Numark 5000FX
Numark 5000FX

5000FX, 4+ Channel Mixer from Numark.

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 35 reviews )
 18 reviews51 %
 5 reviews14 %
 4 reviews11 %
 4 reviews11 %
 4 reviews11 %

pvesco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
I'm not going Retailer description this is a MODEL trs known and others have done before me in this section. Just my opinion user a night in troubleshooting and testing.


No worries of Use


No breath, average sound, a little aggressive for the price range


-Connection of power supply only lightweight (making a table ...), plastoc din mount remains in a rack, if you move a lot and disassemble or manipulate the table to make connections, plugs suffer! and sometimes make bad contact (up to the extinction of the table, in full evening it Balot ... on a table almost new)
Ergonomics average progressiv faders too got my all or nothing
Plastoc-look and feel and lightweight, like connectors printing fragility has a privilgier instalation or you do not touch the connections ...
-No effect on the micro (within failing pig operation)
the most:
-Number of entries, posibilit change the type of
Between micro-correct, equalizers correct, the effects have him correct, I had little time to test them, I prfre nanmoins from the gnrer of a platinum cd
Given this exprience it seemed to me to use an imitation of Pioneer, so the limit, I prfre a Pioneer of opportunity for the same price (I also test the Pioneer). .. at least she will not suffer to be dplace or unplug. Before, I used a silent Excutiveaudio which was better and less "fake", I tried it for a possible purchase in main table, purchase that I would not ...
dj dark01/01/2008

dj dark's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
- Is the rack?
Yes if we buy special bars.
- The qualiseur paramtrique is it?
- The effects section is it intgre? ...
Yes, 9 effects including filter, my prfr.


- The configuration gnrale Is it easy?
Yes trs simple
- The usual functions are they easily accessible?
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Yes the manual is clear.


- The console is transparent?
- Introduced she breath?
No, even when one goes on the bottom.
- The qualiseur is it effective? ...


- How long have you use it?
I use it for 2 weeks.
- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
+ The sampler, the quality of sound, the possibility of the crossfader rgler ...
- Some effects cans (scratch. ..)
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
A Technics SH-DJ1200 and a pioneer djm 400.
- How do you report qualitprix?
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
Of course

richpard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX






It's been about two months that I use, I have everything I expected from a table, trs qualitprix good value / features.

Just as info: faders-start work with Denon, and a sheet prvoir elbow to the headphone, because no control on the front, and Agnes for orders priph Series ...

Dj2007's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
* The mixer is rack mountable with brackets (sold sparment biensur ...)
* 5-way, 3 phono, 9 lines, 4 outputs
rca connection!
* Yes you can set with 3 buttons (treble, mids and bass) for each tract
* Yes on the table there is a box of effect Intgr (6 total: scratching, sonar, chop, echo, filter, delay)
* The precision of the sampler numrique: 94/khz 24/bits so great sound equivalent of a djm 800 Pioneer ...
* Yes indeed the mixer faders home has 2 that allows to launch a CD with the crossfader!
* BPM synchronization of start and faders


* Yes the setup is super simple (grip within hours!
* Yes very simple and intuitive!
* Not need the manual is very easy to understand the use of the table!


* Great sound plus it's a table that is used in a club that's how it's not a bomb!
* Very lightweight when faders are at the max but it does not matter at all!
* Yes in addition it is very pretty!


* I use the table for 2 days
* Most: sound, look, simplicitbr /> least: lack of effects and some like scratching his total phony ... on the other hand if we invested a pioneer in this EFX500 of n is a problem ...
* So many table (TSB, gemini, and finally a boost DJX700)
* I can only speak well of the relationship quality price purchased through a dealer and still under warranty 330euros ... new value 500euros!
* Oh yes I would do this one compares the DJX700 is the bomb and I would say what is worth a pioneer DJM800 !!!!!
Dj bougui07/17/2007

Dj bougui's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
Hello everybody I think the specifications are otherwise known htt: / /


The config mixer is very imple track and that will corretions avec.En regarding effects and the sampler must be more control because it is not obvious at first glance.

Precisely the sampler can take a look dégrocie that work, this manual is simple, after a test is the same time.


There is a breath of a high speed without music but nothing Eliminates performance anxiety. Once the music leaves start anything apparaitre.L 'equalize the cut is really good on the 3-band sound.

With regard to the overall sound of any c beautiful clear sound and powerful after c hard to describe.


