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Rayzoon Virtual Drums/Percussion user reviews

  • Rayzoon Jamstix 2

    Rayzoon Jamstix 2 - "Solid interface and nice features"


    Rayzoon Jamstix 2 is an advanced VST drumming program that will works with many DAW’s and production programs. I have used it with Cubase and FL Studio many times. It comes with a built in mixer and compressor and has some of the best drum samples th…

Translated user reviews
  • Rayzoon Jamstix 3

    Rayzoon Jamstix 3 - " MAGIC! a "real" drummer at home ..."


    installation without problems, no incompatibility, a manual (pdf and English) comprehensive and detailed, but I never read the manuals ... it's a bit of a gas plant, but once you have understood the principle is simple, pleasant and very efficient. …

  • Rayzoon Jamstix 2

    Rayzoon Jamstix 2 - Pat One's review


    I think I've had no problems installing it. I bought it online and downloaded via an Internet link. Hassle free installation. The general configuration is not very clear, but it is not too complicated with the manual. Cons by the app is very parti…

  • Rayzoon Jamstix 2

    Rayzoon Jamstix 2 - owks's review


    Trs installation quick, simple, beginners at a small bug with the cl recording but nothing really dsagrable. Then there was a small problem with loading the kits but because I was con (Rayzoon can not do anything for ca unfortunately) SUITABILITY/P…

  • Rayzoon Jamstix

    Rayzoon Jamstix - owks's review


    - Installation is it without problem? Yes trs is rapidly - Have you experienced any incompatibility? I use it with Sony Acid Pro 6 and sometimes the device crashes - The configuration gnrale is easy? Yes SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE - What i…

  • Rayzoon Jamstix

    Rayzoon Jamstix - seb.petit1's review


    The log is Tlcharger once bought no CD so Easy installation, small manip well explained and you're joubr /> No log incompatible Setup Wizard, one of the strong points In English only, But It Is Easy to understand (yes, I know, my accent is rott…