Marshall 1960A JCM900
Marshall 1960A JCM900

1960A JCM900, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Marshall in the JCM900 series.

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fabbcrich 02/12/2014

Marshall 1960A JCM900 : fabbcrich's user review

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I do not own personally, I had the opportunity to used 2 times at concerts these speakers were a provision

I played a lot of speakers, Laney 412 lx, 412 Valvestate 412 Carlsbro GLX, Peavey Valveking 412 Mesa C90, 212 Marshall with 1 V30 and 1 eminence legend, my personal 212 made myself with G 12 T 100 HOT, and another 212 made by myself with G12 K 100

Treble and midrange are well ahead and grain amp spring as it should on the other hand there is little low for a 412 (my 212 has a little less treble and more scooped but more low even with only 2 HP), otherwise the sound is good, fairly straight and accurate but not as much as in clean distortion

I would not buy this new 412, too expensive for what it is and the sound I want, I put him 7/10, it is not bad but it lacks too low especially for a 412, my opinion holds account the baffle itself not the value, € 400 and used a little improvement (wiring, stiffen the body and make it a vent at the back to get low and deep) I think its worth it, but I prefer to make my cabinets myself