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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKI

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iltizzone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKI
Prampli lamp (1 12AX7), the era (late 80s) c'tait the trick with the most advanced simulation of a stack of three outputs (mixer output). By prampli, one must understand that if this is a marvel pedals distortion issue, it also excels for clean sounds!

The connection between a guitar and includes three output (guitar amp, power amp, mixer). The two dernires cut the sound of the guitar when the effect is dbray and the default is by far the most irritating of the pedals. It is a pity that the output mixer is one that offers the most sound with his INTERESTED simulation stack.

External power is ncessaire the 12AX7 ncessitant AC. it is still a handicap supplmentaire pedals from a battery.


Setup is simple, and we soon find the right fit for his comments on the gain and output volume.

4 presets are available and provide variable gain with a suitable spectrum (Jazz, Funk, Blues, Rock). Yes the pedals can work clean sounds great warmth and dynamics.

Then there are three corrections Tone plus a MID boost trs not convincing (is not the Mesa Boogie).


L o pedals that excels is the simulation of Stack (mixer output). We really seem to hear a 4x12, smelling a hot lamp and mdiator melted.
And while the headphones! It can happen amp!

For the rest, using the exit "guitar amp", all sound is really enjoyable.

The distortion sounds clean and prcise, you really feel the work of the lamp. This is almost the Mesa Boogie poor (nothing pjoratif the contrary)


I had the pedals around 1990 .. I sold a Tubeman more.
I redeemed another in 1995, I crack!

The PDAL is trs strong (indestructible?) In 2005 the weakening 12AX7 (volume crazy) and I had to change it, replacement is inconvenient because you have to disassemble the pedals intgralement, knobs and jacks included.

I do not use too much more, a real Mesa Boogie has been replaced.

I urge Fauch a young guitarist who wants the thrill accder lights for cheap and keep their investment without selling it one month to go APRS else.