Universal Audio Neve 1073 EQ
Universal Audio Neve 1073 EQ

Neve 1073 EQ, Software parametric EQ from Universal Audio in the UAD Plug-In series.

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yoTrakkz 01/01/2012

Universal Audio Neve 1073 EQ : yoTrakkz's user review

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The Neve 1073 was a quick install without any issues related to installation or compatibility. After downloading it, I had it installed within a reasonable amount of time. The interface of the plug-in is easy to follow and is modeled after the old Pultec EQs. It has parameters to boost and attenuate a low frequency and a hi one. It also has a switch to choose what type of attenuation you would like. I don't have a manual for this, but it is easy to use and you shouldn't need the manual too much to figure out how to use this plug-in.


I am running the Neve 1073 on a Mac Book Pro that has a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM. I run the plug-in in Pro Tools LE 7.4 that I have running with a Digi 002R audio interface. I have also run this plug-in on a Pro Tools HD system. With both of these configurations I never had a problem running a bunch of these EQs at once as they don't take up too much processing power.


I've been using the Neve 1073 for about two years and have it to be one of the best EQ plug-ins out there in terms of sound quality and ease of use. It is easy to get a good sound from this and is great for notching specific frequencies. The price is reasonable but it isn't that cheap compared to some other EQ plug-ins. I like having plug-ins that are modeled after old gear, and this is a great model to make a plug-in after. Overall, the Neve 1073 s a great plug-in and I recommend it for both home and professional studio owners, as it is a great addition to any studio's arsenal. Plus its very affordable for the home based musician. Great buy.