Rayzoon Jamstix 3
Rayzoon Jamstix 3

Jamstix 3, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Rayzoon.

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TheJeff666 03/18/2012

Rayzoon Jamstix 3 : TheJeff666's user review

«  MAGIC! a "real" drummer at home ... »

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installation without problems, no incompatibility, a manual (pdf and English) comprehensive and detailed, but I never read the manuals ... it's a bit of a gas plant, but once you have understood the principle is simple, pleasant and very efficient.

Attention, the GUI is super ugly! but I do not care ...


my computer is a racing machine, presonus sound card, Windows 7 64bit and Cubase. for the use I have this software, nothing to say it works very well ....


MAGIC!! This is my main tool for composing tracks battery credible and effective in minutes!! this is a very original virtual drummer who has nothing to do with competition (BFD2, Stylus, ezdrum, banks kontact ...). His issue is below the products I just mentioned, but more than enough to make a model of clean and efficient, and more can be exported by drag & drop MIDI files generated. But the interest of this product lies elsewhere: the composition of drum track in just a few clicks, and that's where he buried all competitors, including EZDrummer (I have both) ...

it's simple really, you enter your components in the software, x measures intro, verse measures of x, x refrains of measures ... and so on. you choose a style (pop, rock, jazz, ... there are plenty) or more (intro jazz, rock chorus, verse, pop, metal bridge ...), and finally you choose the drummer (yes! !), there are plenty, with different dynamics and sensitivities (all is well described in the menus). You can also import or groove elements of prog (a bass line for example) that will influence the game of "drummer" ... You start your song ... you expect the end, and hop your pieces is composed ... a drag & drop a midi track of your favorite DAW, you put your favorite BAR, a little editing anyway, and you have a terrible track battery and credible in record time. This software has simplified my life tremendously and more, it's a great creative tool. MAGIC!

used for several months, I am a collector of virtual drums, I do not spend more ...

A "real" drummer at home .... and less boring ...