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Nonoiseman 05/07/2004

Lexicon Omega : Nonoiseman's user review


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4 analog inputs Concurrent
So indpendante external machine (for use on mobile from time to time).
Used with any soft
Between output numrique S / Pdif
Phantom power.
Direct Monitoring.
PC / MAC and drivers for the two worlds.

Primarily to be used on simple edits in 2 tracks on my second machine, but also to serve as a backup machine in 4 tracks out of my Tascam pramplis live.

PowerMac G4/1.25Ghz/768Mb main machine ram / 80Gb Maxtor IDE 2 * 7200 in a raid for audio and Hitachi 80Gb IDE 7200 for Systm and softs. Mac OS X 10.3.3
Machine secondary (mobile) Toshiba Satellite Pro M30/Centrino 1.5Ghz/512Mb ram / Win XP

Reli S / PDIF on my Tascam DM-24 (pending the FW card for the console). In mobile direct output of each channel of a prampli Tascam MX-4 in Jack-Jack Symtrique.


I have not personally tested under Win, but one of my collgues did without problem.
As for installing Mac, the real difficulty is the lack of clarity of the manual and CD. APRs have lost 20 minutes searching for how to install the driver, I glimpse the card in fact silent gre natively by OS X and no driver n'tait required.

However, both Windows and Mac, is a dtail Drout, instead of having one driver for all, there is a driver for 2 Premire between the 2 and one for the following outputs.

The manual installation of the card and the use of rverb are in French and English. More ProTracks manual and the shortcut guide are in English only. As Decker, soft mac, no paper manual. The manuals are clear, although I found one of ProTracks meager when you consider the possibilities of this software. A black dot, it is nowhere mentioned, nor the bote, or on the documents that the indoor plug-in rverb Pantheon only works on software supplied with or Se Deck for Mac and PC ProTracks Plus, a lack of clarity that I find limiting.


No problem for drivers on the Mac, no update since been - days with the system.

Spark LE on Mac Pros and I start with Digital Performer 4.

Not really finished testing latency.

4-track recording and playback simultanment 2, in line with expectations.


I use it for two months as an interface between my numrique DM-24 and my Mac, also tries to analog.

I particulirement:

- The function sample rate converter in digital (useful sometimes).
- In case of crash of the computer interface continues to direct the sound to Stereo outputs if the monitoring is in direct mode (you can connect a DAT into analog output for security.
- The direct monitoring or return machine (possibility of mixing between the two).
- The interface can operate only as a phantom prampli micro, or D / A converter (not vice versa) or as mini rgy with 4 analog inputs and between numrique (not adjustable). Can dpanner in case of failure.
- PC software, full trs (actually a version of Sonar Allgemeine).
- The quality of pramplis and converters.

I dislike:

- No on / off switch (unplug it must be).
- The quality dplorable XLR connections (can not bring out the plug on one of two entered without disassemble the interface). We can solve the problem permanently leaving short branches 2 Cables.
- The plug-in rverbration brid with the original software without it being prcis.
- Mac software, Deck SE, which I find absolutely anti-friendly and limited compared trs Pro Tracks Plus.

Report qualitprix trs good, not perfect, of course, but I will make adjustments Lexicon, I'm sure.

I think I made the right choice. But for mac, purchase of software needed supplmentaire my opinion.