Gibson Flying V Faded
Gibson Flying V Faded

Flying V Faded, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Flying V series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson Flying V Faded

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 23 reviews )
 15 reviews65 %
 7 reviews30 %
 1 user review4 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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nomisbaud's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good first Gibson to the Hard Rock!"

Gibson Flying V Faded
Well first of all, I wanted to say I am one of those who are not convinced that their purchase is the best choice they could do to feel good, and everything as we meet a lot on these forums . This sets the tone of the opinion that will ensue.

Brief characteristics were repeated several times, see the previous notices.

Now I wanted to push a big rant to Gibson, who through advertising campaigns and often well-conducted buyers who buy on the internet and therefore do not try their guitar store (I designed myself by saying this), manage to sell guitars poorly finished, with a violin that can not be regarded as exceptional for a price well above its qualities. A Gibson is a dream for every guitarist, but that dream is soon broken when comparing a Gibson to another lesser known brand made in Asia for the same price, a guitarist reasoned choose the sound and quality and this is not more at Gibson ...

Else for that Flying V, the factory settings are disturbing, we must immediately go to a luthier to adjust the action is too high, the neck is a little mouth, not even the screws into the wood, and the wiring ... brief is blah.

In other mics it's known, 500t and 496R, while mahogany ... (Poor quality on mine is not sapele and African mahogany unfortunately ...), three body parts and handle one piece (good for once)


Side of ergonomics, you must love the shape, almost unplayable sitting very sure, or else develop in a special position, but hey it's the Flying V, it is preferred to play it safe standing.

The neck is quite thin, pleasant, it is not as fine as highways or other ibanez guitars shred but it's not bad, again this is obviously personal opinions.

Access to acute, you can not do better so it can only be perfect.


Ahh the sound, that's what any guitarist looking for, and it is also one of the main outcome of a guitar.

First vacuum, big surprise, it sounds, for the quality of the violin, I'm pleasantly surprised, so good!

Now, clean sound, plugged into a Vox AC30 1975 and a Mesa Lonestar. Well we hate to go to saturation, the sound is neutral without color, which is not great, it's mostly the microphones that are not really known to be good clean sound. I tried with two classic 57 is immediately better.

Then you push a little the gain of the Vox and we pass on the overdrive channel of Mesa, it's really not bad, thank you 496R in the neck which provides great sound for blues, blues-rock, and the bridge position is not bad for a sound to the AC / DC, so good! (The sound is even better with classic 57, I definitely suggest changing the pickups of origin for 57 classics for a good clear sound and reach the pinnacle for the blues)

Then we change the amp now, Mesa Dual Rectifier management, modern channel, and there .... Well it sounds actually not bad, the hard rock / metal is its vocation, it is safe and sure! If I look at the purchase price: 400 euros occas, well I'm still happy to have one like him for that price!


So in conclusion, I use it for 3 years, I play much less due to a purchase of a Heritage H535 and H157 one (I highly recommend this brand, check out his story and their means of production, you will amazed!).

I especially recommend to any guitarist wanting to acquire his first Gibson, wanting to play hard rock / metal. The report ITS / price (not quality / price, because given the violin, one wonders how she can leave her a lot more saturated in (a big thank you to the microphones to speak)) is fairly good for 400 euro and the sound it delivers big saturation. I hope the quality of wood is not the same for all these guitars because Gibson really down in the estimates of many guitarists over the past ten years, there is still time to change!

So a guitar to buy used, new price is far too high for the quality of the guitar, for the same price (700 euros) or a little lower, you run into a Samick / Greg Bennett (that is about to make lots of noise in the guitar world with a value / price) or Custom 77 or Cort, but less prestigious brands for better sound and better quality for the same price.

AceLeppard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Scne excellent guitar!"

Gibson Flying V Faded
US-made, Gibson has not yet allowed dlocaliser under his own name!
Two Humbuckers raisin bread, a micro volume, one Tone 22 frets, mahogany body and bridge / tailpiece Tune-o-matic rigor. A visit to the Gibson site is the best thing to do for those who want prcises information on this subject;)


The handle is trs enjoyable. Much thinner than a Les Paul or an SG my taste is a highway as long as the strings are well RULES.
Those who tackle the form V by saying that you can not sit and play that is anything but practice should rush to buy a Godin or Vigier: if a achte V, because quon is a fan its shape, its look, its sound, its legends ... you name it! In return for that matter, Access in acute is screwed, and you can catch a mid 22me the box with virtually no effort.

