VSL Vienna Ensemble PRO
VSL Vienna Ensemble PRO

Vienna Ensemble PRO, Virtual Rack/Host for Plug-in from VSL.

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VSL Updates Vienna Ensemble Pro & Suuite

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VSL has released updates for Vienna Ensemble Pro (v4.0.5436) and Vienna Suite (v1.2.1455).

Changes in VE Pro v4.0.5436:
  • Some small optimizations to per channel audio processing.
  • Ensuring VE Pro Server window is on top after saving or loading a metaframe.
  • Only allow connections with the same version of VE Pro installed on master and slave computers.
  • Added a warning message in the VE Pro Server Interface when the connection fails.
  • Changed network MIDI input port names from "Plugin MIDI In" to more descriptive "VE Pro Plugin MIDI In".
  • Fixed zipper noises when moving send sliders.
  • Complete rewrite of server advertisement and discovery, fixing several unreliabilities.
  • Ensuring VE Pro Project (*.viframe) window geometry is properly retained at all times (restoring position and size).
  • Properly ensuring user cannot quit or interact while saving, loading or showing a modal dialog.
  • Added ability to forcibly disconnect instances in case of an emergency.
  • Fixed potential freeze bug.
  • Doubleclicking a *.viframe32/64 now reliably opens VE Pro standalone.
  • Improved responsiveness of server discovery during heavy usage.
  • Fixed bug that prevented GUI-less (older) VST plug-in presets to load.
  • Fixed occasional hang when starting VE Pro Standalone/Server after a fresh boot.
  • Fixed possible crash on exit.
  • OS X: Properly fixed inability to install an older version after uninstalling this version.
  • OS X: Fixed Directory Manager icon and version information.
  • OS X: Fixed crash when changing channel color.
  • OS X: Fixed "delete" key deleting the channel while editing the channel name.
  • OS X RTAS; Fixed VE Pro Server Interface view mouse events occurring in the wrong place on Pro Tools HD.
  • OS X AU: Fixed VE Pro Server Interface AU Cocoa view hogging keyboard focus.
  • OS X AU: Improved window activation behavior and increased overall stability of Carbon AU plugin view hosting significantly.
  • OS X AU: Fixed freeze bug when loading/saving presets in Korg Legacy Editions.
  • OS X AU: Fixed inability to interact with 3rd party AU dialogs that pop up during loading.
  • OS X AU: Improved dynamic latency compensation behavior.
  • OS X VST:Possibly fixed rare crash when closing Server Interface window in Cubase.
  • WIN VST3&RTAS: Fixed VE Pro Server Interface view hogging keyboard focus.
  • WIN: Directory Manager can now also be started by non-administrators with administrator rights.

Changes in Vienna Suite v1.2.1455:
  • Fixed missing reset calls in compressor sidechain filters.
  • OS X / Logic: Fixed convolution reverb tail playing back before regions when starting / stopping playback in Logic.
  • OS X / Logic: Fixed bug that could cause clicks before audio region starts in Logic.

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