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Art MPA Gold
Art MPA Gold

Tube Pre-amp from Art .

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AlexPalmito AlexPalmito
Publié le 06/05/08 à 06:37
Double preamp very complete lamps are touskifo ...


This is a preamp, so easy to use, with some subtleties the settings of Impedance and voltage of the lamp, but we made it very quickly


Okay so I reassure you immediately: it is not a Avalon nor Manley (AC is not !!)

However I was pleasantly surprised by the sound of this Pramp, especially given the price (pay a misery on ebay)
already with the original lamps is nice, the adjustment of impedance is rather effective (though ultimately I was almost always leaves background) but then with better lamps (GE 5751) AC is really nice (except lack of gain did some shit with a ribbon mic has I think it is unusable!)
little color, very good dynamics, quite versatile as the settings, it's really enjoyable as Pramp small, especially for the price!


I've had 3 months, I love this Pramp, its look, its very complete rglages by against VU meters are very rough, I do not trust him at all (and should always do that !! is not mixed with eyes !!)
all in all I think it's a very good preamp, especially after having changed the lights ...
I had the opportunity to work on top-end gear (Avalon, manley, millenia) and I will disappoint some, but in the art is anyway far behind! (Avalon would bankrupt if not already!)
It does not prevented whether is be a very good little Pramp, especially for the price (thank you ebay!)
I tate me to buy the version with digital output, but I'm a little skeptical about the quality of the converters, I see ... in any case I am very happy and I think I got a great deal (250 euros on ebay)
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