Fostex PM-1
Fostex PM-1

PM-1, Active Monitor from Fostex in the PM series.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 26 reviews )
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Audiofanzine FR12/30/2010

Audiofanzine FR's review

Fostex PM-1
Review written on 05/01/2004 by Will Zeagal on Audiofanzine FR. Update at the end of the review.

- Which technical specifications motivated your choice?
The sound ;-)

- What do you use it for?
Professional monitoring


- Which amp do you use / in what configuration?...
Connected to an RME Multiface.

I tried out many monitor speakers together with other AF members.
For example:
- Yamaha MS-10 Studio (very good)
- Mackie Tapco S5 (very bad)
- M Audio Studiophile BX8 (not convincing)
- Behringer Truth (great speakers for the price but not for monitoring applications: too many lows and imprecise low mids... perhaps for rehearsals).
- Genelec 1029 (WTF? Ah, it's a trendy brand... well...)
- Yamaha MSP5 (they sound too hard and are not powerful enough. It's a good choice as a second monitoring system, but not as main monitors).
- Alesis Monitor One MK II (abort! Same as for Genelec: what a mush of sound!)
- Event Electronic TR-6 (or 8?): good choice as a second monitoring system: reverb effects and stereo imaging sound amazing! But not linear enough as main monitor: there is some sort of notch in the high mids).
- Samson Resolv 65A (awful, awful, awful)
- Dynaudio acoustic Air15 (very expensive)
- Krk V4 (perhaps with a subwoofer? But there is no subwoofer. It's a pity because they sound good).
- The new Blues Sky model. Interesting. Really good but the lows are a bit muddy due to a strange resonance). Considering the price of this 2.1 system, it can be a good choice. They will bring out a less powerful and less expensive system.

And some other products I can't remember right now.

All the other AF members who tried out these products with me and helped me to choose had the same opinion.

We listened to all these speakers along several days. We had the opportunity to compare most of them in the same acoustic environment.

We tried them out with a sample CD with different songs I know very well, including diverse music styles: classical, jazz, chanson, rock, latin, techno. Plus some of my own songs.

I excluded too expensive products, for example the Yamaha MS-10 Studio, which are amazing: I would buy them if I had the money.

I chose the best model I can afford: the Fostex PM1!
In this price range, It's the best product I've ever listened to.

Now that I've worked a couple of weeks with them, I can only confirm what I wrote. Excellent. To be attested at the end of the mix when I can listen to the end result on other systems.


[edit : update of my review from 05/01/2004]
The MP1 do a good job. I used them for my first LP, which received good technical comments (see my profile).
Finally, this monitor offers an excellent value for money. Although, you could know hesitate with the newly launched Yamaha HS80M. I find both products are very similar: the Yamaha are a bit better, but also a bit more expensive. But their lows are not as powerful.
I haven't had the opportunity to test the new generation called PM1 mk2.

Do note that they fall a bit short for professional use. When I worked with these speakers, I often had to enhance my mixes a bit after having listened to them with other speakers.
I now use a much more expensive product and I don't need to enhance my mixes afterwards.
However, I kept my MP1, which I still use as an additional monitoring system and for rehearsals.
A good investment!

korosif69's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex PM-1
What characteristics have motivated your choice?
initially it was the price that made me decide.
For what purpose?
for component mixing and premaster.


The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral?
I would say that 50 Hz to about 2 kHz is good, it's pretty linear contrast over it tend to add shine, so you have to be careful about mixing the acute frequency.
The stereo image is good?
yes it is very good.


How long have you use it?
for 8 years.
Have you tried many other models before buying it?
no it's the first one I buy from I is not changer.j 'took my cue and used it, so I began to know them very well and be accurate with in my mixes. so for now I care.
What is the particular feature you like best and least?
to +
It's very nice.
It has good accuracy.
to the -
The acute-frequency fatigue, one can ear on long-term listening.
How would you rate the quality / price?
it is very good because it is really cheap.
With experience, you do again this choice? ...
if I had the means u on the spot I'd turned my worm adam, but as I was told now that I will be following it made me very well.

