RME Audio Fireface UC
RME Audio Fireface UC

Fireface UC, USB audio interface from RME Audio in the Fireface series.

All user reviews for the RME Audio Fireface UC

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 37 reviews )
 24 reviews65 %
 7 reviews19 %
 4 reviews11 %
Audience: Advanced users
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kopas's review"A German sedan"

RME Audio Fireface UC
Which technical specifications motivated your choice?
The good converters for recording, a good clock.

Do you use it with other instruments or systems (mixing console, preamp, DtD, ...) and what's your setup? ...
Preamp into an XLR, MPC into a jack.

What do you use it for? What's your setup (motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard drive,...)?
For everything! To record vocals and separate tracks of the MPC, composing/mixing.
Setup: PC 4GB RAM, Windows 7 32 bits.


Are the drivers stable?
Very stable.

Are they up to date?

Which software do you use?
Cubase 5 and FL Studio 11.

What's the latency of your system?
8 m/s


Did you have any problems during the installation?
No, it's done pretty fast.

Is the overall configuration complicated?
Yes. And the virtual mixer is easy to get to grips with.

Did you have any incompatibility problems?

Is the user's manual clear and comprehensive? ...


How long have you been using it?
For over 3 years.

Did you try any other models before buying this one?
An M-Audio FastrackPro.

Which feature do you like best?
The sound fidelity, the single knob to browse inputs/outputs, the XLR converters, the virtual mixer.

Which feature do you like least?
Not enough inputs on the rear! I'll have to take the model just above as a consequence. Maybe a small reverb or an EQ.

How would you rate its value for money?
Maybe a bit expensive.

Based on your experience, would you buy this product again? ...
Without hesitation! If I had more money, I'd take the 800 to have more inputs/outputs.

chamb's's review"A USB Fireface 400"

RME Audio Fireface UC
USB 2.0
ADAT / SPDIF / analog I-O / 2 mic inputs
More info on their site


Very reliable drivers. Both on Mac and PC.
Very short latency for a USB card


Easy installation.
The RME routing utility is a real pain, but once you understand how it works, it's very powerful.


I needed a compact soundcard with USB (FireWire is disappearing), good AD/DA converters and a good clock. So, given my budget (less than $1000), I went for RME.
I knew pretty well the products (400/800/Micstasy/MADI bridge/ADI2 and 642) and manufacturing quality of the brand, so I opted for a Fireface UC (after hesitating between this one and the UCX).
The UCX works with 32bit floating-point, that's the main difference.

I use it specially with Protools and Smart. The analog I/Os allow me to use two or three devices.

It's a pity it doesn't have AES, but given its size...

Good value for money. Typical RME sound. A no-brainer at this price point.

axet82's review

RME Audio Fireface UC
Pro connections and manufacturing, the aluminum rack is very good.


Mac and PC drivers very good, latency OK.


Problem-free installation, it works with all software programs (cubase, protools, sonar), the only problem is when you want to switch from mac to pc, you need to look very deeply in the documentation since this card has different drivers.


Very good soundcard, but it's very expensive compared to similar products, it lacks an input limiter, Roland has less expensive and better performing units, like Motu.

reazone's review"VERY GOOD"

RME Audio Fireface UC


•Are the drivers stable? Hyper stable
•Are they up to date? I never check, it works fine.
•Which software do you use? Ableton
•What's the latency of your system? I work with 128 samples, but I think I can go down to the minimum, depending on what I do.
•How many tracks can you record/playback simultaneously ? I can record 8 but haven't counted how many I can play back.


•Did you have any problems during the installation? No problems.
•Did you have any incompatibility problems? None.
•Is the overall configuration complicated? It's as easy as it gets!!! ;)
•Is the user's manual clear and comprehensive? I have never opened it.


•How long have you been using it? +/- 2 years
•Which feature do you like the most / the least? It sounds good, it's stable.
•Did you try any other models before buying this one? A couple, m-audio, Apogee duet...
•How would you rate its value for money? RME is really good, I think.
•Based on your experience, would you buy this product again? Without hesitation!!!

stompboxjon's review"The price seems high, but it is worth it"

RME Audio Fireface UC
The RME FireFace is a USB 2.0 interface that has 36 channels, the price may seem high at first being almost 1400 dollars but after one use you will realize that you have gotten your money’s worth. This interface can be racked and is built like a tank. It works with Windows and Mac, and it is very easy to set up on both systems being that the drivers are very stable.


