Focusrite Saffire 6 USB
Focusrite Saffire 6 USB

Saffire 6 USB, USB audio interface from Focusrite in the Saffire series.

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All user reviews for the Focusrite Saffire 6 USB

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 8 reviews )
 3 reviews38 %
 4 reviews50 %
 1 user review13 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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mrjason's review"Average"

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB
The Focusrite Saffire 6 USB is an audio interface that connects to your computer via USB. This interface is Pro Tools ready right out of the box, the set up process with Pro Tools is very simple and easy to do. It always works great with Ableton Live and Cubase. This interface is powered by your USB connection and has very good microphone preamps (2 of them) on this 2 in and 4 out interface.


Setting up this interface will all depend on which DAW you want to use it with. It does have MIDI in and MIDI out so you can use it with almost any DAW and it will connect to all of your gear. If you use this in some DAW programs you could run into some small set up issues in programs like FL Studio. I am not sure why but in my personal experience I have hit a few bumps when trying to use it with FL Studio 9.


You can not rack this interface, but it is small and compact so it does not take up much desktop space. It is lightweight and can be very portable if you need an interface that is ready to go with you and your laptop.


This unit is so much like some of the other interfaces in this price range like the MBox or iTrack Solo interfaces. There really is nothing different between any of them except for the Saffire 6 has a little better preamp to it that will give you a better sound when recording especially if you are using a low end microphone. But overall there really is nothing about this interface that sticks out, it is priced averagely and has the same specs as so many other models. It will be personal preference if you want to purchase this. I will say that it is built well though and seems to be able to hold up over time.

vsavagellc's review"Best USB Interface I've Ever Used"

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB
Saffire 6 USB is an audio interface that comes with the following
Phantom Power
Midi I/O
Mic/Line Inputs
High Quality 24bit recording

Comes with the following extras
USB connection able
Ableton Live lite
Focusrite FX Suite
Novation Bass Station Synth
Software Drivers

I use this USB interface with my laptop. I use it for music production as well as sound designing. It's light weight and really easy to setup so it's a must in my mobile production setup


I typically use this interface with Propellerheads Reason. I don't notice any latency with this unit and the drivers are very stable in my experience. I haven't tested the unit with any daws such as logic or pro tools but I can assure you if it works in Reason (which is not a recording daw by nature) you'd have no problem using it with a daw as long as you select you're recording channels you'll be fine.


I use the saffire 6 on windows 7 with no compatibility issues (thank god) the unit is very easy to use and easy to setup. You don't need to use the instructions. All you have to do is plug the unit up to your computer and install the drivers then go into your computers and audio programs preferences and point to the device. I do suggest downloading the drivers directly from the site and not using the drivers that are pre packaged in the box. 90% of the time the drivers are more up to date when pulled from the website.


All in all this is a very good interface to invest in. What I love most able it is its price and quality. It's preamps are as quality as focusrites higher end audio interface units. I've worked with many other audio interfaces out there from maudio to Mbox and for the money I feel the focusite Saffire 6 USB is the best way to go it's as fast as most firewire interfaces that are on the market today. If I had to go back in time and make this decision again (choosing an audio interface) I'd still go with the Saffire 6. It's a must have seriously

ValentinCherbuy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Small home studios"

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB
2 mic / instruments that allow me to record a voice with a guitar DI or two guitars simultaneously. The preamps are good, but not transcendent. The integrated 48V power is very valuable for use with condenser microphones. I also use some of the MIDI input.

I am not using RCA outputs, just the two jacks to connect my pair of KRK RP5.


I use Logic to record one or two tracks simultaneously. After nearly a year of use, it has never crashed.


I did not even need to open the manual installation is so simple, you plug in USB and go. The plugins provided (Compressor, Gate, EQ and Reverb) are of good quality and I sometimes use them (although it is clear that this is not what I use most)


1 year of intensive use.
I am extremely informed me before buying, and features and the opinions I've read lead me to buy it.

I like the Mixer button, which for the determination of volume between what goes into the sound card, and what comes out. (Handy for the singers agree to the outlet)

I intend to soon buy a Liquid Saffire 56 of the same brand, so as to save my battery, and this way my entire group simultaneously or element by element without having to connect / disconnect every 5 minutes.