As for weight, the guitar is trslgre, balance and well. It does not sting the nose as a Sg, for example.
We obtain easily trs trs sound good because the original pickups have a good potato. They will change if we want one more grain this or that, because their nature "raisin bread" their Confre all of the same stamp a modern and large enough output level.


Being a fan of Rock, Hard, or Heavy Blues, this suited me faded Flying V ds the departure. Buy the era because I could not afford to give me a Les Paul, it was my second guitar (an Epiphone Les Paul APRS), and my first Gibson.
The grain of the house has a secret that is bold, to sing, it's full of sustain, it's cutting edge on the high, round the grave, trs versatile and powerful surcrot.
APRS uses have a Peavey Classic 30, I had a Mesa Boogie Mark II and now a Fender Blues Junior. His characters, more "brilliant" than the Les Paul for example transparat whatever the amp in which the branch.
I did change my fawn was that the pickups can be split. As the happy dsormais Owner 'of a Start, I think changing the original gibsons for Dimarzio more powerful story to reach a Heavy Mtal the Maiden or Priest, or sometimes a Start little worth:)


She follows me dsormais 3 years a few prs. The cot impractical to the V-shape long annoyed me even if the look is well worth: this guitar is probably one of the best guitars scne exists.
I had had the era bought for 780 euros, and I always judge the quality price ratio as excellent. The price has since fallen further but I think the quality frquence of CONTRL in Gibson also!

I would do exprience with this choice, even if it is mainly budgtaires reasons which led me to buy this MODEL prcis the era!

I draw your attention to the fact that on sries Faded, there are over guitars that sound bad. Let me explain: we must seek the "good numros" in many tmoignent Sg Les Paul faded faded or I could try. I think mine is one, because I can not get enough and no Flying V did me up Submitted forget mine. :)

Abelkain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" GIBSON's true ... YES!!"

Gibson Flying V Faded
For specifics, there's sites that will inform better than me ....
Well we will not break the myth, people will say made in USA ..


The handle is top for me, a little big for its former keeper then try to palm it because the morphology is not discussed ....
Ditto for ergonomics remains in the position where you put it, the above can be Gibson's fart!
This model is access to acute non-debatable, is the queen.
Is connected and it sounds if you know why we bought it.
The only thing that bothers me is the particular texture of the back of the handle raw ...
Yeah I put 10 because the price I paid for it or is like a dream.


I do blues, rock and metal, it is happening everywhere less than my Ibanez Egen but much more distinctive, I see it as an advantage.
The clean is good for the lens Fender buys you when you play with the volume they even become quite subtle and full of body.
The crunch is terrible enough typed SG (at the same time is the same microphones so ...) a must.
The drives / distos a real massacre, it is fat but not mushy, even for the death rhythmic palm mute is a terrible cleanliness. The form is there for something faded because LP models have no such definition.
For that kind of scratch it takes the lamp and play hard is the only one to realize this great grain scratches.


Clearly the studio is dead, yesterday I spent 2 hours to record sound with it on my horse leg ... I confess I almost died and lost the use of my back ... Not made to play seated.
Everything else is top level, repeat or live (ie standing) it sounds fabulous and is very enjoyable to play.
I'm used GIBSON because I sell a lot at the store (I work in a guitar mag), this one is terrible for these models were sold boring $ 1,200 at their exit is just before the lack of enthusiasm that's been downgraded models are good for us.
Try V faded they have a real advantage over other models sound faded.
According to the "strawberry rameneurs" I agree with a model at 3000 Euros will be better than my V faded OCCAZ purchased from the net is 450 Euros. This one is a middle ground and is full of quality for no fault.

pectomachine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Wow!"

Gibson Flying V Faded
Gibson Flying V Faded (French polish)
Handcrafted Nashville, USA
Sleeve Type wide and a bit thick
22 frets, 2 humbuckers
3 potentiometers: 2 volumes, 1 tonalities


Then, as regards the shape of the guitar is a true work of art! A little agressvie, a little rock, a little very beautiful, this guitar has everything to please me, after everyone's tastes. But the advantage of this form is that it allows access to acute perfect, without harm!
For cons, the sitting position, we must find it, because it is not obvious at first, he must put the guitar on horseback on the left thigh.
And it's a Gibson, so 2 humbuckers, so the sound go out alone!


