Universal Audio
UAD Plug-In(80), UAD(39), LA-610(21), Apollo(19), 1176(13)

Universal Audio user reviews

  • Universal Audio 2-610

    Universal Audio 2-610 - moosers's review


    The Universal Audio 2-610 is a dual channel mic preamp. It is an analog based unit and is rackable - it will take up two rack spaces. It has a built in 1/4 inch input in the front for direct input use and it also has XLR connectors in the back. It al…

  • Universal Audio LA-610

    Universal Audio LA-610 - moosers's review


    The Universal Audio LA-610 channel strip in my opinion is the best channel strip you can get for your buck. Both the pre-amp section and the compressor section are extremely useful. Most of the time I will record using the compression straight to Pro…

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