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All user reviews for the Schertler Jam 400

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 12 reviews )
 11 reviews92 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Erik Tran09/15/2012

Erik Tran's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Amp hot high quality"

Schertler Jam 400
Electroacoustic amplifier reproduces well the dynamics of a guitar (piezo equipped)
Memory Type 8 input digital console. Single point is regrettable that there is no mute button for each.


Between the amp and the console, it's still pretty simple.


I find this amp very interesting because it is hot, but you can cut the sub if you play in an apartment by clicking on a button. For me who often plays solo amp allows me warmth, wrapping my audience because ;)


I have this one for several years and even after buying a aer, I keep it. There is no choice between the two, it sounds from the two manufacturers to explore different ways depending on the context.

Wal29's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schertler Jam 400
Transistor. Everything was written in previous opinions.

- Note that it is also DI (1 XLR output), but careful not to overdo the input gain to leave the margin sondier opposite. The Volulme-Master is independent from the XLR output

- The + is sending AUX ... which pretty multiplies opportunity and allows you to use multiple sets (already tested)

- For it is a little reverb effects not unpleasant choice.


- Super simple ... for someone who knows how to walk a small mixing desk. it sounds all right. Will have one button that is low cut in + for use with a sub (never tried)

- I use it on my live acoustic scraper + pedals or 2 separate tranches and it sounds great, big potato in the bottom, precise treble ...


Yes, I tested it on other instruments equipped with good microphones, it works ... in fact it's just a good little mixing desk with a good bowl ... perfect for any acoustic instrument.


I use it for 8 months as in ERfKE on stage as his level back ... there's this thing and that's why I took the 400w to be quiet at this level. I had already tested a 150w on a concert and had found not powerful enough.

Sometimes I use it as DI (XLR ass amp) and it works pretty well.

It weighs 21 KG memory. The only pb is that the mixer is at the top, I built a small protective cardboard cut I put the amp in its cover and it allows to put stuff on the amp without breaking anything.

I remake that choice without any problems.

sergio85v's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" SR tech advice. 400"

Schertler Jam 400
Transistor, small reverb, XLR and jack


easy configuration
the sound is immediately


Chapman Stick, bass and 6 string Leduc


If this is the weight, it's very good stuff, polivalent, powerful and convenient in intermediate formulas, rehearsals, small performances, on stage with returns, I use it for my bass and my Chapman Stick, you ask the branch and you're off!
For the big rock smoking, perhaps not, for the rest parcontre no problems.
Bass, bass, fretless bass, cello, acoustic guitar, jazz etc. ...

abirato's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love it"

Schertler Jam 400
Combo - Portable PA / bass amp or keyboard + voice or other 360 + 40W


perfect - very effective copy Shertler, developed with Bang and Olufsen and Alesis if I understand - compact and powerful thin, versatile and beautiful - acoustic clarity of a EAR or HK Audio


jazz, rock, shows, song, trads - perfect


I took it to sound to my set - clavia Rhodes, Pianet, piano, melodica, sanzas, etc. ... perfect.

Popelier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An electro-acoustic amp bluffing!"

Schertler Jam 400
Box Two-way bass reflex
Frequency response 40 Hz - 20 KHz
Sensitivity (1W-1m) 97 db
Max SPL 123 db
Crossover Electronic -24 db / octave
Woofer 2 x 8 "
Horn 1
Construction Plywood
System - Format 2-way Bi-amp
Max Power 350W RMS Out Low,
700W peak, 50W RMS HIGH, 100W peak
Weight 21 Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 37x43x49 cm
Mixer inputs:
1-2-3 MIC: XLR - 6.3mm Jack -
Phantom Power
4-5-6-7 LINE IN Jack 6.3mm

