Effectrode Blackbird
Effectrode Blackbird

Blackbird, Tube Guitar Preamp from Effectrode.

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jamasess's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great versatility and great sound!"

Effectrode Blackbird
analoge and lamp premium 12AX7/ECC83

Rack not there is a pedal

it is a preamp can also pedal

Taken: 1 In & 2out
- In & Out Classic

- Ball out 600 ohms it comes to the story of an emulated output on the basis of Hp Jensen C12N that can be connected to a sound card, mixing console or power amp or a combo input power in) and can also use headphone jack

- Switch jack (footswitch between blue and red channel)

2 changeover to rear
1 to manually switch the blue and red channel
1 to adjust the bias if relamping

yellow channel (clean) with its real Blackface
blue channel (creamy) >>> overdrive
red channel (classic) >>> <slight distortion to big hairy distortion

settings are highly interactive

3 channels:
1) clean channel (yellow) has knobs as volume / bass / mid / treble >>> his "Fender blackface" type
2) overdrive channel (blue) >>> Classic appointed its type "Dumble"
3) distortion channel (red) >>> named Creamy its type "Soldano"

Actually forms clipping are different or even opposing between channel 2 & 3
channel 2 generates signals type symmetric & asymmetric type 3

The only symmetrical type is used in Effectrode Tube Drive, there were 2 kinds

class A & Construction hyper serious Omeg pots with a lifetime warranty and audiophiles among other components of the short tip top!


yes and no

Tones bass / mid / treble is very effective and has many variations and noise made different interacting between them.
It is generally very flexible with good flexibility.

The manual is descriptive enough technically a little less practical question

No editing or presets, turn and it is


with each stratum was truly Blackface sound and groove of a tube amp itself connected to a simple and modest amp transistor types fm212 both sustain that tone!

Little tip for optimization, iya 2 Out so much to use, and do 2 sets!

To clean, I prefer to use the output BALOUT

For ovdrv and distortion I prefer to use the simple output Out

In clean (yellow) with BALOUT is aa magical musical incredibly soft side of Blackface in all its glory (our friend David Gilmour connected to the mixing console and it undoubtedly has its reasons)

In overdvr / Disto blue / red), I prefer the simple OUt output that provides a sound with lots of sustain and grain (a behavior of a real amp lamp)
I like a little less output BALOUT more mid, which brings more clean

Our friend Bred Kingman on You Tube plugs priori these two ways, and the efficiency is there, and these two modes are simply outstanding and highly complementary

certainly transparent in terms of color I think it is a little characteristic of preamp and amp guitar shape sounds, it is not in stereo, but heck with what musicality!


4 months

yes, I tried the drive tube Effectrode which was not bad, but being a single pedal with fewer opportunities only 1 channel and 2 positions boost / tone, the blackbird bcp provides more versatility for the same price

The drive tube (I had briefly test) provides a more polished sound full, and if you want the more biting or snarling Bb is awesome and goes much further limit hard rock

I would have loved a box (not for congestion bp) more hair, with good hands the gain knob is a bit isolated.

THE R / P / Q is correspondingly very good considering the versatility of scope ETDE all its features with excellent sound approach.

Already the only clean channel worth seeing and worth the investment compared if only buying a twin reverb!

MedicationTime's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The Swiss army knife of high quality!"

Effectrode Blackbird
Guitar tube preamp, 3 JJ 12AX7 - guitar pedal format.
The bias is adjustable via a switch (not hand-foot) 3 positions. So, you can put the lights that you like and manage the bias as you want.

2 channels: clear and saturated. The saturated has an additional switch (hand, not the foot) classic / creamy overdrive to switch to a big distortion.

2 outputs: a "classic" if you want to incorporate into your chain effect and a balanced output (stereo jack) if you want to attack sound card, mixer or power amp.

An input to connect an extern footswitch (like an amp that you could engage the reverb and tremolo separately) to control clean / overdrive and classic / creamy. If you do not with you can only choose between classic and creamy hand and switch between clean and overdrive foot.


Configuration is very simple, you select, and you set off you go! No need to book.

I use it in lots of different sauce:
- In a chain effect to my little vox ac4
- Upstream of a stereo power amp Brunetti Silver Bullet (this is especially for him that I bought the various distortion pedals / fuzz I tested to compensate for this lack of preamp never actually held the road)
- Input of a sound card when I record or that I re-processes the sound on computer (this is also why top, no need for emulation behind sound a bit correct)
- With a moog guitar, which may have a somewhat average sound when playing normally (without the strings vibrate) above. Here it gives him a pep sacred both in normal technique with strings that vibrate.


The sound is excellent.
The clean channel (based on the 'Blackface' Fender Twin Reverb) is clean through, super transparent.
Both versions of the overdrive channel is excellent and very complementary. Many different possible colors.
And if that is not enough, you can still play with the bias (Effectrode explains how it impacts on the sound and the overall focntionnement a preamp are on site super interesting).


I use it for 2 months. I have not tried anything else, it gave me the eye for a while.
The sound is huge, super flexible settings and diversity of enormous use.
The price is not negligible but it is like buying a good guitar and a good amp, you will not soon Lacherez. Money very well placed for me!