I received it yesterday and I had already used before by.
What I like most is the 5 already very practical way, then this is the sampler that can do things I like inedites.Et finally the connection was real choice xlr, rca, record, booth ....
I'm a little disappointed there was no talkover from the c any good if I love a flanger in the effects. veiled

The value for money is exellent care a € 460 I can not say that competition is better now than low-end. I try pioneer, Chesley, alien & heat, and many other.

Aevec experience this choice I would do without hesitation.

vinccc02's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
A pretty box with a wheel effect interrssante trs! But pity the flanger is not there.
Between Jack and XLR microphone.


Trs easy to use.
All the buttons are well placed


No breath. The sound is nikel!
But I find that qualiseurs could be better.


The effects are more interresting trs and its output is nikel!
The least that the equalizer but it is a matter of habit.

SUPER quality price ratio!
Dj yol04/14/2007

Dj yol's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
The table is raquable with brackets

the table has 5 tracks
it has an effects box nice and helpful


It is easy and is pretty OF USE pro

no need for manual


This table is well suited to my expectations
it gives off a clear and is good qualities


I 3 months since the User
jaime many effects and facilitates dutlisation

jaime much use the sampler via a voice in the headphones and put it into live lenregistrer.puis

jai try dxm06 reloop and 40 bpm

one of the best value market price because I think It's a good table

yes I would do this election if my level stagnated

I think for 500euros we are dealing with a good table

everything works very well despite what lon can say on this table

mono-core's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
The features are pretty nice for the price

5 votes
3 analog master (XLR or RCA) + 2 RCA
1 digital output 44.1khz


Very simple to use


Nothing to say


Gobal my opinion is much less fun

after three months we have had the right to an exchange because the crossfader not working
Now after 4 months of use because of the block off the crossfader does not work a track works half the time and I can be is on the way down there on a bad run

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
Numark 5000FX
-Is It rackable? Yes, for 20 equerre a kit to put 19 inch rack

- How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, returns ...)?

5 ways (among) switchable .... so a total of 10 channels (phono / line combined)

5 outputs "Masters", 1 XLR, 1 "Record" and 3 RCA

- What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)?

Very complte connectors: RCA for the connection and XLR assymtrique of
symmetrical connection.

- Is the qualiseur paramtrique?

And no ...

- The effects section is it integrates ...?

Oh yeah! and rather efficient and very friendly to use.
Effects: Sonar, Scratch, Chop, Echo, Delay, Filter, Pitch, Distort.

For INFO, the effect "filter" is a crossover of a dconcertante efficiency !!!
Indeed, are efficiency is such that I wonder what is its slope ??
6 dB per octave? 12db per octave ?? 24 dB per octave ??? or + ????
Who has the Numark technique DOC? ... Has interests me ...
For numriques consoles:
- What is the precision of the chantillonage (bits / kHz)?

Stro 16-bit, 44.1kHz CD quality ... !!!


I barely had time to read the manual that I intuitively
including the operation of this table. Not rocket science you tell me ...
More ... use, the possibilities are enormous ...
Sometimes a third arm would be helpful ...


The sound is perfect! nothing to say, the digital management is effective!
No breath ... from a small breath qd my amp (2 x 1300 W) is the bottom!
So no drama at all, especially with a digital equalizer al's ass
the table to erase all small inperfections ...
The equalizer of this table is effective for acute -32 db, mid and bass


Frankly for the price of the ball !!!!!!

I really hsiter with Pioneer, but after more inquiry
in shops, my choice was heading for the Numark.

What emerges from this table is its precision and its effectiveness for the effects.

My rating 10/10 because 500 is s'clate like crazy lil and it takes a real pleasure mix!

A single point ngatif is BPM counters in the table, there is a tjrs dcalage 1 BPM counters compared to my CDJ 200.

In short, that happiness! and soon we made it!

Dario2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Numark 5000FX
Table rack with 5 non-box ways and a built-in effects


No problem to take the animal in hand, it is very intuitive


The sound quality is exellent, no breath, the equalizer is effective, the kill rate cut really!


I use it for more than six months, I've never had any technical problems with!

the most: The price is very affordable for a table at this level, the effects as Sonnar, filter, chop, delay, echo, ... are really good, and once mastered provide good! TAP button that instead, gives you to customize the BPM is essential for certain tones. The sampler 30 sec. which is more significant, assigning each channel to the crossfader (including the sampler), adjustable crossfader curve and so on ...

Cons: really not much to say it is really complete. has a few effects that are not a little (scratch for example). the top would have been able to assign a sampler of five ways to continue to dose the affetti because when using the sampler effect is treated to 100%.

I have two tables in it before, but no comparison.

The price / quality ratio is exellent! in my opinion is the best market for a table at this level!

Yes I would do without hesitation that choice