Phonic DigiTrack
Phonic DigiTrack

DigiTrack, USB audio interface from Phonic.

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luchogie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Phonic DigiTrack
I purchased for digital I / O and USB. It feeds a Berhinger SRC2496.


Is connected, it works.
With ASIO4ALL is nickel.


Nickel. Very low latency (it depends on the speed of the PC and the USB bus).


I for 1 year. The ratio quality / price is okay. Nothing to say.

cabana's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Phonic DigiTrack
Connectivity assymtrique:
- Between two analog RCA
- 2 RCA analog output
- 1 RCA SPDIF between numrique
- 1 RCA SPDIF output numrique
(Only the protocol AC3 SPDIF is not accepted, and other protocol ... CF consumer site FAQ phonic)

- One headphone output minijack (3.5 mm) with adjustable volume.

Frquences of Sampling:
N / A: 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz
A / N: 8, 11.025, 16, 22.05, 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz
- RESOLUTION: 16 bits

- Connects to the computer via USB, auto feed,
No Driver, Win XP recognized as directly under OSX

Dimension and weight:
-Drinks 10x6 cm and 75g
-USB cable: 1.70 m (without connceteur) et70g

Motivation of the purchase:
CHARACTERISTICS of the output, because output minijack on my laptop is dfectueuse.
This little box allows me to address this concern,
but also to have output connectors with a little more srieux.

It also allows me to purchase my sound recording made with my portable DAT.

Finally, the adjustable volume of the headphone allows me to avoid having to fight with the knob Virtual computer for MUCH nomad.


At the reception I t surprised by the weight. That's all lightweight. which is quite positive in fact, ca PSE lours not in my bag.
The USB cable is long ASEZ see too.

I plugged into a Mac OSX, and APRS Hop 30s it works (by assigning the audio outputs in the core).
As a result I put on my laptop, looking for Win XP driver, and then in the Checker board conf.
and it worked.
So sit back, cepandant under Win XP I often ask for more lighting reinstall the driver. problmatique is not, but annoying.
One day after ca me do more.

The record is clear, available in french.
M'enfin it is rather useless, so the product is simple.
He could just add the operation of numrique I dcris below.
(I thought at beginners, that I would rcuperer the background noise of the analog input when I would do an acquisition numrique)


For reading, it's going. I have measured the background noise
This is for recording or I dcu. The background noise is-60dB FS.
I compare it with an Mbox: the Mbox background noise between -84 and -48 dB.
So in comparison it's going.
In software we do not distinguish input / output of analog numriques.
But it does not posse problem during an acquisition numrique because ds now or digital signal that is recognized the background noise disappears.
Account by those who have 4 entrespares account is dead.
We must therefore think about the disconnect between numrique during acquisition in analog.

I have no problem connecting the spdif on between
and suddenly send a signal from a software (Windows magnto) and save it to a deuxime software (1 deuxime magnto Windows).
Good tip for someone who has a habit of creamware (Ok the blow it's hardware).
And therefore the use of external processors while maintaining a digital signal.


For the price it's going.
I think it could sell much less CHRE,
especially when we know that there are no offers software.
(The record offers Audacity download)
Products offer opportunities equivalents diffrent
(Not of numrique - Berhinger-or I / O SPDIF optical but not RCA - M-Audio Transit, or no numrique)
Otherwise, to three times more expensive there in the U24 Waveterminal Ego Sys (ESI) 195th)

Well, for beginners to dpanner,
permetre or his old console to become numrique is perfect.
plus it's USB, because there are plenty of laptops, while the FireWire jack on the PC are often small square endrois annoying (front ...)

For the pros, do not use the software li Hardware (protools)
it is a good box lgre compact mobile.

For the amateur who uses the input / output mini-jack of the computer (portable or fixed)
is better.

APRS if you utilisr I / N perspective, it is the Transit
and if you use the two (optical and coaxial) is Waveterminal EgoSys (that is little more than this box adapter + Optical-Coax)