Image Line Sytrus
Image Line Sytrus

Sytrus, Virtual hybrid synth from Image Line.

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 10 reviews )
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 4 reviews40 %
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stompboxjon's review"came with my fl studio"

Image Line Sytrus
Image Line’s Sytrus is a pretty cool vst. After purchasing Fl Studio many years ago I was very curious on how some of the built in synths and plug ins would sound. So I started digging through them, come to find out I got Sytrus free in FL Studio. I though that it actually came with the software normally but it didn’t. I purchased some sort of a bundle from FL Studio and didn’t even know that I did it and got a few vst plug ins with the program itself. I am not sure if you can use Sytrus as a stand alone but I don’t think so and im not even sure if it can be used in any other software besides Fl Studio.


It can start to cause some problems if your ram and cpu arent up to par. I have used it a few times a several different machines and some of them just cant handle the plug in, it will start to lag and cause problems with Asio sound drivers. Also, im not sure how long the program actually takes to load because it loaded with fl studio and not separate so I only know the load time of the whole fl studio . But when loading sytrus into a channel its pretty quick and instant no matter what machine you are on.


Sytrus is worth the buy if you are looking for some good sounds, Sytrus comes with a lot of presets which is why I like it a lot. But once it gets into editing those sounds I run away. I can only edit sounds in certain vst set ups. Sytrus’s set up was pretty different and the layout was confusing.

Overall, not a bad vst. I think it would be better for me if it could be used in many other programs or as a stand alone.

AlanForPresident's review"lots of sounds"

Image Line Sytrus
Sytrus from image Line is a pretty cool synth. There is a lot of things that you can do with Sytrus if you understand how to use it properly which could take some time depending on your general knowledge with vst’s. I purchase an xxl bundle of fl studio back and sytrus came with it. Otherwise I probably never would have heard of it.


Setting it up was automatic, since it came with Fl Studio XXL and it never crashes or causes any problems with any other vst’s or programs. I am not sure if you can use this vst in any other sequencer besides FL Studio since its made by image line. I have never tried it but one day I might


The sounds are pretty good, some of them take up a lot of your CPU even if you are using asio 4 all I was having several problems when I was running several sounds on different channels at the same time. Editing sounds can be a hassle though if you don’t know what you are doing, it took me some time to really get to understand that part.

Overall, If it comes with your FL Studio then learn to use it an understand how it works. It will really give you some good synths that you can use. If it doesn’t come with your version of fl studio and you are thinking about getting it. Check out some of the other synths by Image Line. This one comes with a high price tag (well higher than I expected ) so im glad I didn’t have to pay for it and it came with fl studio. There are enough sounds to last you a while though I just think Image Line makes better synths and offers them at a cheaper than they offer sytrus.

BadApple's review"Pretty nice vst"

Image Line Sytrus
With image lines sytrus it was a very easy installation, basically since it comes with any set up of fl studio when you have installed fl studio it will be in the vst folder for you to start using. It is a great plug in and very easy to work with once you know what you are doing, which is the case for most vsts in my opinion.
There was no compatibility issues at all with this vst as it should be since it came with fl studio which works fine on my computer.
There was no manual with this vst but it is very easy to start using straight away.


With sytrus the performance is great, so great in fact that I think I could manage to run about more than 100 of these at one time without any lag or crackling noises at all.
It works fine with my configuration of 4gb ram and 1.8GHz processing power.
I have been using this vst for a long time now, probably the same amount of time that I have been using fl studio which is about just over a year I think. It has some great features on this vst.


Overall with sytrus I think it is a great vst for free, basically free anyway.
Since it comes with fl studio I can not complain at all which its vast amount of great presets that you can tweak with a number of different filters and lfos make this a great vst.
Since it comes with fl studio I can not comment on value for price but I would not pay for this vst if it did not come with fl studio if that helps any one out. What I mean is that I would not buy a standalone version of this vst since I do not think it is good enough to buy on its own but since it is packaged with fl studio I can not complain at all.
I have a large range of vsts and this sytrus' preset library definitely shines out from the rest for presets but I am not a huge fan of using presets so in that aspect it does not get used as much as I think it should.
I do not use it as much any more but I am still glad to have it in my arsenal of production weapons.

dymarzio2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Image Line Sytrus
- The installation is done it without problems?

this direct in the fruity loops so ... with a bike is not okay to run multiple instance without causing artifact. Was stable, if not his hand ... bé move to the sound!


