Vox NT50H Night Train 50
Vox NT50H Night Train 50

NT50H Night Train 50, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Vox in the Night Train series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 3 reviews60 %
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johnmimi63's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good lamp 50w Amp"

Vox NT50H Night Train 50
I replaced the bulbs with EHX to improve its
but it is not really needed is a good amp rock & roll
the loop is effective and it takes good effects


it is a tube amp plugs are playing it seeks its it explodes


Clean better with original lamp it saturates slower
Crunch and hot round
Fat and powerful Lead


it has been 2 years since I used and it suits me very well
I find it unfortunate that he did not have a line output or headphone
and there was not a fuse to protect themselves if you forget to plug in the speaker

Viviani's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent head"

Vox NT50H Night Train 50
Amp lamp clean, crunch, Disto, Class AB amplifier building
12AX7 (x4) preamp tubes, EL34 (x2) power stage tubes
FX loop true bypass

50 W amp (I've never cranked). Even in concert.

No built-in effect


Very easy to use.
Wide variation in tone using EQ.

Starts to sound good from the Master Volume to 12. Before lacks a little low and boosts loud sounds.


The clean channel with a wonderful sound. Much rounder and less slamming a Fender.
This channel supports virtually all distortion pedal.
From 12, it slightly crunch

The clean channel can be switcher thanks to Thick. It was nice crunch to super sensitive blues, varying the volume knob of the guitar.

The Girth channel sends good crucn a good heavy distortion.

I play it with a Gibson Les Paul Standart, a G & L S500, Epiphone Les Paul Standart (micro Gibson Classic 57) and a PRS Custom. Each instrument keeps its characteristics of sound.

I used to play pop the big fat rock.


I use it for 2 years.
I first played on a JCM800, a Hot Rod Deluxe. Each had its specialty.
Vox NT50 offers a more beautiful sound palette (for my taste) than previously tested amps.

Has never disappointed me since I got it.
Rocket pig11/16/2013

Rocket pig's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox NT50H Night Train 50
Tube amp, 50w power, no effect, exit 2x16ohm 1x16ohm and 1x8 ohm jack footswitch


The setup is fairly simple rule on one branch and it sounds, I would say that the sound is good but when you have a sound in mind it is quite hard to find


This head is when I play rock, hard rock, blues, do not believe the metal with the vox pretend like you have the maximum of its first iron maiden, for against the clear sound of this head's great, I l henceforth used as a complement to the distortion of my engl fireball thanks to an ab box.
Among the sonoritées I say I love them all with a preference for clear sound


J have the head for 2 years soon I recommend to those who want a good crunch well british.

kasimir.phunk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Gross brit"

Vox NT50H Night Train 50
everything has been said

I put 7 because I find the thick little exploitable seen the difference in volume


it is simple in simple but complete
clean with équalo
"Grith" with eq and volume.
master and presence enver principle have more turning the knob one puts more serious


I tried to store a 4x12 and I pretty well hung
once home plugged into my 1x12, very, very disappointed, not low, its flat ....
After several test I have come to understand

This works like a Marshall amp gives it the best with the volume very high
the headroom, dynamics, grain master volume appear to 14h!

then yes it is hard but it's good, see good
suddenly I spend a volume pedal in the loop but if you want to lose the best it's still very strong

musician apartment on your way ... or provides qq trouble with your neighbors


I had plenty of other amp, this is not my favorite porn, but it gives me satisfaction.
more group, he eats not the bass frequencies.

notice before the Chinese gear is abused if the amp was new it had to be back!

via's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent amp for its price"

Vox NT50H Night Train 50
50 w tube amp
2 channels, bright and girth, or in addition to French, clear and saturated
THICK switch on clean channel gives a little more gain
TIGHT switch on the master compresses the signal slightly
bass, middle, treble, gain and volume on each, plus a master volume and tone cut
input footswitch and effects loop


brief manual, but the use is very simple even for a layman.


I play blues and rag picking in a gretsch 5122 with TV-JONES and have an audible hum type mass early on both channels, a BOSS NS-2 fixes a little problem.

BRIGHT channel restores very clean sound (all knobs at noon)
Girth Channel brings a big distortion, even turning down the gain and / or volume, those who love the drooling should be delighted.
when you push a little gain and volume (over MIDI) the breath begins to be heard.


I use it for a few days, I board not yet done the trick.
I sold a Mesa Boogie TA15 and replace it with the VOX, as the mesa was blowing at a point it was unusable out of the clean channel and still not exceed 5 watts.
to 50 Watt at this price it seems unbeatable, but I do not know all the amps on the market, still I am delighted this amp and so far is that which is best for me.