Everything with this interface was built with the best possible materials and with the best possible options built into tit. It has a small buffer offered in Windows (48 samples) and on Mac systems it is (14 samples).


This interface has very low latency and runs at a very high performance and is perfect for the main interface for a home studio. Do not be scared of the price because this interface is not like any other interface you will ever use, the FireFace line of interfaces are very clean and sound amazing. The preamps are top notch and provide very clean recordings. The preamps have an amazing sound and the input impedance can be switched from line 10 Ohm to instrument 470Ohm and you can even get an extra analog input amp of up to 18 DB in increments of .5 decibels.


There are 54 level meter peaks and it has 2 digitally controlled preamps. Overall this interface is worth paying the money for, you will get great quality recordings with it and it will last a long time. I was even able to set up to 9 independent stereo sub mixes. I have used this interface in about 3 different DAW programs and it was easy to set up in all of them. My favorite to use it with was probably Logic because I was using my Mac at the time. This interface is worth the money that it cost, in this price range there are some really good interfaces and the FireFace RME 2.0 is one of them.
Philippe Hélard11/28/2013

Philippe Hélard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" No real MIDI control"

RME Audio Fireface UC
My opinion does not affect the others: the Fireface UC is a great sound card.
It can not be controlled by a MIDI sequencer (DAW) via the same interface Totalmix.
Let me explain:
The easiest way to automate the mix in a sequencer way is to assign the MIDI in and out ports to the control surface on one side and the other DAW.
In a MIDI track DAW, it is possible to record and play back the movements of various buttons and faders on the control surface. Quite simply, without having to program anything. Thereby simply and accurately apply the changes effects, volume, pan, etc.. musical work.
Yamaha 01V96 does this work perfectly.

However, assigning the MIDI input / output of the Fireface in the DAW, and arming recording, Totalmix does not send MIDI messages: MIDI track remains empty, and the meter of incoming MIDI message remains empty.
I tried all sorts of configurations, with or without MIDI cables: impossible to pass MIDI messages between Totalmix and DAW.
RME has come to recognize this lack: Totalmix does not send MIDI data.
And they do not intend to implement this function.

Conclusion: RME cards whatsoever are not controllable by MIDI sequencer (DAW).


RME whatever cards are not controllable by MIDI sequencer (DAW).


RME whatever cards are not controllable by MIDI sequencer (DAW).


RME whatever cards are not controllable by MIDI sequencer (DAW).

mattz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent sound card"

RME Audio Fireface UC
I chose RME converters for the quality, recorded by A / B comparisons in several studios and confirmed by many friends sound engineer. The number of inputs and outputs was ideal for my use in home studio (composition, arrangement, small mixes). I handle big projects but I recorded in my voice that. Also the quality of the conversion / money was unbeatable at the time (2010 ps I do not know how it has evolved since). No disappointment on that side, if we look better much more expensive.
I use a PC - Intel i5 - 4 GB RAM under Samplitude 11 Pro and Cubase 6.5. I do not use the preamp card but external preamps (Universal Audio).
I connected to a patch for all inputs and outputs on the front of my rack and I had to plug it into an outlet with a switch, of course, is the problem: there is no switch!


The drivers are highly stable, I never had a problem since almost 4 years of daily use. I've never been limited on the number of tracks during playback or recording, I said that I'm not working on music styles that require more, go say 70 tracks. But when there are 12 plug-ins per track, it is not because of the card that train: the CPU!


Installation is plug-and-play. The software interface to manage inputs and outputs is very comfortable, so mixer.
Never opened the manual, never met incompatibility.


I had another card before RME (Hammerfall DSP). The key for me is the quality of the conversion, I think I would not have found a better tool. But I can not judge the quality of the preamps that can obviously be important to some.
A very positive as the Fireface is the quality of its construction: a robustness.
So excellent quality / price ratio, and I recommend without hesitation.

Rgxpod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" quite good quality but ..."

