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Lexicon USB audio interfaces user reviews

  • Lexicon Omega

    Lexicon Omega - "Old but still good"


    The Lexicon Omega was on the first full portable bundles that I had for my laptop about 5 years ago. It is a 8 channel USB interface that has 2 XLR mic preamps and 4 TRS inputs. It does have MIDI in and MIDI out plus it comes with a copy of Cubase LE…

  • Lexicon Alpha

    Lexicon Alpha - "Alpha vs the Omega"


    ¬ It seems like the Lexicon Alpha has been out forever, though I have only been using it since 2010. You can buy one of these brand new for 60 dollars, it cost almost double that when it first came out. It is a simple USB interface that is 2 in and 2…

  • Lexicon Alpha

    Lexicon Alpha - "Served its purpose, but has some problems"


    The Lexicon Alpha is a 2x2x2 Recording Interface that will go perfect with your laptop set up. I used the Alpha before on my Dell Laptop back when I was trying to get use to a few new software DAW’s that I was working with. It has pretty high powered…

  • Lexicon I-Onix U42S

    Lexicon I-Onix U42S - "Worth the buy and try"


    The Lexicon I Onix U42S is a audio interface that you can get online used for around 300 dollars like I did about 6 months after it first came out. The I-Onix has 4 input and 2 output USB 2.0 with a 44.1kHz to 96kHZ sample rates. The unit has a very…

  • Lexicon Omega

    Lexicon Omega - "had a few small issues"


    The Lexicon Omega Recoding Studio was an all in one studio that came with Cubase, after using this setup for a while I had to upgrade, for some reason I fell out of love with it. Mainly because I really didn’t like using Cubase for my recordings. I h…

  • Lexicon Omega

    Lexicon Omega - "mic was not good"


    The Lexicon Omega Studio bundle was one of the first bundles that I actually bought and used. I had it in my first year of college years ago. It was one of the cheapest (priced) setups that I could get so I could do recording right from my dorm room.…

  • Lexicon Alpha

    Lexicon Alpha - "Good product"


    Good quality audio interface! 2 inputs, 2 buses, 2 outputs, directly powered via the USB port. The system allows you to always have connected a mic/line input and an instrument/line input whose input gain and monitoring is adjusted from the front p…

  • Lexicon Omega

    Lexicon Omega - "good if your are a beginner"


    I bought this Interface to have a affordable solution to track audio to my computer at a reasonable quality. I paired this interface up with a Studio Projects C1 and used Adobe Audition to do my multi-tracking. For the price I would say this is a pre…

  • Lexicon Alpha

    Lexicon Alpha - "Perfect for Linux"


    I chose it after checking online that it worked seamlessly under Linux. The other reason for my choice is that the control elements seem very well thought-out: - Two volume knobs, with peak indicator for the Line 1/Instrument and Line 2/Mic inputs …

  • Lexicon Lambda

    Lexicon Lambda - "Great lightweight recording interface"


    Tha lambda at a glance: USB powered High-end D/A converters 2 quality mic preamps Phantom power Independent mic and line controls with LEDs Monitor mix and output level controls 2 balanced TRS line inputs and outp…