Sound, where to start ....
I did it all: clean, distortion, crunch, metal, ...
Vraimment all. I plugged into a Marshall Vintage Mordern 2266C with a combo pedal MXR ZW44 Zakk Wylde signature, and I left for 3 hours of intense play. It has nothing to envy to other guitars!


I use it since summer 2010, so it's been nearly six months.
I hesitated between many models before, I intended to buy a lespaul save, or I turned to more types of metal models (BC Rich, Dean ,...). Then I fell on this guitar, vraimment not cheer for a Gibson (I got scared at the beginning), she is beautiful vraimment and then she had the air pretty good. So I cracked, and I knew it was available at my store I bought it, and I'm not disappointed vraimment, the finish is vraimment interesting, it is very pleasant to the touch and roots, And then it does not leave fingerprints on the body!
The ratio quality / price ratio is unbeatable, and I would do this either with pleasure!

windigo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A real, real sound!"

Gibson Flying V Faded

USA, of course.
I waited to put up a notice and the previous one, because actually I think it is mostly dealers who would sell guitars settled.
I would not say where I bought mine, but new and well settled with good strings over (WB, lol), action game down without twisting.
Now for the freight, they are flawless and frets nickels, anyway, I do not feel one hanging from the handle, even with its layers of varnish and less. There may be a lottery in the control.
Microphones 496 and 500 which tear, a real sound.
The basic adjustments with the controls mentioned above.


As already stated, a great handle, easy to play, see Tips for maintenance.
The interface is what is done best with the SG in terms of weight, collector of shovels, I dropped my Strato (Fender) and my two Lespaul
(Cort Epiphone and Evil) Because the weight! I no longer play on my two Faded as needed, Gibson and Epiphone SG flying changes. To say that with the weight of years, the weight of the guitar is important.
Access to acute, given its shape, the better off.
The sound, despite its lighter varnish, is the same as her sister, the microphones are also something, then the whole Mahogany anyway.


Surprising, but yes it is very versatile.
I use a lot of effects, the choice of the microphones is just for the select or clear lens, with respect to saturated, it's great. The heat of a Vox AC 30 or AC 15 ADV for the home, everything is good.
I do not hate any of my sounds, I have a weakness for fat sounds and also the types of overdrive, slightly saturated.


She began her second year and has succeeded on many guitars.
Surely one of my best in its class.
Pros: its weight and foremost, his vintage form.
Cons: the chance of not having one.

The value for money, uh bought cheaper than new and less good, ie € 690 at the time, for sure I buy it back on.

Gibson Faded made with a beautiful gift to the world of music.

NicoMetal85's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Flying V Faded
* Manufacturing USA, but not! Gibson's! but in Nashville, one of their factory or there at least control

* Stop bar bridge type, attention to settle the action there are no screws like normally! For the fall I took a good old pliers to move the wheel, is above average

* Flat enough to handle a Gibson but wide

* 22 frets, pickups like the cult of Gibson Les Paul Classic deceased: 496 r and 500t in acute neck.

* 2 volume and 1 tonalities; placed as not all guitars


* Handle super nice because I reviewed all the action, I play metal, hardcore, punk speed I need to handle the ropes ready.

* Great ergonomics, but a sacred cattle, the first time a skyscraper in the form V does not sting at all of the head! I had a Jackson King V, a Washburn Dimebag and leaned his head every time! Gibson in anything like that

* Access to acute given the super simple aérodinamisme of this beautiful

* You get it its a super fast! there, scratching sounds terrible! fucking microphone 500 t is a killer, super powerful and super versatile mic! this guitar is the perfect sound for metal and hard 90! but also for the large death with harmonic fuzz everywhere in the blink of an eye!


* I play hardcore, punk, thrash metal, extreme metal, blues ..... say that this guitar can do anything and I'm full of that solo the neck is a delight, but the cons will settle for often used with strong ties! I did go 11-52 with a 9-42! impeccable
I served in STEEL RANGERS (

* I plug it on my head Mesa Boogie single correct and there .... the sound! Gibson really deserves its fucking legend! and notes come alone!


* I use it for a few days after trying it in music store! I bought OCCAZ through this site is 450 €!! and in super condition. IT is true that I wished a Flying V White with Gibson, the 68! but in this period ranges from 2 months to 2 years and I find it phew! I sell it as soon as the white model will be available.

