VHT Amplification (AXL) Special 6 Ultra Head

VHT Amplification (AXL) Special 6 Ultra Head

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Special 6 Ultra Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from VHT Amplification (AXL).

4 user reviews
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VHT Amplification (AXL) Special 6 Ultra Head tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: VHT Amplification (AXL)
  • Model: Special 6 Ultra Head
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 11/15/2011

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VHT Amplification (AXL) Special 6 Ultra Head user reviews

Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 1 user review25 %
 1 user review25 %
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iamqman's review"Go away and come back Fryette"

VHT Amplification (AXL) Special 6 Ultra Head
If you're looking at this amplifier thinking this is a VHT amplifier then you're completely wrong. If you've seen VHT amplifiers out gigging from your favorite rock 'n roll or metal act and then this is not to be the amps that they were using. There was a dispute or something rather which VHT took its property and designs and went off and form Fryette amplifiers. The new VHT is basically a Chinese amplifier company that continues to use the logo and brand name of VHT. So this amplifier is nothing to what you expect and it's very cheap and doesn't sound at all like you would want a regular and normal VHT amplifier to sound.



6 watts
One 6V6 output tube
Two 12AX7 preamp tubes
Overdrive and Normal gain inputs
Overdrive gain control
Variable Watts control
Depth control
3-position texture switch
Tube-driven effects loop
Line out jack
Volume and tone controls
Footswitchable Boost mode
High/Low power switch
4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker jacks
Mod-friendly, eyelet-type board


This amplifier comes with two channels which is a basically a high and low gain input signal. This amplifier features one 6V6 power tube and two 12ax7 preamp tubes. One cool thing I guess on this amplifier is the you have a depth control which is very useful when you use a low wattage amp like this one. This is a 6 W amplifier so it's not to give very loud and it's pretty much designed to be used as a practice utensil. So the depth control was a nice feature to have when you are dealing with volumes controls because you really lack a low and bottom end response when you only use a low wattage amplifier.


At new you can find these amplifiers for right around $300. They are made in China which I believe and they do not sound like the original VHT amplifiers. I would not recommend this amplifier to anyone simply because they are using what was originally built and designed by the founders of Fryette and VHT.

pujol813's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect Studio"

VHT Amplification (AXL) Special 6 Ultra Head
This is a head tube with two channels, a clear and crunch with two separate entrances. He has little control and an effects loop. Outputs of 4, 8 and 16 ohms. The power is 6 watts and there is a attenuator.


Very easy to use, there is little rule and it is essential. We did not buy the bourrinage but for clear sound quality. Can act on the deep bass and a bit of treble. Point bar. You have a good guitar, it will be beautiful. You shit, you shit. This is not democratic, but was never asked to take an amp to the Enlightenment.


I turn on a branch 12 inch Peavey speaker to play and a home speaker provided a Jensen ceramic Register. I send compressor, distortion, fuzz, tremolo, vibrato and chorus front and delay and reverb in the effects loop. Absolute silence despite a string of 11 effects. I never heard such a silence and it is the interest of the beast: it is perfect in the studio. No need to stick noise reduction behind before hitting the soundcard.
The sound is clear and when you spend half the race in the light, we have a delicious crunch and handle more aggressive pickup microphone.
I've never flown on stage so I will not comment on its use, but in the studio, this is an exceptional machine.


I've had three months. Every time I connect, I am impressed by the smoothness of the rendering, since I really like the typical Fender clean tones.
I had all kinds of amps: very bad and very good in terms of which there is a particular AC 30 60s, a transatlantic Mesa Boogie, a Laney Lionheart (a more than perfect amp) but the VHT, despite its low cost and low power the machine best suited to use in my current home studio.
This is made in China. It can interfere.
I probably will change the lights one day. There is no rush.

clysthène's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Head versatile amp open"