RME Audio Fireface UC
nbr sufficient entries
preamp quality possible routings
various digital signals.
use XLR jacks and SPDIF inputs
SPDIF and XLR outputs


Everything is great except that I think get a better resulat on lantence ...
I used to cubase 7 USB (and yes there is it over .. so slower than my day TC firewire ...)
The drivers are stable and hypermarkets or some updates on the product ...


Installation not too difficult. you just take your time if you do not read the Teutonic or you have doubts about your English.
As against the manual is great and the paper ..
no incompatibilities for me.


2 years of use
I has a Firewire card before this one, but the preamp and converts the Fireface are much better
What I like most is the total mix window and the possibility of using pc for free use mini mix ...
I regret is that I had to take a thought to have a reverb delay chorus and onboard ... well no .. not on this model must Fireface USB FX ... grrrr not cool at all this I got me smoking because the drivers will do well believe you all to download.
Now as a capture card audio remains even when an excellent map
Bob  Dentaface06/14/2013

Bob Dentaface's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

RME Audio Fireface UC
What characteristics have motivated your choice?
- The desire to make home studio and have a faithful to him that the fate of my instruments.
Which instruments and systems (console, preamp, DTD ...) you use it and how connections? ...
- With a track Boss BR1180 recording console 8. A love story 10 years!
For what purpose?
What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard, ...)?
Ben for making music! Register guitars, bass, sitar, vocals, drums ...
With a dell laptop, 1G RAM, Windows7 64bit.
I use Cubase Element 6 and Amplitube for guitar effects software.
Everything works impeccable.


ASIO driver stable. never any problems. no latency.
Even if I do not have the converter back on because this is my first worthy of the name, I think it changes everything (compared to my old BR!). it sounds really pro.
I have not yet acquired preamp (notably for voice), but nothing with the preamps of the Fireface is already perfect instrument level (I'm starting to feel the side délétaire a real preamp for voice, but this is normal).
I have used for recordings in a track or two simultaneous, and the re-amping. RAS. everything is perfect. the sound is reproduced identically, no noise, no audible loss.


Everything went like clockwork.


it's been a year that I use it.
I understand the interest of the price to the quality achieved (in € 850).
I remake the same choice if I had the same budget.
Screaming Match Prod03/30/2013

Screaming Match Prod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Killing on a leg!"

RME Audio Fireface UC
I recently migrated from RME and my only regret is not having done it before ...
I use it in my home studio (for config, see my profile).


The drivers are very stable with few updates.
In this case, it is useless when it works nickel.
Used with Nuendo 4, I record 44.1 128 samples with a latency of 5ms.
I can not go below that my machine bronchus but I do not see the interest.
Never had any crash reading draft 8-50 tracks simultaneously.


Relatively easy to install but I admit that I struggled a bit at first.
In fact, it was just press the button to switch between AP (Apple) to PC.
And there: magic! It installs in 2 minutes.
This is the same button that allows to review all inputs and outputs and control gains.
The easiest way is to go through the virtual console which is very well made and very easy to use.
None known to date for me.
The manual is comprehensive but only in English, which I have no real problems except for some technical terms.


I use it thoroughly for 1 month now. It's perfect.
I first had an EDIROL FA66 before migrating to the TC SK48. The latter (which I loved) dropped me at preamps. It is being repaired and I'll sell it back.
It is their severe caning! Killing on a leg!


- My first disappointment out of the packaging ... its size.
The half rack was a bit put off but it's not the size that matters and it is clear that the beast is solid and the finish is impeccable.
- Having spent 1 hour looking for how to install it on my PC to find the button AP / PC. The manual was not clear enough on this point.
- The variegated for MIDI: I would have preferred one entrance and a separate exit on the map but it's really personal.


- The pre amp of outstanding quality! I made a pie when I started to record with. It is clear, crisp and clear as with the TC, it goes immediately into the mix.
- A huge reserve of power gains either input or output.
- The console Total Mix: super easy to use and very clear. We have everything under the eyes without looking and you can route the output super easily.
- Value / Price: Well, at some point, you must know what you want.
There was a small card that rips and not rough seas ..

I think buying later version on my face baby moving so I conquered.