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Thread Problem with soft synth...

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1 Problem with soft synth...
Hi everybody, hope this is the right place for this post, new to this forum so here goes....

I'm having a problem with getting my vitrual instryuments down onto an audio track, only recently have i started playing around with VST instruments, and they seem pretty nice, enough to prompt me to purchase novations V station, and after playing with the sounds and the arpeggiator i've got some pretty cool patches and some midi tracks all laid down ready to export.

Oh yeah, setup is:

Cubase SX 3, M-Audio aupiophile USB soundcard, 3Ghz Intel PC, 512Mb Memory:
Yamaha PF500 electric piano, Novation V-station soft synth


My problems are two-fold and are thus....

How do i assign the soft synth to an audio track to record the output of the soft synth (i assume this is what you do??)

Is there any way i can put more than one midi track into the soft synth (V-station) and get a multitimbral effect, as i cant seem to get this to work, however, friend of mine can get this to happen quite easily when using Ableton's Live (Version 5)

As this software is written primarily for cubase i guess it should work somehow??

Anyhow, any help at all would be most appreciated.

Thank you
Nice one, that seems to work fine, but unfortunately it has introduced me to another problem, if i have more than one part on the soft synth, i cant seem to get it to an audio track to allow me to layer multiple parts without the same voice being used for all!

Looks like a lengthy read of the PDF might be in order.

Thanks for your help!