Mixer outputs:
MIC 1-2-3: Gain, High, Mid,
Low, Eff, Aux, Vol.
LINE IN 4-5-6-7: Gain, High, Mid,
Low, Eff, In Flight.
LINE IN 6-7: Parametric Acoustic Filter
LINE IN 8-9: High, Low, Flight
EFF SEL: Switch
1 Delay, 7 Reverbs (by Alesis)
Send & Return External
Effect Subwoofer out, active crossover


Super simple setup.
Manuel succinct but wide enough.
One branch, one refines slightly depending on the instrument used (For my part: Lag Electro-acoustic Nylon LAG, MARTIN LX1E, GODIN A6 Metal, Takamine 12 string, mandolin and bouzouki APPLAUSE MARC BOLUDA ...) and it sounds!
The settings are fairly accurate.
Effects (Alesis) are relatively good order. I do not use them excessively.
The one thing that bothers me is the orientation of the mixer located above the amp. When the amp is turned to the musician, the table is in front of him, on the other hand, if we use the amp in front of you and facing the audience, the mixer appears "upside down". But it's a detail!


Sound incredible, transparency and exceptional warmth and an impressive power (400WRMS)!
All instruments are sublimated and my bouzouki MARC BOLUDA especially given its strength and its measurement in this amp. What happiness!
I play enough folk and Celtic (As French variety), and everything goes well in this amp.


I've had a few days after a board found at the site which advises GODIN this amp.
Not yet back from using "live". I tested at home with all my instruments, pushing it a bit. What happiness!
If other aspects are revealed by using "live", I'll add comments.
The specificities of 400 are multiple JAM! You can connect multiple instruments, microphones, voice (phantom power), and even keyboards! The amp even has internal effects. All this in a nice set of 21kg, which is not very heavy views the device capabilities.
I used (on small benefits) the Marshall AS 100 D No comparison!
In concert, I use a PA system (Table Mackie and RCF speakers front and back), I'll maybe add JAM 400 in the configuration, by connecting instruments (and I will return) and by channeling the sound in Mackie mixer for FOH.

Animaxion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schertler Jam 400
A very good amp electro, which is very easy to move, but is still 400 watts, with three input jack / XLR, two other jack (Hi / Low), an RCA input, RCA output (for recording) , an input phantom power, stereo insert loop effects and XLR output (which allows the receiver to act as DI while having a comeback, very precious advantage). It is also equipped with two speakers + tweeter, like a real speaker. And finally, 8 reverb and delay Alesis digital ... This amp is really ideal for acoustic multi-instrumentalists. I use it on stage, repeated recording and am never disappointed.


The use is more Enfantin, and rendering tools could not be more pure and faithful. We can refine the gain, equalization, volume and level effects for each track: a treat. In addition, the machine will automatically return very well on stage (since we have a line out XLR output), and do not push it too for the sound, for sure ...


This amp is perfect for use as I do: I am acoustic guitar, mandolin and lute player and the settings allow me to get really sounds very warm and faithful rendering sound of each instrument. I recommend this amp to any acoustic instrument or even electric guitarists looking for a clear sound that reflects the color of the original sounds of the microphones. I use it with an Ovation Celebrity Honeyburst nylon strings, a laud Alhambra and a mandola Ashbury and the record is incredible.


I bought it in December 2009 and got separated from his little brother, the Jam 150, which I considered too low in power for 150 W announced. I wanted to stay true to SR Technology as EAR seemed too cold, too superficial Marshall and Fender amps and other sound systems or do not happen to him in the ankle, obviously.
The advantage with this amp is that it can also sound to everyone in my group of jazz guitar, laud, mandola, accordion, bass, vocal microphones. It is certainly quite expensive (1000-1100 euro) but the price / quality ratio is very good.
Geo la bidouille07/17/2010

Geo la bidouille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schertler Jam 400
Transistor amplifier with a connector jack, XLR and RCA. 350 watts with 8 effects Alesis (réverb.) inputs and outputs Aux, phantom power, output table, Ability to add a subwoofer.


