Numark 5000FX
Numark 5000FX

5000FX, 4+ Channel Mixer from Numark.

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 35 reviews )
 18 reviews51 %
 5 reviews14 %
 4 reviews11 %
 4 reviews11 %
 4 reviews11 %
Audiofanzine FR12/16/2010

Audiofanzine FR's review

Numark 5000FX
Originally written by Droopy5915 on Audiofanzine FR.

Rack mixer with optional mounting brackets.

Master out on XLR and RCA connectors. Three phono inputs and nine line inputs.
Effects processor

For other features, read the specs sheet


Easy to use: you don't need to read the manual for the main applications.

On the other hand, the sampler and loop functions require that you take a look at the manual.
FX processor simple to use.


The pots and faders generate noise after a few months of use.
The EQ is not impressive, especially the kill function for the lows :S

Same thing regarding noise: in the beginning, I didn't notice but after few months of use, it's impossible to ignore it.


I bought it new in 2005. In the beginning, I liked the FX processor with its jog wheel but the effects became boring so I don't use them anymore.

I already owned two other Numark mixers (DM3050 and DMX09). I tried out Gemini, Technics and Eclerc mixers. Gemini products provide the same quality as Numark. Technics and co. are much better but also more expensive.

I sold it to buy an Allen&Heath Xone 42. Nice!

Summary: I was particularly disappointed by the FX processor and the EQ.

The manufacturing quality is not good enough to withstand years of use.
Based on my experience, I wouldn't buy it again.

It's better to spend a couple of bucks more for a better mixer to avoid problems after some months of use.

ludo47's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Really disappointed"

Numark 5000FX
See instructions and other notices


More than just


For my part, big problem of breath and crackles


I use it for more than two years and I would not do at all the choice again.
I wanted to replace my Ecler mac60 version of disco ... and I made a very big stupidity.

douxxxx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Versatile - Reliable - Midrange"

Numark 5000FX
See description on the website of the manufacturer or dealer, versatile table 5WAY, two microphone inputs, assigned to each track effects, etc..


No need to book, everything is clear and well-ordered on the mixer.

The functions are quite good overall, faders, EQ, Microphone, Gain, what standard table.

The effects are low-end, but used in small doses by a little fiddling and putting down the volume.

5WAY is pretty good, the turntables, microphone, and practice in the evening when you say 'I have the song on my iPhone', and hop on the toy branch-RCA jack.

The gain this button on each track is convenient for 'boust' low read songs.

Display gain to whether the current song does not saturate.


The sound is clean, there are three outputs (Master, booth and record), which allows multiple amps, and register.

The EQ is just okay, but not accurate enough for the pro.

No breath perceived, it must be on the amp and the following speakers, but it can send heavy.


I use it for quite a few years and in comparison with using the low-end cheap as javais before it is day and night. At that price OCCAZ bah I do not regret at all, it's tough that's what I asked, the sound is clean enough for the beginner semi pro ... but think quickly end up if the evenings regularly.

The problem is rather on the effects a little poor but are sometimes useful.

But a good mix does not necessarily need to because it's all about quality / price ratio, and the table was and still is great for me at this level.


- 5-way
- Multiple outputs
- Robust (no plastic effect for my taste)
- Tone


- Effects (not very usable)
- The lack of precision of the EQ, which is still okay

I would do this choice because this table has put me in skill and I do not necessarily have the money to put in a DJM at the time ...

Droopy5915's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Mixed feelings"

Numark 5000FX
Rackable table but the brackets are optional.

MASTER OUT connectors XLR, RCA, 3 phono, 9 lines
Box effect etc.

For the rest, see the datasheet.


Easy to use, no need to open the manual for primary functions.

However, the function sampler, loops etc. requires a look at the doc.
The box effect is quite simple to use.


The knobs and faders (including the master) "crack" after a few months of use.
The equalizer is not terrible especially at the bass kills: S

At the level of breath, like bin at the beginning I did not pay attention but after several months we hear clearly.


Buy new in 2006, I liked the box effect with the jog at the beginning and then dropping off the effects and ultimately I do not use it anymore.

I had in my possession two other tables Numark (DM3050 DMX09 and I regret), I tried tables Gemini, Technics, Gemini --- Eclerc same quality after Numark Technics etc ... it's a different budget but the quality is there.

I just separate myself for Allen & Heath Xone 42: love:

In summary: I am particularly disappointed with the effects box and equalizer.

The manufacturing quality is poor with time and use.
Looking back, I will not go that choice.

It is better to put a little more money in a table better and have no worries with only a few months.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
Character no problem with that table.
Sorry for the unlucky who have fallen on bad lots.
Very good restaurant in its current price or Cygnus.
Of course, everyone can not put between 600 and 1000 euros for other brands tables so do not hesitate, NUMARK remains a serious brand.

NB: For those who have concerns with the faders of the tracks of their tables, there are two products, in my opinion, essential to any DJ: first, dry air bomb Duster,
the second lubricating bomb to electric tracks, found at specialty shops or electronics (eg CONRAD).