Ravish's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex PM-1
The report qualitprix was first motivated my choice of powered speakers at this price do the jostling was the era (3 years ago)

I use them primarily for mixing

configuration: macbookpro, sound card konnect24d TC


The curve is fairly neutral, a lightweight hollow beginners top mdium I do not dplait

Stereo image correct

the sound is cohrent across the spectrum, lack of the lower mdium DEFINITIONS

Without proper dynamic


I use them for over 3 years

its only proper for the price, fairly cheap finish

A cot and Mackie and others in the same range Beringher, there's no picture of the Fostex PM1 are really best, I tried also BM6A Dynaudio and Focal Solo6, the good is clearly the fostex do not compare but it is two times cheaper.

The report price is really good quality

Today, I headed to the Dynaudio or Focal, but the era for my budget c'tait IDAL for a I do not regret my purchase.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex PM-1
Knowing nothing to monitor speakers, I renseign AF and t seem to me that the PM-1 were a great value.


Personally I'm not a big fan of the sonority of these pregnant but this is unlikely to be of the play in which I work.


I've had a year in 5 days and one of the two saturates.
I have a boomer who has CPDA and a tweeter so cram it is clear that I do not have that choice and I regret this purchase.
The Svice after sales at Fostex is very matter, they very quickly recall me, are very friendly and have given me and rference or find the product.
Will Zégal12/02/2006

Will Zégal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex PM-1
notice dated 01/05/2004. Updated at the end.

- What characteristics have motivated your choice?
Listening ;-)

- For what purpose?
Professional monitoring

- What amp / What configuration? ...
Behind an RME Multiface.


Ben here.
I listened to a number of speakers (along with other ears, competent members of AF).
- MS-10 Yamaha Studio (very classy)
- Mackie Tapco S5 (stew)
- M Audio Studiophile BX8 (ho hum)
- Behringer Truth (great speakers for the price, but certainly not for the monitor: too flateuses bass and lower midrange focus. To see for the sound to repeat)
- Genelec 1029 (what is this mush? Oh, it's fashion ... well ...)
- Yamaha MSP5 (its too hard and not powerful. A good choice as a second listening that would not have a gift, but not as main listening)
- Alesis Monitor One MK II (yuck! Same as for Genelec: boiled inside)
- Event Electronic TR-6 (or 8?): A second view as serious listening: the reverb and the stereo out so unbelievable! But not quite right main listening: a kind of hollow in the upper midrange or treble)
- Samson Resolv 65A (awful awful awful awful)
- Dynaudio Acoustics Air15 (expensive, but I've still heard)
- Krk V4 (perhaps with a subwoofer? Really? Y 'no? So be it. Too bad because it's good, if not)
- New sky blues. To be continued. Really really classes, but with a little blur in low, like a rotating harmonic. It Fmarine reported to me. I had not caught myself. Related to listening conditions (SIEL)? A 1200 euro system 2.1, it can be a good choice. Will release a slightly less powerful a little cheaper.

+ A few others that do not come back to me in memory.

Note that these opinions were also very little about those who AFiens were kind enough to accompany me to help me in my choice.

All these speakers have been heard within a few days, most listening compared to the same place.

What was heard was a CD that I made with extracts of 30 s songs I knew well in many different styles: classical, jazz (the duo piano / bass with big band) song, rock, Latin , techno. Plus a few complete songs, plus two pieces of mine: the least bad in his ;-)

I recommend this solution to purchase your speakers.

I removed those that were too expensive (eg Yamaha MS-10 Studio, a wonder: my choice if I had the budget)

I took those that seemed the best in this price range: the Fostex PM1!


Less than 1000 euros a pair (550 when I bought them), they are simply the best I have ever listen.

I now have a few weeks working on it and I confirm that I have previously written. It's excellent. It remains to be confirmed at the end of mixing, when you listen to (and will listen) the result on other media and other ear ;-)

[edit: update with me dated 01/05/2004]
The PM1 did their office. I made my first album that received good feedback techniques (see 3 songs on the album "the Tőkés Kara (artists connected) My Profile ( index%% 2Cidmembre 2C16980.html)). Note that the demo Sorb and song "Reaktor 5" has also been made on these forums.
The balance sheet these speakers prove an excellent price / quality ratio. Even if now we can legitimately hesitate between them and the Yamaha HS80M ( 2Cidproduit% 2C75776%%% 2Cmao 2Cyamaha_hs80m.html) out since. A listen. For me, it stands with a slight improvement for Yamha that are slightly more expensive too. But in less punchy bass.
I have not had the opportunity to listen to the latest PM1 mk2.

