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  • Big Fish Audio First Call Horns

    Big Fish Audio First Call Horns - "Love the Trumpets"


    The Big Fish First Call Horns is a sample library of horns that is powered by Kontakt Player. You can download the Kontakt player for free if you don’t already have it installed on your computer. You can use the Big Fish First Call Horns for Mac or P…

  • Project SAM Orchestral Brass Classic

    Project SAM Orchestral Brass Classic - "A one stop shop for all your Brass composing needs"


    This is a collection of Mulit sampled instruments including Trombones, trumpets, french horns, Tuba and Cimbasso. The setup is very simple. Just install on your HDD and add the Library through Kontakt 5's "add Library" button. The configuration is…

  • Westgate Studios Modular Flute

    Westgate Studios Modular Flute - "Absolutely beautiful Flutes. "


    I have had no compatibility issues with this collection of samples so far. I run this on a Macbook Pro i7 with 8gb ram and an RME Fireface 800. These run in Kontakt 5 which I run as a standalone or with Ableton8/Logic 9. I haven't needed the manua…

  • Vir2 Instruments MOJO Horn Selection

    Vir2 Instruments MOJO Horn Selection - "Love it!"


    As with most Kontakt libraries set up is very simple. It comes with a manual and all necessary documentation. Installing it is a breeze. All you do is pop in the CD, copy the files to anywhere on your hard drive, and then direct Kontakt to the files.…

  • Universal Piper Universal Piper

    Universal Piper Universal Piper - shackman's review


    No compatability issues - ran the VST on Vista using Samplitude as the DAW. Setup is a simple unpack job and configuring the instrument is straightforward. The manual is very clear, though a bit of prodding and poking around the User interface is i…

  • Sample Modeling The Trumpet

    Sample Modeling The Trumpet - David Polich's review


    Format is Kontakt 2 Player, standalone, or you can load it in Kontakt 3. The samples are multi-sampled and looped. Sounds are realistic and great quality. Yes, they're varied enough, you get completely different instruments - three Bb trumpets, picc…

  • LinPlug SaxLab

    LinPlug SaxLab - luciolis's review


    - Did you have any problems during the installation? OK - Did you have any incompatibility problems? OK - Is the overall configuration easy? OK Is the user's manual clear and comprehensive? Useless No remarks. It's USELESS!! The sounds are very …

  • LinPlug SaxLab

    LinPlug SaxLab - valouz's review


    No remarks. No issues on a P4-3 GHZ 1.5Gb (it doesn't need more) I was impatiently waiting for the demo version to get an idea. It's up to you to decide, but for me the best sound of this VSTi is the FLUTE!!! It was so disappointing. You can't r…

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