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  • Orange Acoustic Pre

    Orange Acoustic Pre - "Organic and Authentic Sounding" has images


    SOUND: The Orange Acoustic Pre is incredibly full-bodied, clear, warm, harmonically rich, organic and with natural compression – unlike many other acoustic preamps that color your sound or add some type of ‘enhanced’ processing.…

  • Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200

    Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200 - "Good, practical unit for the money "


    I bought this unit to supplement my Positive Grid Bias Mini Guitar Amp. The Bias Mini is an amp modeler. It sounds great but the 'valve sizzle' was missing in the signal chain. The MIC2200 adds sufficient warmth and sizzle that an amp modeler cannot …

  • Art Tube MP Studio V3

    Art Tube MP Studio V3 - "The Art Tube MP Studio V3 for Home Studio Use"


    After having recorded several songs with the Art Tube MP Studio V3, I must say it is a pretty good little piece of equipment. It's audio limiting system works best when recording semi-hot signals. However, there are a couple of reasons I didn't give …

  • Art Tube MP/C Project

    Art Tube MP/C Project - "I do like this little tube pre amp "


    I bought a little ART pre amp to get a bit more control over the interface to the PA system. It does a great job. I was recording to Garage Band with my Mustang II amp and playing my Les Paul. The noise was nasty, I could not clean it up. I put the A…

  • Art Tube MP Studio

    Art Tube MP Studio - "valve warmth in a cheap mic pre / Di"


    Excellent DI / Mic pre, with dial in valve warmth/saturation. Great for Re-amping techniques and Di signal from Bass / guitar, or providing phantom power. Ground lift, 20db pad, phase reverse switches. jack i/o, xlr i/o, simultainiously. 12AX7 tube …

  • Art Tube MP/C Project

    Art Tube MP/C Project - " Really nice and useful"


    I've had it for a year. I use it with an electric guitar inserted before the effects chain or a programmable Marshall MG or Fender Mustang V v2 amp. It's a tube preamp/opto-compressor combo with comprehensive connections, all within a compact and st…

  • Art Pro MPA II

    Art Pro MPA II - "Perfect Tube Preamp for Pro's and Starters"


    Let me start by saying that this unit has been more than just a simple 2-channel tube microphone preamp. It is a tone monster! With selectable impedance, 3 gain stages, 2 choices of High and Normal Plate Voltage and a really useful and transparent Lo…

  • Art Tube MP

    Art Tube MP - "For the money not bad" has images


    For the money this tube does a pretty good job. I tell my students that want a tube preamp for their home studio that this is a great way to learn the art of tube pre amps. The sound is colored but in a pretty good way. Trust me I use to…

  • A-designs MP-1A

    A-designs MP-1A - "top of the line pre amp, with a low price"


    The MP-1A is a pretty standard one channel tube microphone amplifier. It has all the features you need including -20dB pad switch and Polarity Switch. The MP-1A is well built and only weighs less than 20 pounds. It does require 100 VAC power though. …

  • Blue Microphones Robbie

    Blue Microphones Robbie - "Very stylish and is still rackable"


    The Robbie by Blue Microphones is a class-A single channel Tube Microphone and also has a amplifier for instruments. The price of the Robbie can get pretty steep depending on where you purchase it from. Brand new it will cost you right around 1,000 …