Note though that while it's still a little short for professional use. When I worked with these speakers, I often had to alter my mix after listening to other systems.
I switched from another system much, much more expensive that allows me not to have to correct mix.
However, I kept the PM1 which I use now back in the studio for rehearsals and listening side.
In short, a good investment.

MAHARAJAZZZ's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex PM-1
Need costing proximity pro or semi pro
Leisure and hack


The curve is not book! one is available on the website builder but l. .. one is a little bit because the alluvial not flat at all .. It's not my kind of buying without seeing the curve but good.
Stereo Image convincing I thought was a little hard of hearing on the right but with the PM1 is better. Good image stro
The Frquences below 60 hertz are Obviously a little distant or absent, we need a sub ... for me in this case with a 31TE
The dynamic is relativment trs Fidler. Good performance ..


From 3 days
I do not like too much breeze, but his breath too qd dj we are in saturation! Be careful they do not have a limiter (or inconvnient advantage?)
I tried bcp MODELS trsdcevant expensive and trs.
Report excellent especially the pair 458euros book.

_adb_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex PM-1
Technical characteristics are described in the product AF.
Very simple, back side: a combo jack / XLR, a gain setting and a interuptor on / off.
Front: a small green LED indicating power on.
Note: NOT small red LED indicating the limitation and not limiting. No high-pass filter.
Power: more than enough (for me), see too powerful for a small piece.


The frequency curve looks rather neutral. I test my mixes on different systems: stereo, headphones, speaker of listening boost, Beringher truth ... No problem.
THE LOW LOW and SUB: we hear them superbly, see too much for some (and I make Hardtek for me is great).
The meduims and treble are clear and not gentle on the ears.


I've been 3 months and I'm really happy.
I hesitated long between KRK Rockit and the tannoy in the same range (some views on Beringher, but I quickly abondonne). And none reflected both lower than the PM-1.

I think it is useless to have better quality speakers in a place not intended to be a studio (the room, the garage, the closet ...).
If you had reselect, I would resume the PM-1.

maximegendre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex PM-1
No technical specifications is really noticeable, but it lacks nothing in particular ... could be in the power supply switches to faade but the same thing for many speakers.


The level I am happy trs, she had a good potato (good transient) and I think they are neutral in terms of rponse in frequencies. Stereo image is good and trs trs sensible. Also they are not tired when we work many hours in a row.
Good for mixes because it does not lie.


I bought a pair 450E 3 months ago and I am happy with my choice. I compared them with a pair of Tapco Yamaha and in the same purchase price range and it is they who had the most "solid" and most pchu. The ratio quality price is excellent I think. What is nice is that they are enjoyable to listen to Zique and effective work.

Bapsite's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex PM-1
Cara: See Site
I only use to mix!


Any major inconsistency in my mixes, after some time running and a little practice it can mix with very well.
This is my first pair of monitoring but for a little walk around my mixes I would advise no problem.
Good dynamics, good transition, its clear and precise stereo imaging excelente (excellent treble)

(Beware of low frequency in the mix but after having made the mistake once it no longer does)


Buy a year ago it was the best value for me!

I will develop from now and wonder if with the new pregnant "autocalibration" it would not be better, at least for home studio use
Let us not forget that a speaker does not sound as a function of his room!

ps: in any case, coupled with the small chamber of type 5.1 pc
(C my case with the Z5500 logitech kit!)
This allows for two types of forum to compare (as in the pros) and c tres bien!

Basshic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex PM-1
I bought these monitors in a given mix album in my group
So I linked the pm1 directly on the audio interface via my pc
For CHARACTERISTICS: a little less for the little volume knob


Curve rponse: Good finally see my little story below
Stereo Image: prsice enough, but I do prfre was with my AKG K240 headphones
The sound is trs good, pm1 pchent well! good dynamic with an average volume


First I made a quick first mix album in my group (like, acoustic pop with a jazzy feel) my ds rception pm1 (bought in Germany). Checker then mix in other stuff ... well, dception! lack of low levels mdium and a little rough. So, I ask myself the question about the neutrality CPO1? I shall decide to soundproof the pice o I mix and mix again. I verifies again on other stuff and nickel! was happening everywhere, the sound is close to commercial albums trs
Now it sr is not gnlec and do not intend to do when even with mastering! but for the price, there's no better (I had a long test mag before you buy!)