Despite a good-Standing in setting there is a trick that
disturbed ... It was cold in styrus, it lacks that little something that makes
listen really nice! melted in a mix sometimes do the illusion
but as they say, in a recording sound is more grub
its quality at the start and the final work will be better ... Briefly, a small synth that lets you program some sounds nice but not what the house down and I will not recommend entering the presets, direct import from the North Pole


It all depends on the use veus we do, has always
rangaine the same! but the researcher will have a real good ... its way past
Willy Houssart11/25/2007

Willy Houssart's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Image Line Sytrus
This machine is the sheer turie I use it for approx. 2 years is now frankly it starts exploit.Ne faitent not to pRSET gaf .... the more I understand and I am impress possibilitssss ....

A small dmo a sound I just call Młoda 100/100 Sytrus ...

Tekno: 2Cidproduit%%% 2C121768% 2Cmode 2Cstream.html ( )


It is what it said beginners asser poind low view of Sufi RESOLUTION he can paste it to see that it is widely usable ....


It dchire!

lolodilolo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Image Line Sytrus
Yes everything is simple and said lower


Tuto will bene


I wanted to say that this synth is premium.
The sound is not that bad.
And FM synthesis is not my thing.

So yes I prefer using a real or virtual minimoog or a jupiter.

msieur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Image Line Sytrus
No pb during installation


Amd 3500 750 ram, it works great with this configuration


I use it for a little over a year and we can say what you want for me Sytrus vsti is ideal for sound, I would say it has the best sound, impeccable.
the adjustment level not obvious but the key is there, sounds clear, frank, clean.

Eatyone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Image Line Sytrus
- Installation is very simple: Fruity him to just apply the same reg that says if you bought in VSTi / DXi standard install like any other synth.
- No incompatibility meeting, either in Fruity or Cubase SX2
- The manual, as a file Help trs is clear, and you have a lot of tutorials on the net.


PIV 2.6Ghz on ASUS P4P800 1GB of RAM (also test on a Dell PC desktop PIV 1.8 with 512 RAM and NVIDIA integrated chipset so bah jme to work on time let go lol), sound cards tested with: DSP24 Hoontech , Edirol PCRA30, chipset Intgr (SoundMax).
No worries about all these configs.
After 4 Sytrus preset with large (large pad or other sequence) with the crack Kelker Intgr chipset but good over all sound cards ASIO basic no problem on my personal config, I'm running without Sytrus 6 problem, do nothing eats CPU (Less than ZETA + for example)
Stable with no crash declare it stable.


For a month now I use intansment, and could not do without. Dpart in a preset can be frustrating not provided original (not bad, but a little too classic my taste), I quickly realized that unlike what is said in a notice Previous that the Fast Fashion's own preset, this is the pad or other trs Arpeggios are accessible, if not simplistic. And yes a multitude wraps are available to do what you want from any synth parameter. I wish I had never prciser before my cr propore a synth sound on me so if I got it everyone can. After testing two other synths before my purchase: the ZETA + RGC audio and CAMELEON5000, my choice is the port Sytrus ... But it was thanks to the buying group that there been the site of IMAGE-LINE o t he sold $ 59 is for us 47Euros French))) instead of 179! But also by its simplicity of use and its ability to import bank of DX7.
I would stay without notice for quality over price was 47euros having ...
With exprience, I do not know if I will stay firm on this choice, if I had to pay the normal price, I think I rather opt for the dpart ZETA which I find a particular grain Camlon5000 .... but it is also really good .... But really I love the Sytrus serious too. I have to find money to buy the other two!!

Jaafar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Image Line Sytrus
Installation fruity without any concern as VST. Configuration child, no need to book.


Sony Vaio with core Athlon 2400 + (without the sound equipment ddi). Grsillements flawless except for some, but I also met with all the fruity synths. Version of Cubase VST, trs little used but not grsillements.

on the other hand, perfectly stable.


A must buy for intensive users of Fruity Loops, if only as history does not end up frustrated and forced to delete a pattern to save without synths "dmo".

Then it will be trs trs cotton gnrer sounds as good as the presets (carrment useless to attack the loop, unless you really have to do that. ..).

Dmesurment not expensive. I say that in most conois Fruity Loops without this plug-in. For users of squenceurs MIDI, for against, the VSTi version is forgotten.

BeDo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Image Line Sytrus
Since this plug-in is incorporated in FL is no problem to run it launches instantly casi tres no problem the fluid is very simple config doc and fill us with really good guide


Athlon 2600 + / 512 DDR / 80 GB / rotten sound card: /

the app is running beautifully in my config a driver ki jai emule lasio it does not crash no problem kan I touch a unison and I was pushing the thing comance it tends to eat pross but otherwise it's pretty homogne with rest

For me stability is no doubt


I am the User for 8 months it is easy to use grip limit snapshot of all plug-in made in the image line c ki surely wins the prize for best synthbr />
Price Honourable easy handling stability c ensure the right point of fruityloops