Damage Control Demonizer

Damage Control Demonizer

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Demonizer, Tube Guitar Preamp from Damage Control.

5 user reviews
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Damage Control Demonizer tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Damage Control
  • Model: Demonizer
  • Category: Tube Guitar Preamps
  • Added in our database on: 07/15/2004

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Damage Control Demonizer user reviews

Average Score:2.3( 2.3/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 1 user review20 %
 2 reviews40 %
Value For Money :

milenko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Tube preamp high gain, high gain enough for me"

Damage Control Demonizer
- Type of amplification lamps, two 12AX7 powered high voltage
- Connections: input jack instrument amp out to connect in a PowerAMP / return loop, direct out / cab sim to connect directly to a mixer / sound card
- Settings (complex):
> The classical level and drive
> Compressor
> Parametric EQ with 2 double tiered knobs
Note the presence of the "Magic Eye" is a kind of psychedelic dial that changes color depending on your game


Configuration not very simple parametric EQ ...
Knob of the double left to select a frequency to elicit, and the degree of boost of the frequency relative to the other.
The double right knob to set the level of depression (scoop) mids and treble adjustment.
However, the knobs gain, volume, compression, are very effective.
Manual: not supplied with the unit purchased second-hand, but I do not feel useful. At worst, it can be downloaded from the website of Damage Control.
Gets it easy to sound good? Yes and no ... all depends registers addressed, as I will elaborate a little further. But overall, this pedal provides very clean and crunch well (even big crunch), correct distortion, but not modern enough grain.


Overall, the sound was good, we felt that it was a preamp tube.
However, for a pedal that is destined to high gain "the Rectifier", she was a little disappointed. I said that I play mostly high gain distortion modern, clean and a little dirty.
It is paradoxical, but my favorite sounds with Demonizer was the cleans and the big crunch, which could be called "hot".
In contrast, the distortion I had not been convinced more than that. Obviously, I could still get the proper high gain (boost on), but it was not transcendent much distortion I prefer my ENGL E530 (yes, nothing to do, I know), more punchy, more nervous, more accurate ... short, "more better" looks like another.
Guitars used: most of guitars humbuckers output level "therefore", but the strat-like in lipsticks
Chain of effects: I use very little effect, except a little bit of chorus and reverb.
Demonizer the connections, namely:
- In PowerAMP: EHX 22 Caliber (yes, the whole thing mini), and Brunetti Rockit
- Direct output (cab sim), a situation in which high gain distortion was better than in an amp ... oO


This Demonizer still remained four years with me, and I finally sold.
I had little experience when I won, but in 4 years, I could feel a lot of gear, which confirms my opinion.
Features I like the most:
- The cleans and crunch: they are rich, warm and dynamic
- The "Magic Eye" too kitsch, I kiffe
Features that I like least:
- Weakness in high gain distortion
- Footprint
- Settings not visible
- Single Channel
Value? Nine, it was worth € 450!! On occasion, it turns instead to 110-160 €, which is more in keeping with the true capabilities of this preamp. To give you a vague idea, small FET preamp pedal from AMT (Legend Amp Series 1 and 2) sound better than the Demonizer in high gain for € 100-130 new. So no, at the moment, I do not have that choice would do.

Cimerian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" To resolve subtle"

Damage Control Demonizer
2 lamps cascades mainly, the rest has already been said!


Yes no problem, but little pots turn significantly alters the rendering;
So moist easy!
The side have been improved to reduce the output gain difference between the normal and the "nuclear" (boost + 14dB).
It is true that without using it, it is sorely lacking potato, ditto Whomanizer.
I think that is why it should be placed in the loop of a preamp
The sister Red (Solid Steel) escaped this treatment she spits well.
The other sister also blue (Liquid Blue)


I need in principle a wide range of gear, in terms of my business.