Good image in the color I loved her but moderately true that to a great vintage touch! and fucking in nine (690 €) you have the same as 1000 except it lacks e varnish but the same sound! a report qualitée egg prices, knowing that we find lots of OCCAZ here or on the "right corner"

I remake this choice problem without being in love with Gibson are finally worn purse! and what versatilitée this skyscraper, please!

Flo95's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Flying V Faded
Manufacturing-United States (the United States made in small derrire the head: p)

-22 Frets, Micro Gibson 500T in the bridge position, and micro-496R in the neck position.

Floyd-No, no vibrato, too bad: / but good ^ ^

-2 Volumes Grente that the microphone volume which he is affiliated Tone 1 and 3 positions slecteur.

Otherwise-level timber is the acajoux everywhere (neck and body) with a handle screwed non al. Some say that the handle seems their fragile personal I play it up like a brute enchainer ranges, move, and I never felt any fragility.

-Perfect finish: o Well it's not 67 so no polish (this is the only diffrence with 67) but personal example I prfre cherry color without the black coating varnish (for seeing in real) APRS there and decide what you are: p


-While some argue that the handle of the fact that there is a layer of varnish can sometimes hang, but it's true that my trs trs rarely happened once and because I had play 4 hours straight ...

Otherwise, the handle is enjoyable, Access in acute is not too bad except for the dernire box but hey it's all to see.

-I t enjoyable surprised by the weight, this guitar is trslgre, is easy to play standing, does not sting the nose. By playing against sitting is another story, as V requires you have to play with one of the "pasta" of the guitar between the legs. If for some it will have little time trs adaptation to other and it is particularly my case I still have a little trouble but hey, do j'espre ending for.

Bon V-shape traditional APRS here's what SA FUCKING ALL xd


Good sound ahhhh xD

Well as a fan of old school heavy metal, I do not qu'tre straw!
I'm a fan of Judas Priest, Accept, Iron Maiden, etc. ....
And this guitar gives exactly the sound of these groups to be little except the iron maiden.
Then it's on APRS requires that comes with the amp because if you use a little amp even if it is not so bad that its quality (for example I play a roland cube 30 watt )
the sound will not really excellent.
APRS location I had to test the guitar on a tube amp, its dchire all! (Back to the 80's, 90s)
It is really the power of the microphones, they are quite low in the ax, the 500T is a little highlight mdiums what truly out of super heavy riff old school. As for the 496R is not also be used for very fat and powerful riffs and solo's it makes a really great sound!
As against the 500T is better for artificial harmonics.
APRS this guitar is fairly versatile in dbrouille plutt clean it a lot and you can aisment play blues, jazz, rock etc ... (Mention the position for spcial intermdiaire mics really makes a super cool jazz sound).


I use it for one month now, and I love it!
Great sound, I wanted the heavy bin I served! And even if you want to put trash in death by sending crazy distortion, the pickups will follow!
V standard vintage look I say more especially as the price and standard quality report!
When we know that the only diffrence between the Faded and 67 is just the veneer, there is no single ahsiter a second, I test the two guitars that sound exactly the same !
In addition to the faded because there not all the varnish layer, the guitar will be easier with relic place where the paint will go away! (You can then make believe "Yes do it ten years that I have xD.")
Another good point, there is a super Luthra the top, so you can rev well change the pickups, its always sound (eg bulk mtalleux put EMG 81 85 gibson makes the monster!).

I would do without hsiter is choice, it's really a great guitar trs well built, with a great sound ... need I say more!

9 / 10 because perfection is not really great but scratches.

JoBaR's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Flying V Faded
Ben makes Mahogany United States ... etc etc ... 500T


Ben is my guitar ... Premire I started also pq rv I always have a Flying ... I bought two years ago and I started to take its course arrives.
I like the handle. I have a Washburn N2 and I tried a Fender Start prfr my bin is the one followed in the Washburn and not at all like the Fender Start

I like to sit jou and I find my hair cell position by putting a V between my thighs.

And easily obtained a Son's nothing she sings dj empty.

For me it against bin of small attacks lctroniques now the knobs on a sound dirty at times. but cleaning with a bomb for lctronique and here we go again.


Ben I have not really my style I'm trying to learn, it sounds great on the Hard Rock 80's AC / DC Aerosmith, it sounds as powerful blues rhythm.

I play on a poor thing thing pods II and also a peavey on my progress ... The Peavey is a killing with.
The clean sound is tip top is hot short powerful orgasm every note;)
In its Disto a balance but also heavy it is better to light a kind JMP 1 preamp with the right rglages you can do everything from blues to metal it's a great worry-free shovel.