Simple setup (9 entries presented as mixer)
The sound is excellent and transparent


It is perfect for what I was looking for my electro-acoustic bass.


I used to live two days after purchase (1080 € with the case)! Jam I had 150 before buying it, but power was not enough to play with a lot of batteur.Il no amp that offers so many entries! knowing that I use my two entries for the low price-quality ratio is excellent and I do it again without hesitation that choice

crudo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schertler Jam 400
Configuration very simple.
No need to book.


Perfect for all the music I play.
Used with a violin, flamenco guitar, clarinet, jazz bass, bass takamine B10


I've had it three weeks.
I tried Aer, Marshall, Roland, Schertler ...
I like everything and I have yet to find fault. Some would say weight, but we must not forget that a 400 watt
Excellent value for money.

I had the chance to try it live the night of his purchase trio of guitar, violin, clarinet.
And I had the feeling that it was the sound of the instruments themselves that were stronger and not the sound from an amp. This means if the sound is faithful.
Then two days later in another context, I banche a jazz bass and a Takamine B10 and then the top.
Her clear, powerful, profound and more the practical side that allows me to make 2 different eq and send it all on a single slice on the console, so a practical side very interesting.
To sum up this amp is exactly what I need, I would do such a choice without any problem and besides, I wonder why I did not earlier


guitopati's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schertler Jam 400
Good for everything that rfrer other opinions ....


One branch, turn the knobs and the slap bang.
I pass a marshall AS50R bte this was odd, as Watts in a small drink ^ ^

The sound is really Fidler branch is simply the instrument you play your electro volume to 0, you make now sound and well means no diffrence!
A if it is stronger (yeah forcment).

The manual .... good for short, but more than adequate, for that matter who actually reads manuals?

Good perfection n'tant not of this world: 9


- Is it your style of music?

Well yes a match to my style, but to others too.

I plug it all as much a folk, jazz or strata, tl micro chant (beta 58A and 87A beta) keyboard everything goes.
I'm not, it's really good stuff.
I put the wah in the AUX channel has his ct attnue aggressive and m'vite to 3 db triggers when I ... (says anymore, upstream branch my Blackstar HT Dual is niquel)

for distortion, I'm not convinced by the silent BOSS OD but I will get my ending for Blackstar HT-DUAL, I went back to my impressions. (said, better than his impressions of View File: Sampleblackstar.mp3 ( ) and trs bienttsrement more here: 2Cidtopic%%% 2C390080% 2C% 2Cidpost 2Chighlight 2Cguitopati.html% ( ) )


I've had three months ago and nothing I do not like, can be hand with all these entries and table Intgr they could have put a pan in track history rpart just the beats in space ... but hey we do a concert I have two branch micro voices, two electric guitar and keyboard, everything is out (the voices but the one chouilla noy 'qualo had not made silent and drummer tap a bit much, I'm sure will have better next time, with a little more attention).
At least in a multipurpose room with an acoustic m *** e, and before a hundred people as it provides an bte with all the knobs between 4 and 6.

So before I had a marshall, for voice and guitar and a Roland cube electro 60 for electric, I found the treble too aggressive and fairly low standard, too rglage each change modlisations, I find the most quilibrbr Jam />
I think the price is justified given its versatility and its effectiveness.

I can not say whether I would do this choice, time will tell me, but I'm not at the moment of my purchase.

said some of his ^ ^

Ylo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schertler Jam 400
See below ...
The connectors are plastic and mark hlas few signs of fatigue APRS only 3 weeks of use. This will require change.


Configuration child.
The sound is great!
Manual short, clear and sufficient.


Test with acoustic guitar and voice accordion. Perfect! Means perfect for everyone.


Used for 3 weeks.
the most:
the sound of the number and power.
Essay Carlsbro (Ae!), AER Domino (very good too, but less of puisance and for the same price).
Report qualitprix unbeatable.

the connector ter quality plastic. It will probably change soon.

I do it again this choice without hsitation.