In fact, if I come back here, it's just the place to advise loop in the tube amp.
Since its acquisition I tried to create settings upstream of the guitar amp preamp, mistake, this material is much more effective at the output of the preamp and fed back into the power section.
I affirm my statements by testing one little more conclusive coupling Demonizer in Studio Preamp Mesa Loop!
Rendering very Californian, while the machine is sold for its rock FM, certainly with my Mesa ..
The sound is much better, less "acid" excess acute with the knob Demonizer is fatal, conversely, if we fall, we do not hear more distinctly (Very vicious).
The designer must have a good idea for him over there!

Since I am I'll do the same with the Whomanizer, even if that someone has semblerai achieved without apparent happiness ...
Return 2, the outcome of races


6 years already!
Yes since time many ...
Admittedly, a bit expensive, the price of quality, so cheap ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Damage Control Demonizer
See previous opinion


See previous opinion


See previous opinion


I'll just leave a global opinion on this preamp module because it seems to me that all the other fields has been said by Mr. Kinder Guano.

First we must admit that demonize is a very well targeted a marketing point of view. On paper this preamp was exactly what I wanted. Las digital simulators that produce a clean sound okay but I distos synthetic in search of big sound! And then I fall on DAMAGE CONTROL demonize. Just the name caused a tingling sensation throughout the body. Was this the beginning of a long love between demonize me and I had to hand the ultimate weapon of the guitarist from Death / Black / Thrash who wants to sound the death without breaking the bank?
Pre and post EQ, tube preamp, compressor, simulation of HP! Everything is there to offer something of great ...
But his feelings were hopeful before the tragedy, before I try demonize the ... You, young man who did not believe Kinder Guano, I warn. Everything he says is true.
Let's talk about what interests us: the large distortion that spot. The sound is feeble and for one who spits a minimum distortion is all bottom: gain in depth, volume thoroughly, thoroughly compressor, eq and boost switched dug ... There was a gain just enough but suddenly any more dynamics and a grain of shit.
2 positives though: the compressor which seemed fairly transparent and simulation of HP to be forgotten. It's lean When weighing the pros and cons. Especially since the gear is not cheap: € 400 for one channel tube preamp: it's expensive.
There are alternatives at prices more or less neighbors who are more successful.
-Numerical modeling (not great but better)
-A distortion pedal (like Metal Muff which is fine), a small preamp and a simulation (Palmer PDI-09 which is great for under 100 €)
A-kind ENGL 530 preamp.

kinder_guano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Damage Control Demonizer
Huge tube distortion pedal / amp simulation with DI, made in United States:
<ul> Two 12AX7 Electro Harmonix
Dimension: 18.5x 23x 8cm
Weight: 1.7 kg
Look chiadé ultra seductive and name
Level: volume output
Drive ... b&#39;en knob to gain entry ...
Optocomp: small compressor built in distortion pedal use, supposed to simulate the dynamics of a stack lamp DI
Pre EQ: EQ pre rudiment distortion, two concentric knob, one to select a frequency between 200 Hz and 1.2 KHz, the other to boost / cut the frequency from -6 to +14 dB
Post EQ: EQ rudiment post distortion, two concentric knob, one to select a frequency between 500 Hz and 2.2 KHz, the other to boost / cut the frequency from -20 to +15 dB
Switch Engage: distortion pedal based, enables / disables the effect in true bypass. In DI, it&#39;s a damn mute.
Switch Nuclear: boost the gain to 20 dB.
Full of illuminating lamps Zulas diodes as switches activations.
Input jack 6.35
Output Amp Out jack 6.35, active mode automatically when connected distortion pedal. To connect to an amp / Poweramp.
Direct Out jack 6.35, active DI mode automatically. Analog simulation of 4x12 cabinet closed.
External power supply type Line 6, 9V DC 2A included, do not run on batteries.

Well, on paper, it&#39;s something enticing: big tube distortion pedal that has a killer look, with a terrible feature that made me want to buy it, the function ID.
In short, a distortion pedal, a big fat tube simulator to connect directly to a mixing desk / PA.


Super interesting (on paper, yet ...) for big metalheads disappointed Pod (or who can not use that kind of gas plants, like me) in Music, or to avoid carrying around 80 kg of in gear again.

