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All user reviews for the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 39 reviews )
 17 reviews44 %
 8 reviews21 %
 1 user review3 %
 11 reviews28 %
Value For Money:Excellent
Editorial review
  • 07/16/08M-Audio's Fast Track Ultra: The Test

    Ultra affordable - M-Audio's Fast Track Ultra: The Test

    M-Audio recently presented their latest addition to the Fast Track family: the Ultra, a USB audio interface with 4 Octane preamps, integrated effects, and advanced routing. Is it a worthy successor to the Fast Track dynasty? Lets take a look…

Users reviews

Hatsubai's review"Average interface"

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
The M-Audio Fast Track Ultra is a fairly nice, multi input pre from M-Audio. It features 24 bit/96KHz audio, USB 2.0, 4 preamps, 4 XLR inputs, LED indicator lights, phantom power, 6 balanced inputs, 6 balanced outputs, 2 analog inserts, S/PDIF, MIDI, 2 headphone jacks with controls and even has phantom power.


M-Audio did a pretty good job setting this whole thing up. The interface itself is nicely laid out, and everything is easy to use. There are no annoying breakout cables that cause a tangled mess. One thing I'm not a huge fan of, however, is the fact that they use USB 2.0. While USB 2.0 can work nicely, I find that it can be a pain once you start running lots of effects. The latency can get annoying, so you gotta monitor your latency more so than if you'd have a Firewire connection. M-Audio also tries to claim that USB 2.0 is faster, but anybody who knows about technology knows that theoretical output does not equal true output.


Setting up is very easy, just like any other M-Audio device out there. Simply plug in the devices to their corresponding ports, and you're good to go. I didn't experience any compatibility issues, and that's a great thing. This works with both PC and Mac, so nearly anybody can use it without a problem. I never read the manual, but I can't imagine a real need to unless you're trying to figure out how certain connections work. Anybody who has used an interface before should know exactly how everything works.


The price is kinda high, but there are a lot of features packed in here. It's a solid device that has good sounding converters. There are better devices out there, but they either lack the versatility this has, have breakout cables, are Firewire only and/or are Mac only. For the features this thing has, it's definitely worth checking out.

ricovitch's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very happy"

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
The number of inputs / outputs, the possibilities of routing, integrated dsp
Use for recording voice / guitar / accordion and composition in a home studio.


Composition in FruityLoops / AbletonLive.
With a master keyboard, accordion / guitar / vocals, and a box of externalities. I put a few hours to develop the routing to send a send to my mailbox from external effects software. But once configured it works very well.
A little disappointed for the "DSP" which only serves to add effects for listening. No use for virtual instruments or other ... Damage. But good for the price, I'm still very happy.

I have not tried to record more than one track at the same time, but I'm not a war machine either.


No worries for installation in Windows7, recovering the prior maudio driver on the site.

The routing is fairly simple to perform through the interface once you have understood.

That plant from time to time, but I simply turn off / turn on the interface and here we go!


For 1 month.
I am happy with my purchase, I wanted a robust and open interface in terms of inputs / outputs and routing. It meets my needs.
Very good quality / price ratio I think.

Toxikalien's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" not too bad"

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
6 out Analogik 1 numerik same for entries! I bought it for its price and the audio out! no problem with the card works very well!


I use it with ableton and maschine, and soon with the rhizome! 16 on ableton track at the same time without any problem but it's going to depend on your processor and ram




2 years! I like the price and output audio! I love the moin is now almost 100euro prices are more than I pay mine ....... and not out of sanitation for me ..........

antoine-sound's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good stuff"

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
What motivated me to buy this card was the number input pre-amp (4 xlr). At the time it was the only card that offered as input for a reasonable price.
As I am a drummer, I wanted to provide decision-battery.
2 headphone jacks are also super helpful when we bump two. The six outputs are very useful and thanks to Driver can route all inputs and outputs a good point.
I use it with an ASUS under Windows7 4GB of ram and i7 processor so a good Pc.
I rather use the card with Cubase and Reason in rewire. Now this is Live, but not particularly Pb. I've always managed to make my mix without much bug. anyway I do not think with a super bug to € 1000 does not exist!