I recommenderai beginners or producers of electronic music for example, who just need to connect a microphone and an analog synth for example.
S. Durson03/06/2011

S. Durson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"What more?"

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB
Analog Channel Inputs (Inputs 1-2)
• 2 x XLR Mic / Line / Inst Neutrik Combi-jacks (Inputs 1-2)
• Automatic switch of Mic / Line (Inserting a jack switches from Mic to Line Either Gold • Instrument (instrument selected via front panel)

Analog Audio Outputs (Outputs 1-4)
• 2 x TRS analog outputs (Outputs 1-2)
• 4 x RCA phono outputs (Outputs 1-4)
• 1 x stereo TRS headphone output (switchable to outputs 1 and 2, or 3 and 4)

Other I / O
• 1 x USB 1.1 compliant USB port
• 1 x pair of MIDI I / O


Stable. Sources used Cubase 5, FL9 and Live. RAS


We download the drivers on the Focusrite website, it installs, it opens and configures its favorite sequencer and it works. No surprises. You can focus on the zic.


Solid appearance, metal box, knobs very good!
Can't compare with the cheap line 6 (this is an example ^ ^).
We connect it, it works, is stable and the sound is fine.
So, we forget about it and we can concentrate on the essentials, the music!
Excellent value for money (hence the high notes).

The -: it is neither coffee nor toast.

Between a Line 6 and an Edirol UA25 (I had the 2) I did not hesitate a second.

It even has the right to plugin Novation Bass Station :)

jooldi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Focusrite Saffire 6 USB, it works well"

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB
The Focusrite preamps, outputs, phantom power, routing possibilities ...

To track guitars, bass and vocals. and midi too ...

A good old SM57 and taken direct to the rest via recabinet for guitar and bass.

Make my preproduction and others ...

My config: i3 3.07ghz / 4GB RAM / 64bit Windows 7


Small problem with the driver at first but quickly resolved by following the advice on the Focusrite website (installation, uninstall), it also appears that one of my USB ports does not work with the card! Change port = problem solved

I use it with REAPER and STUDIO ONE ARTIST and no problem of detection and stability for the moment, after a week of intensive use.

Latency for me cannot go below 3ms or  crackling in the program! A bit disturbing but not surprising!

Over 20 tracks simultaneous playback without problem ...


Nice installation, drivers from the CD provided was the latest version so impeccable.

Configuration without problem, the manual will not really help.

Following effects Focusrite is really good! Special mention for équalo that sounds really good.

No incompatibility issue for me. The quality of the preamp is felt and it makes me change the digi 001!

The purchase is more than satisfactory, I would return to complete my review with more experience on the beast!


Value for money in this range, unbeatable for me!

Small flat, the connectors on the front look a bit fragile! Handle with care!

Crystal clear sound, great entry level even by switching the input line for a guitar!

Very pleased with this purchase, I recommend if you want 2 inputs, 4 outputs and a suite of plug very good!

2nis-78's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB
I wanted to try it because there are " focusrite preamps


I tried it with the Microphones: SE Electronics  se 2200A m-audio nova and neumann tlm 102


Very easy to use and install!


Asio drivers are very stable, it does work very well for me 

Bob909's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"I like it"

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB
needed a small card quickly, suddenly it seemed good for my needs
Windows XP SP 3, Intel core i7, 4GB ram, 150g + 500 g


bah, I thought it would work but apparently it has a problem with my system
it's bugged Live 8, I can not find the solution,
So as stated on the Focusrite site, I uninstalled and then reinstalled and then it works but in the long run it is hard, so if anyone has a walkthrough before I resell
otherwise the sound is terrible


nicely installs and then plug and play:)


it is therefore a month that I'm fighting, I think it should not have been made for a tower but for a mobile environment, it must be a massacre but I will not make that choice again, and at the same time I recommend it when we will find new drivers

Spud's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB
I changed my laptop this summer and having no FireWire connection, I had to sell my card and buy this one.


Used with ableton live, drivers are stable.No incompatibilities encountered to date, even the drivers for my jomox works wonderfully.
The instalation is very simple, connect it, it works.


Q / p more than good!
I was then using an edirol fa66, the Focusrite replace it without any problem.
What I love the most, the transparency of the sound coming out of this little box.
Less, would have liked to have a Switch for on / off.