VHT Amplification (AXL) Special 6 Ultra Head
6W all head swig. Very well finished.
2 12AX7 for preamp, 1 6V6 for amplification.
An effects loop that passes through the lamps.
Two inputs (not switchable, because when input is taken, the other is off-line), 1 clean, 1 ultra.
A drive voltage for 6V6 plate (bottom we have the whole dynamic, goes down, the harder it is to get a clear sound), to lower the output volume.
A multi-position knob depth for the bass frequency response (RTFM).
A three-position switch for texture treble compensation (RTFM idem).
A tone knob, one volume per "channel" even if they are not really different channels.
A standby switch, high / low power (in reality the choice between 6V6 in triode or pentode).
Two speaker outputs with impedance selector (4, 8 or 16 ohms), it can be used.
A switch On / Off. Line output (preamp output, loopback).
An integrated boost (or by pulling the normal volume is provided by connecting the footswitch and allowing the volume knob pulled).
More details on: https://www.vhtamp.com/products/the-special-series/special-6-ultra-head


The configuration is simple, it is a head amp, it connects to a HP matchant impedance and light.

There are a multitude of settings, must try them one by one, in relation to each other. But the sound is there from the beginning.

The manual is complete with diagrams! The lamps are mounted on sockets, you can change the models of stroke, for those who are passionate about.
Some components are also mounted so as to replace them without welding. That said, "Mod-Friendly Eyelet-type Board" Yes, but what about the warranty?


I played with two totally different guitars: a Danelectro DC-12 (12 string with single coil pickups lipsticks) and an Ibanez GAX70BT (two humbuckers, an EMG H4A which).
It's very subjective, but is close to a clean Fender Blackface according to the selected settings.
The boost on the clean entry brings a lot more volume and crunch willingly and precisely.
The entrance provides a boost without Ultra hot overdrive in mind Ibanez TS. Boosted and pushed forward, we have a powerful OD, full and well defined.

Each setting has a lot of influence on the final sound. This makes it a very versatile amp. The depth knob allows good example correct side runny low when the input is ultra thoroughly.
So you can really feel all kinds of sound.

Second part: I use pedals before the amp and in the effects loop.
A ProCo RAT 2, fully accepted, beautiful rendering.
An Ibanez TS7, drive to the bottom, volume 3/4, excellent, before I add EQ to shape, nickel!
Wah, compressor, everything goes really well, respected personalities.

In the loop, I tried to put an EQ, but it does not go well, with no volume control, it quickly overload the lamp, and it is not clean.
on the other hand with chorus or delay, it is perfect, well calibrated.

The output line is used according to the instructions to chain amps. I tried to record live simulation by applying a convolution HP, but a huge part of the grain of the amplifier has the amplifier section (proof is the selector knob texture and depth act post-preamp), this which consequently is not very interesting.


That's a full month I play it, I'm perfectly content. I made a IsolationCab in which there is an 8-inch Celestion V30 16 ohms.
The 6W spit loudly, so apartment, without forgetting soundproofing.
By connecting a Loadbox above, to apply a good simulation HP, it works very well.
In short, this amp is a success who has a clear idea of ​​the sound he or she wants to achieve. The manufacturer did not want to emulate a particular model or color famous. The result is a strong character, versatile ample opportunities to share the amount of possible settings and the possible change in the type of lamps and other components without breaking the head.
Open an amp ;)

fedd2007's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Report / qualitprix exceptional."

VHT Amplification (AXL) Special 6 Ultra Head
Dj dvelopp


Of connections ... or almost!
All impdances are selectable for all types of HP's.
Effects loop.
Line out.
Optional adapter to go from a 6V6 power tube in EL84.
Etc ...
And above all keep in mind that this is a working amp and / or room that allows for a more than adequate trs low volume.
To compare like with like ie a small all-tube less than 10w and there is no abundance, especially in France.


Trs, too subjective ... a good guitarist will ring any hardware and inversely proportional: a bad guitarist will not ... etc!


J'cris this view especially at raction iamqman rdig Previous notice in English and translated into "Fran", which is a purely commercial view "everything is said in the title" and that does not need to be, especially since it appears that the person does not even possde.

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  • VHT Amplification (AXL) Special 6 Ultra Head
  • VHT Amplification (AXL) Special 6 Ultra Head

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