The driver is stable but there are still some plays that come in addition to the signal when recording or they are from time to time to listen too. They are related to the buffer size, the problem is solved by increasing but it has increased the latency so this is a story included in each record.

The driver has not been updated since the release of Seven but working well and I believe a new version of this card came out so it is not likely to see another update.

At 14ms latency can be achieved in buffer with 512 to 44100kHz sampling okay!

Against by the little problem with this card is the detection at startup. This is a USB card and the PC should detect it for it to work. and according to the weather condition (no I'm not kidding), it more or less difficult to be detected.

Anecdote: I had an outdoor concert on a stage set up in town a hot day. There was no roof on the scene and the card was therefore exposed to significant heat. Because I took good sunburn! Making it impossible to detect the sound card. No sound card not together! So the only solution was to put the card in the fridge to see if it worked lower temperature. 15-20min after a short stay in the fridge, as if by magic it worked.
So this is the weak point of this card.


The second point is that the damage plastic knobs disintegrates ca not very clean but ca n alter the operation of the card.


I use it for 3 years now and I always use it every day also.

This is my first sound card and I'm pretty satisfied. I mix less today but very practical for everyday use.

What I like most about this card: ease of use, pre-amplified inputs and stability.

What I like least about this card: detecting the start of the card that requires several attempts each time.
I think I remake this choice, but perhaps for the same card, version new.
For my use now I do not even useful to change.

ButterFloÿ's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good Q / P, but watch out for drivers."

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
Sound card 6 inputs / 6 outputs + 2 I / O SPDIF (never used mine).

USB connection, USB (2 I / O in this case) or sector.

4 XLR inputs with preamps correct phantom power.
2 headphone outputs with independent volume control.


The drivers are not always very stable, it is true, but with a few precautions it can be used in Home Studio (disabling any internal sound card and any cards wifi, use 48kHz and not 44.1 drivers last generation).

Otherwise, soundcard hyper reliable, already used in 6 tracks without problems.


The front and rear panels are use clear (this is one of the reasons I chose), the housing is robust, the software is, as with any sound card, a bit long really take in hand (in order to make complicated routing).


I've had it about 2 years ago, I had the opportunity to use other sound cards in the same price range, I've never been disappointed by the MPO in comparison.

Stability problems sometimes encountered (especially on Vista and Seven) does not allow me to put an excellent rating, but 8 seems appropriate.

I will trust M-Audio for my future purchases in this area.

Boolmish's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect for me now"

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
A number of I / O that matched my needs, a good pre-amplification, response speed very very correct.
I think that at the time I bought it, it was a very good price / quality ratio. I did not follow the new releases, maybe found better today


The drivers I have planted the PC sometimes, especially after standby and off with the sound card during the standby mode. In other words, it is rare that plant.
I use Ableton and Native Instruments. I have a good pc so it is not fishing too late in the day but sometimes it starts to make a clicking


Very clear once we got it how to handle I / O


I use it for a year. I tried other models before but I was not satisfied or the number of entries, or pre-amplification. Since I mix, I hack on Native Instruments and Ableton and I play the guitar, this card is really, for the moment, a very good compromise.
I would do this choice with the experience and I consider still to evolve and move on to the range above

Sp|ne's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good for the price"

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
For specifications, search the internet ;)

I use it mainly to make live, I need a USB sound card (I have no Firewire port on my Mac) for multi-output swing synths, click to the drummer and other front or to headphone output.


Simple to use, the device is recognized by Logic 9 without problem. Never to update the driver.


I have configured with Logic 9. I have another sound card and I do not quibble too much for it to work with all programs.


It's been a year and a half that I use. I'm also used to record multiple inputs, it goes very well too.
For the price this is an excellent deal.

benbahmedf's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not reliable. No no no, not reliable"

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
I was motivated by the presence of good preamps, multiple inputs multiple outputs, and the ability to use it as a standalone mixer.
I use it mainly for recording on Cubase, voices and guitars.
I Fast Track, which I was very happy and go to higher model for me was a token of peace.

