Roland Fantom G8
Roland Fantom G8

Fantom G8, Workstation from Roland in the Fantom series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 2 reviews40 %
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fmasoero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom G8
See Technical Data


Easy to use despite a somewhat daunting manual.


Sounds correct on the whole, the ARX cards are a plus.


Used for 2 years for the stage, the keyboard and some of lour to carry but is able to meet all needs.

D-MAS's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

Roland Fantom G8
Keyboard 88 keys, a lot of sounds that can be set to different styles of music (for my leaving Electro)
I would put 9/10


general use is fairly simple when you have already used the Roland.
Full manual and I advise to read despite the pavement
Editing sounds and effects is easy thanks to the screen (the usefulness of a mouse is desirable)
I would put 8/10


The touch is really great (for my leaving), it remains one of the only hit that I loved.
Regarding the sounds, they are suitable for different styles of music (I was the electro / house) it can be used in the studio or concert (watch the weight though)
I would put 8/10


I used it for around two years and I can tell you that for me is one of the best hit.
I had other models like the pattern 8 and other equivalent but I just tell you that the hit is the thing I love the most and the sounds of Bass.
Value / Price: I bought two months after its release before the price increases: excellent results!
With experience and the price at which I got I do it again this choice without hesitation!
I would put 9/10

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom G8
The keyboard 88 keys for me as a trained pianist. But I remain on my ide Premire: The S90 ES Yamaha XS8 or I got more! G8 keyboard is too loud and when you play low, it disrupts the Ides.
The screen is a good rev, difficult to want to work on a workstation with a smaller display APRS rgal have this taste.
The sounds are good in all gnral. The ARX extension is simply superb.
I use the ARX-1 is it helps to further the wealth of a mix. Are confident that Roland will make us a collection ARX as we had the SR-JV, the SRX ...


Good grip without the manual. The manual, not really read it yet, it will tonne?? (How many musician read the manuals first??) But it looks clear first sight.

everything comes easily under the fingers.
The squenceur, trs good, easy, clear and enjoyable. It does not bug even when it is read!

The arpgiateur volumes is not enough! (Not rich enough, not sufficient grounds for flmard I am of the cot I prfre that of the Motif XS8!


The piano sounds are good bills, catgories rprtories well.
Trsraliste for some, others a little less, but no "raliste not at all"!

effects, I still try everything, but trs correct, APRS, there are real mastering studios for the top level!

The sounds of winds, strings and piano I like a lot. electric guitar finally sounds that resemble a guitar, for models, it is!


I have for almost 2 months!

the +: screen, mouse, squenceur
the - 512 MB of RAM for sampling is a bit tight at times
impossible to combine two or more DIFFERENT arpgiateurs mode song
(Well I have not yet Russi, if any solution, I'm interested).
keyboard too loud.
weight, weight and the weight !!!!!!

ratio / price: it is always quite expensive when you have dbourser but it is a good and beautiful product.

if I had the choice again, I will opt more for the G7 (which I wanted to dpart).
Even if the screen is smaller, I have a little lightweight for my pancha supplmentaire Motif XS8 of the way, among other things, the mLAN connection!

I do not 10/10 because it is like any keyboard, but also highlight ngatif point.

fabricegoubin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom G8
Roland G8 + Finale 2008 on Imac + Macbook Pro Tools


The use is quite intuitive, while there are a large trs of varieties of submenus, and with the help of the excellent printed manual in French (330 pages fully implemented), c is really friendly.


Trs is rich, everything is combined.
Quite a few sounds really bad in the electronic CATEGORY; for CATEGORY acoustic / symphonic homogne is less.
Espree is the arrival of stamps, textures, attacks, and game modes irrprochables with ARX, especially for strings.
Overall, a still convincing.
Note: The keyboard sound in itself, ie when playing is a bit too loud if the volume of output is not sufficient, nothing dramatic though.


I use it night and day for a week.
The wealth of combinatorial combines user-friendly interface will ensure you many nights.
The multitrack for a Fast Fashion "Song", is very simple, the sentences ditions audio and midi are childish, yet compltes.
Not head-taking to record something on the go, and does not crash.
Everything is paramtrable (until the screen saver: You can import your own photos via USB to the snobs), many features for the sculptures envelopes, stamps superposition of several individual lines, pads, mouse, good arpeggiator, etc.. but it is also expected for the ARX Symphony.
This is an extremely user-friendly machine, the charm of a perfectionist chssis fighter, and many qu'hypersonique, compltement silent.

I go back.

kramine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom G8
The keyboard of 88 keys Fantom G8 is, for me, a real treat to play fast, accurate and very heavy!
Connectors and controllers available are the same as found in general on the synths in this category.
The real plus: the TV that Roland was grafted on this synth!


The gorgeous color screen and the mouse makes all functions very easy to use. Whether for editing sounds, effects routing, or for sequences we are close to ergonomics can make a software. The difference is that it does not crash (even after several hours in a row!).
The manual provides information on many things but to use it so forget getting started is easy.


I use the Fantom G8 especially sequences at the moment. The sound palette is wide and varied. The sounds of acoustic and electric pianos are very good. Guitars, basses, drums and percussion are very good too. The organ sounds and strings require a little work to get to ring. The brass and winds in general (sax in particular) seem to come from another time (style JV). Extensions ARX correct this (well I hope!).
The synth sounds are rich and varied: large sheets, lead mordants and dynamic.


I use the Fantom G8 for over a month now and I'm delighted! I like the keyboard, the dynamics of sound, ergonomics and comfort of the real work that provide the screen and the mouse (which are not really widgets).
It lacks an effective grid editor for drum tracks. You need a computer to load SMF (??!!!!).
It also lacked the multisampling and an undo function on the sequencer but this has been corrected with the OS 1.10 comes out.
Simple, powerful, dymanique fast, it is a machine that will delight the musicians.