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  • EastWest Spring special offers
    Special price

    EastWest Spring special offers

    04/25/14 in EastWest Complete Composers Collection 2

    EastWest/Quantum Leap launches a week of spring offers with discounts on a selection of sound libraries, including the Complete Composers 2.

  • Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock 2 Announced

    Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock 2 Announced

    12/31/10 in EastWest Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock 2

    Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock 2, a modern rock toolkit produced by Nick Phoenix, will be released January 11, 2011.

  • EastWest Modules Updates

    EastWest Modules Updates

    04/18/09 in EastWest Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock

    EastWest has released instrument updates for Fab Four (v1.0.2), Pianos (v1.0.5), Gypsy (v1.0.3) and Ministry of Rock (v1.0.4).

  • [Musikmesse] EastWest Quantum Leap

    [Musikmesse] EastWest Quantum Leap

    03/24/09 in EastWest Quantum Leap RA - PLAY Edition

    EastWest has added two more collections into the PLAY software engine lineup — EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs, and Quantum Leap RA, a collection of instruments from Africa, Europe, India, an more.

  • [NAMM] EastWest Quantum Leap Silk

    [NAMM] EastWest Quantum Leap Silk

    01/16/09 in EastWest Quantum Leap Silk

    EastWest/Quantum Leap has announced that it intends to bring the sounds from the "Silk Road" to users' workstations with the introduction of Quantum Leap Silk.

  • [NAMM] EastWest Fab Four

    [NAMM] EastWest Fab Four

    01/19/08 in EastWest Fab Four

    EASTWEST brings us the Fab Four Virtual Instrument featuring the same kind of instruments and recording equipment used by the Beatles to create their music to composers.

  • [NAMM] EastWest Quantum Leap Goliath

    [NAMM] EastWest Quantum Leap Goliath

    01/17/08 in EastWest Quantum Leap Goliath

    At NAMM EastWest expands upon its popular Quantum Leap Colossus collection by introducing Quantum Leap Goliath. Ideal for composers and songwriters.