I was initially a Sony Vaio, core2duo, 4GB Ram, Win7 64bit


This is where the plot thickens ca. The driver is in my opinion not stable or reliable.
Firstly, it does not like the computer goes to sleep. It simply cuts and you must restart the computer for the system to work again. Therefore required to disable auto standby, not very green all this.
I use Cubase 5, and when it works I can read twenty tracks simultanément.La latency is quite correct, but when you want to record with effects live ca impossible. Be.
Following problems standby computer, I found myself in a few months with bous system less stable, my OS has taken a hit, and I had to reinstall windows. Tired but, after 2 years, I decided to buy a computer to start on a sound basis. My mistake, the current ordis are almost all equipped with USB3.0 ports, this is the case of mine, and I do not have USB2 .0.
Surprise, the driver is not compatible. To use it gives good sound for 15 min, followed by large cracks and a total cessation of sound. Reboot mandatory. Impossible to work. The only solution is to buy a USB2.0 Hub and again, I have not tested this solution. In addition, after-sales service is non-existent in France since M Audio was acquired by Avid. The technician I had mail me dt he could do nothing better than to return to the U.S. or Canada.


I refer to previous topics.


With 2 years of use, the card I was more disgusted the home studio she helped me create. I spent most my time solving problems than making music.
Obviously, I would do that choice.

vinyle12's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well designed, but recognition on random mac"

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
I was looking for a soundcard 8 inputs for models with my rock band
I had to use it with my MacBook Pro 15'' 2011, OS10.7.4
The "extra" that decided me on:
2bus headphones-separated,
-Allows you to run protools Mpowered
-The price of oscaz I found (a bargain!)

Only disappointment: It is reported as 8 input card, if in fact it was not an instrument that comes out of the SPDIF, there are more than 6 ... In the future I'll be careful ...


mac the driver is stable, and well done: you can edit the patches of each internal lineout accurately (to adjust volume of 8 inputs hardware, software and 8 bus!); practice to remove the monitor of each entry on a different amp (save grat 'crude before passing through an amp)

I tested with reaper, garageband, protools, the NI B4, it was niquel. not checked the latency but nothing audible ..


The problem is that the map and recognized one of 10 faith by the mac ... especially when the external power supply is connected. This bug is identified on the Site for Avid / M-Audio, but obviously I have not seen him before buying ... apparently it only applies to mac ...


In short, this is a product MAUDIO well designed, but the recognition by the computer is too uncertain to be usable. I therefore separated a few days after receiving it ... shame!

I turn to a Presonus FirePod, which has 8 real input preamp, and a firewire normally very stable on the Mac.

windigo's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Of reliable and good preamps"

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
The characteristics were the number of inputs and outputs, the presence of preamps that have not up to their reputation.
She is a nomad and I take part of all its inputs, especially with condenser mic on XLR or 4 dynamiques.j 'use of keyboards and synthesizers, guitars, multiple effects.
Console interface excellent. Various configs, Seven and XP laptop, PC and XP Pro Seven.


Drivers are impeccable, so much of a problem, there are always updates to the Site.
Cubase Artist 6, Magix Music Maker 17, Mixcraft and others.
I tested with six inputs and I think at this price is more than adequate for the stability and very low latency.
A serious competitor of the Presonus Fire Wire with the advantage of 10 entries
but the obsolescence of 1394.


The installation was no problem. The configuration of Be to Ba, we find the settings for Fast Tracks, simple. Comprehensive manual and no incompatibility with the software, except some "Light" in the trial.


I have been using for over a year, I have many interfaces and it is a revelation in quality and reliability, excellent preamps, a number of entries and exits as a generous R16, an unbeatable value for money I think, particularly good opportunity, but why separate them? If perhaps coming a USB 3.0 and again.
This is an obvious choice.