can change amp channels with it. You have all sorts of jacks to plug in different ohm rated speaker cabs. So you can power just about anything you have. Mine works great on a 4 x12.


Staring with Channel 1 you have a nice clean sound that works for smooth ballads & country songs. Not Roland Jazz amp clean but I did not want that. The next 2 channels add a little more gain each mode 2 adds a little crunch so it works for blues & soft songs needing an edge. Mode 3 is a little more of the same just a little crunchier. This works well for rock songs.
Channel 2 picks up where channel 1 left off a little more rock sounding like ACDC & Zeppelin. Mode 2 is where hard rock lives Motley Crue, Priest sort of stuff. Mode 3 is the hottest setting & metal players will be pleased here. I tend to use the channel 1 mode 3 & channel 2 mode 1 areas for most for what I play ACDC & 80s rock type covers.


The EQs are separate for each channel & react nicely to changes I dialed in a great tone right away. I put each of them a little over 5 & adjusted to taste. The presence control works for shaping the high end & the presence control does the same for the low end. The all react nicely & if you play with the knobs a little you will get what you need.


I have a blast taking this from clean songs to rocking hard. It works great for playing in my bedroom, a little louder for practice & a little more for gigs. 100 Watts should be plenty for any situation I encounter.

iamqman's review"A nice step up from the DSL series."

Marshall JVM210H
The only difference in this amp and the combo is that this is just the head amp. It has all the same features but just minus the speakers and cabinet and also the power is doubled up to 100 watts in this amp. It will have a bit more headroom in the overall tone of the amp as well compared to the 50 watt version.

To me this amp is better than the four channel. The four channel is a bit of an overfill for me since there is a lot of replication in the channels. The two channels is the way to go with this series. Still though the amps sounds cold out of the box and you will be inclined to get a new set of tubes and biased for more warmth.

Marshall JVM210H 100-watt Tube Amplifier Head Features:

All-tube design: 5 x12AX7, 4 x EL34
Two totally independent, footswitchable channels - clean/crunch and overdrive
Each channel has three footswitchable modes - Green, Orange, and Red
Each Mode has switch memory (reverb on/off, effects loop on/off, master volume 1 or 2)
Footswitchable, studio-quality digital reverb
Independent reverb controls for both channels
Two footswitchable master volumes
Two effects loops - one series, and one parallel/series
Parallel/series effects loop is footswitchable on/off
Speaker-emulated XLR line out
Programmable 4-way, 5-LED footswitch with memory capabilities
All switching can be done via MIDI
MIDI in and MIDI thru jacks on rear panel
Celestion speakers in combos
Made in England


Type Tube
Number of Channels TBD
Power 100W
No Effects
EQ Bass, Middle, Treble
No Amp Modeling
Number of Tubes 9
Preamp Tubes 4 x ECC83
Power Tubes 1 x ECC83, 4 x EL34
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 5 x Speaker, 1 Line
Footswitch I/O
Effects Loop
Height 12.2"
Width 29.53"
Depth 8.46"
Weight 48.5 lbs.


The only problem with this amp is the cold stiff feeling right out of the box. This is typical with Marshall's in the new box. They need a bit of setup to them to get them to sound warm and more usable.

This amp takes off where the JCM2000 left off. I much more prefer the JCM2000 but this amp isn't too bad. It has more flexibility with midi and the effects loop controls. Plus the voicing in each channel is a nice touch to dial in exactly what you want. I like the red channel on the gain channel. It is pretty heavy and thick sounding. A bit noisy with this amp compared to the JCM2000 which had some noise but not nearly like this amp. It is due to the amount of gain on tap of this one compared to the 2000.


This is a fun amp to play. Not too much to get confused with and not too much to get overwhelming that would distract you from playing the amp. At new these amps come in at around $1500 which is a bit more than the Marshall JCM2000.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get a good sounding Marshall amp but doesn't want to get a Plexi and a JCM 800 or JCM2000. You can get almost as close as you would get to those tones but in just one amp.

roger06's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An excellent Marshall"

Marshall JVM210H
All-tube amp 100 W: + 5xECC83 4EL34

On / off switch, standby switch.
2 channels: clean / crunch, overdrive with 3 modes per channel (green, orange, red), 6 sounds.
Two masters.
2 reverb, each one for each channel.
Presence and resonance.
EQ (bass, middle, treble) + gain for each channel.
Buttons to change channels, reverb, master, effects loop and footswitch / midi program programming.

Baffle output: 1x4, 1x8, 2x8 and 1x16 ohm, 2x16 ohm
Effects loop in series / parallel fx level and mix (dry, wet).
Passive loop connected in series just before the master commands.
Emulated line out.
Footswitch input.
Taking MIDI in / MIDI thru.

Comes with a footswitch Marshall MR-PEDL00045, 4 ways and fully programmable for a speaker cable and user manual.


The manual is very clear and the config is childish.
For her, it is a 100W, so obviously, have to push a little. But I also use it in an apartment and you can get good sound thanks to master very sensitive.


In the channel clean / crunch:
a round and warm clean sound (surprising at Marshall) in green mode.
Note that green mode, the volume knob of the channel is disabled.
The orange mode for heavy blues, red crunch mode for longer supported, enough hard-rock.

In the Overdrive channel:
green mode is for sound style ACDC.
The mode will be orange instead for a punk-rock heavy metal sounds.
The fashion red adds the high gain but not a typical metal sound.

These directions will appear on the front of the amp and the pedal

All these channels are switchable via fashion and programmable pedal.
More. The memory remains in the pedal, which I play on another user JVM, I bring my pedals, I keep my arm and presets.


The only downside is a fairly average but my reverb reverb hardwire is that the bonheur.J 'also emphasizes the quality of clean which was however not the highlight of Marshall. I've had a year and I would do this choice with his eyes closed.