The tracks potentiometers (some to be their brand) are sensitive to temperature, humidity, vibration and dust.

and away the curious who roam around your precious gear .....


.dropoff Window


.dropoff Window


.dropoff Window

rollyfx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
On paper it has all the necessary equipment to any beginner who hopes to develop a minimum.
XLR, 5 tracks, effects, ... that you ask for


It is very easy to take over the side a little too plastic for my taste, but given the price / performance ratio, there is no photo.

The purchase of this console was for me the transition from the mix console to mix on USB console independently with platinum cd.

It has good ergonomics and does not open the manual.


The sound quality is well worth its price can not be compared with a table that costs € 800 or more.


A table with a good value if you take care enormously.

It is very semsible to dust!

)2eds's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
See other reviews

allechamte on paper must admit the


Very easy to use, nothing to say, even if you will qques weeks before the well to have on hand (notably to play well with the sampler and effects)


Transparent? I am not so pro, I know everything quwe c is that after 7 months of use, I have had all my knobs which cracked, the faders, which produced a sal noise when I pushed a little of my mix (sometimes ahead fader only the left speaker works ... or a crack reaches the end), the fader effects that, even when it is at least heard the impact and who also cracked (very annoying when one uses j echo in a precise mix it breaks at all) ...


I have the mtn derpuis 11 months,
I must admit vrmt much fun to be m ...

the most: the effects very very good (and respond to another view, the effects are very easy assignable to the microphone! just as for other channels to press the button above the FX channel, a great price caracteristiaue its good for a beautiful table, a JOGL for special effects in the beginning but over time we do not know s the way) BUT ...

Cons: c is the problem that is a very poor finish, mediocre quality of this mix: great preniers the month and then come the first problem. J have tried a brand whose quality items was subject to controversy and I regret it ...

j ai before she had a gemini: deception also, I have had the opportunity to mix on a Berhinger ... just as rotten, its posseseur mememe said the choise: Although at the beginning and then comes after the 8 months and it s finished. j I also mix on the djm 600, there is no picture c is the foot. j I also mix in Rodec: no option but to bcp has a real beast of compet ... so many models in short ...

The value for money: Excellent in the beginning, no one at the end

with experience, I am sorry for the fan numark not save even a few day to pay me a better quality table that can take a long time: ecler? Pioneer? in allen heath? I do not know but more branded, even if c was a beautiful table that numark ..

EDIT: For an objective opinion, WAIT 1 YEAR OF USE! if you look at opinion super 5 / 5, it is advice mostly less than 6 months, which will (like me at first) that will then TERRIBLE the first problems ...

EDIT: voila, I descended again to the final: it is now unusable, all channels are out, sizzle, intersect after a year and about two months of use! Do not Catch Please Numark must clearly make progress in terms of product quality / components! I'm saving for one in allen heath or Rodec, you should do the same!

bbros1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
I will not go because I think all t say for my part I use it for a year now and I am more than satisfied ..


The use of effects is instinctive and its usefulness is unprecedented compared my style of mix.


No default finding the type of cables used forcment is not a critical issue, I saw there was no difference


A small jewelry brand numark .. I put the highest mark in its report useful and qualitprix especially since the price decline has

nobody140's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
See Advent


Simple to understand how it works in May Advent Detre efficiency and fast for of the training, why?
g for a sentence of a commentary on this ur my table that I liked and gladly takes over ...
parfoit it would be useful davoir 3 arms ... lol


Very good quality


The CHARACTERISTICS already given I spend my view directly.
c on c May not pioneer in a sense it's not what you asked ...
May the Difference is clear fo know what you expect.
I tried the pioneer (the djm 500) c on the output of its pioneer wins one little walk around it is not fragile brief.
I mix depui 6 months with lelectro in evening, a faith I put an amp 3KW output (for an evening of 700 people in party room and the sound is more than adequate my taste, not trs good seed of breath, cheaply and in May the net is that you can do lots of stuff with this table (many very flexible effects and sampler) I havent found in pionner.alor frankly bought this table for a 300 euros I Ocun remake that choice without worry.
dj K-libre 6802/16/2008

dj K-libre 68's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
Features already contained
(5 tracks, effects, sampler ..)


It took me a while to adapt to know to make use of all functions, but not rocket science, the habit that table is very easy to use
the manual is clear enough to understand all functions (sampler, effects ..)


Good sound, no breath


- How long have you use it?
I use this table for two weeks
- What is so special that you like most and least?
what I like most is its box a very effective effects, the sampler
on the other hand I would have liked matrices summons each channel ..
- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
yes, behringer vmx 200 = zero
- How would you rate the quality / price?
very very good, I got a € 459 with the fly
- With experience, you do again this choice?
I do not think I would pass on the pioneer

it's been 8 months now I have, I can now better judge this table
at the beginning was fun with, good effects, ergonomic .. but over time it's too hassle, it falls into pieces faders, buttons ...