Super simple to use, turn the knob is basic.

In computer music / DI:
Big hics immediately: no effects loop, mute function and if we use the ID instead of a bypass. And that single channel.

No loop, so in use as well as one on a console, the effects must pass after the HP emulation or before demonize. B&#39;en the chorus / EQ / etc. It sounds much worse.

No bypass, but if you disable the mute pedal sucks, especially since it is single channel. So we can, depending DI, moving from a saturated or a big crunch to a clear (even the basic sound of the guitar what!). So if you play a piece that requires a small clean and saturated solo, you can not do it live if you have connected the demonize the group&#39;s sound. It&#39;s either clean or saturated. Is zero.

In distortion pedal:

B&#39;en simple as any. The best course is to put it directly between the guitar and Poweramp, but there b&#39;en c&#39;st single channel, so saturated sound of the pedal, and clean through the bypass ... not great. And one cares effects between this pedal and Poweramp.
By connecting it between the guitar and the input of an amp, not bad, and it serves primarily to keep a clean through the clean channel of the amp. But it sounds much less than directly attacking the Poweramp.

At that price, it&#39;s still pretty bad as a service (€ 450 a piece, anyway ...).


Another disappointment ...
Yep, in DI, the clean sound is not a reference type, narrow, rough, hair flapping.

By pushing a little drive, you end up with a crunch not great either: always rough and rocky, far from the crunch that I can have a Powerball, and light years of a Soldano Supercharger, which is a nice reference crunch in creamy and full of harmonics and sustain. Indeed, the dire demonize sustain without pushing up the compressor. There&#39;s no life in the crunch. Just as in clean.

By pushing the gain on tap, a saturated fairly feeble. Again, not a grain terrible, far from Engl, Mesa and Co. The dynamic is totally zero, a very frustrating feeling by attacking the strings.
There, for the great big metal must then out the big guns: fully gain, compressor base, and enable the +20 dB boost.
Is only beginning to end up with a good feel on the strings, sustain a creep.
Mouaif, all to knock ... and with a shovel EMG, I dare not imagine with microphones that spit less than 350mV

In short, I can do at least as well with a VAMP2 coupled with a GST Art for easily half the price in Mao. And in addition, VAMP2 has different grains, where demonize has only one, and it is not transcendent.
A Pod as the bursts (and yet I do not like pods), and for the same price, a Pod XT Live has tons of more effects, more sonic possibilities, and a simulation of HP at least as good.

Aaaah yeah, when you slice matter gain, boost compressor and, inevitably, it blows ...

Really disappointed. Like what, looks killer, a killer name, and two 12AX7 that shine with a thousand colors, it&#39;s not all.


Well, b&#39;en flipflaps return to sender after 15 days of testing at home.
There&#39;s much better for the price, even cheaper: Pod XT Live, VAMP2 Art + GST ​​secondhand Engl 530 with a small DI box, ADA MP1 with DI, Sansamp, etc..
In DI: one channel use (damn mute m * rde!), A grain not transcendent, not avalanche gain without any pushing, breath ...
In distortion pedal, b&#39;en to 450 euros a piece, I see no interest: so sell his amp and add the 450 euros in a small light amp that goes well, a preamp or secondhand lamps .. .

Shame, in the spirit, a tool Mao tube, easy to use, it was a good idea. But this is totally missed.

I forgot: tests with a Gibson Les Paul Classic with EMG, a half stack Engl Powerball. For Mao, boarf, a Yamaha mixer, my old Audigy 2, etc..
Amazing that my Les Paul lacked sustain this bagpipe ...

Added 28/06/2007: Replaced very favorably with a preamp Yerasov Pterodriver (https://fr.audiofanzine.com/produits/index% 2Cidproduit 2C112897.html%) and DI Palmer PDI 09 (http://fr. audiofanzine.com / products / index%% 2Cidproduit 2C101096.html).
More effective and credible, and ... half the price!

And thank you for your trust, Golem1!

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