Art Tube MP/C Project
Art Tube MP/C Project

Tube MP/C Project, Tube Pre-amp from Art.

Kevin Paul Moore 03/20/2015

Art Tube MP/C Project : Kevin Paul Moore's user review

« I do like this little tube pre amp  »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I bought a little ART pre amp to get a bit more control over the interface to the PA system. It does a great job. I was recording to Garage Band with my Mustang II amp and playing my Les Paul. The noise was nasty, I could not clean it up. I put the ART 50 pre amp in the chain and the sound was noise free. I just took a guess and nothing blew up. I had to do some adjusting to keep it from an unwanted over load tone. The set up was done in a few minutes and the results make my recording so much better.:bravo: