Bothspirit 05/31/2010

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra : Bothspirit's user review

" It performs its function, and does it well!"

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I was looking for a reliable USB audio interface with no latency integrated with good preamps for recording various instruments (guitar, bass ...) and singing.

Enough said! The Fast Track Ultra fulfilled all its objectives. Octane preamps are excellent. The number of entries is quite sufficient for me. 8ms latency drops to 44.1 in 16bits. Perfect for monitoring register online! I very rarely then realigned by compensating these 8ms when really it audible (for very rhythmic passages requiring perfect sync).

The dual headphone is enjoyable!

Laptop (dual core, 2GB RAM)
Windows 7 Ultimate


The drivers are stable (Windows 7)
When recording, I use Ableton Live 8

4 tracks simultaneous max.

I put 9 for the latency of 8 ms. At the same time it is often hard to beat, even by putting a high price!


No problem for installation.
The configuration and the choice of the ratio kHz / bits is no problem via the m-audio interface (SETTINGS tab)
The tab FLOW helps us understand the operation if necessary.
The manual is clear and the VAS technique is very competent!


I use it for more than three months, I can not see myself without it.

Pros: dual headphone output independently configurable, Octane preamps of good quality, latency, not that bad, I / O MIDI if necessary, SPDIF if need be! Quality semi-pro (quasi-pro?) For this price.

Cons: the number of recording tracks may hinder some, but not in my case.

I turn 10, she became indispensable to me!