I use it since I was 2 years ago beginners.
I love the vacuum m'vite connect anything while watching the evening tl.
But an amp on the super-metal crunch with lamps and is the fte.

The report quality price seems quite good 600 a guitar of this quality with the myth as well be no hesitation

And yes the more I learn the more I play and discovering new possibilities above. brief it continues to amaze me.
Power Bibi09/28/2008

Power Bibi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Flying V Faded
Well, everything is said before ...


Handle a larger than my other guitars, it makes me a little weird, but it is enjoyable. A bit like it hangs because there is no patent.
In terms of finishes, nothing to say except the frets on the bottom of the handle, which we tend to hang a little, but nothing serious.
In terms of pickups, bridge pickup is quite high. I dropped a little, because with a good offense and the overdrive, it gave me some kind of "plop". Feeling better now.
Weight very correct.


In terms of styles, it fits well enough that I do.
I intended rather for the rock, some metal and blues.
I played with a few pedals and valbee EH Metal muff style and Wha.
As expected with the double, it is rather a fat, very nice for the distortion.
Little used in its clear, it is versatile.
I mostly use the bridge pickup. Never too loved humbuckers in neck. I much prefer the simple handle on each strat.
However, the two couples give us a good balance and is ideal for rhythm in the clear.


My first Gibson ... ;-)
I use it for the past two months,
I have not tried before, just ordered from Thomman for € 577, no regrets!
Good value I think.
So do it again, at the same price, I do it again.

pascal.montornes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Flying V Faded
Well, it's the Gibson faded worn cherry, so I'm forgiving it cost me 599 Euros book in two days in Bordeaux guitareshop
Thank you to UPS bought my last guitar on the net a year ago has lost by COLIPOSTE does not reimburse for the time

Flying V 2 then 496 and 500T pickups 2 volume 1 tonalitquot; the Tone at the top, volume down, well I'll reverse "
a pice of mahogany, it is important trs trs well rounded rigid compared to the Les Paul or 335 key Ebne classic in Gibson


Get started up and very easy to play sitting thigh to the indoor's okay and all V
Access in acute and one of the best, the weight trs reasonable and sound is the dry-dj


Finally the best section,

SOUND, the first I RULES RECTIF DB Mesa 4 * 12 with 335, his clear, bluesy, heavy history to have a comparison of the three channels and I connect just the FLYING V FENDER TWIN livre.Son clear type on both pickups No doubt, it's a slam GIBSON and round and has faith RNR FUNK beginners with a good crunch with respect to the 335, click, neck pickup more crunch, fat starts to heat up and I'm still clear sound, microphones, rack, same effect with more extra level of PAF sound with more biting 57 the impression of having the authorization in the m diator, I rsiste not I send a boost vox has only 10 db and len's clear the amp through the AC lamp is hot with a dynamic of hell, the sound of State has the blues pure, singing in a growling scream and hug and PU .. IN THE NOD FOR BO.DEL MR. WHAT SCRATCH, and everything in silence, no thank you snore no duplicates.
ITS CRUNCH is ACDC live direct.Sur handle the mic, it is typ GIBSON standard with the heart of the dynamics always shine lbr /> 2 the mic great for all rhythmic variants volumes as opposed to the whole range of possibilities with the grain GIBSON GIBSON mic on the bridge or the violin expresses a value, it is prohibited Exceeds all is the power of these microphones is the alli Mahogany free, without varnish too hard or APRS tuft is poustouflante
ITS HEAVY last big win, but not too dug in mdium this skyscraper is a killer
Dfine her in any position of the mic is always identitsi you do not like the guitar typoubliez
For my style of play guitar "blues rock pop funk" this skyscraper is idalie plus she has this look good


I spoke to beginners indulgence of this test, but APRS zic 3 hours with this guitar
HUMBLE I think the only adjective to the adquate FLYING V given me so much pleasure to so low a price 599 euros, but it is not given for that brand if the.
This version is an end in SERIES GIBSON is for me one more guitar rock blues mtal knowing that it will go or you enmnerez uninhibited she will scream the blues and everything has to condition of not being shy mdiator is that just the sound!
the varnish is rough, but gives him a cot RN66 trs sympa.Je have compared the 335 is, it's her daughter's teen age, but the characters of the family is * Ballast 4 the price lower, I can not believe so yes I would do this choice.