Prodipe Pro 8
Prodipe Pro 8

Pro 8, Active Monitor from Prodipe.

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All user reviews for the Prodipe Pro 8

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 55 reviews )
 17 reviews31 %
 28 reviews51 %
 5 reviews9 %
 2 reviews4 %
 2 reviews4 %

yoTrakkz's review"nice flat response"

Prodipe Pro 8
I have read hundreds of comments on the Prodipe Pro 8 speakers and they live up to their reputation. I have been in studios with Mackies, Yamaha's and a ton of other monitors which are the best, but for the money, I would not hesitate to use these. Unless you are writing music that has a lot of high's, you will want to go with a sub to supplement the lows. It has ok lows, but if you want a tad more bottom or booming bass, get a sub to go with them. They have tremendous volume for their size, and can handle just about anything you want to throw at them.


If you seek the exact frequency that you have recorded; then this is the monitor you will desire. I have been using recording software and have always relied on high end headphones for mixing. Very good sound, very stylish design.


I love these monitors - that's the most I can say. I got mine from a different source, but they are worth every dollar. Great highs, great mids, and punchy lows. These are loud too! Even though they are rated kind of low as far as power, they can fill a 15x15 room so easily. There is also little to no distortion at the highest volumes. I use these from creating music in FL Studio and even just listening to music on my computer and I couldn't be happier. I would prefer the RP8s, but for this price these are awesome. You will love them and for what you will pay you cant complain. Investing in a subwoofer wont hurt but these monitors for the most part hold there own with out a doubt. Get these if you can afford to get the really expensive monitors that are on today’s market. These will make you just as happy.
Audiofanzine FR12/30/2010

Audiofanzine FR's review"Excellent"

Prodipe Pro 8
Originally written by artifice on Audiofanzine FR.

Good value for money.

I tried out several products and the sound difference doesn't justify the price difference compared to other brands.

I use it for music creation and mixing on an amateur level.
No need for an external amp because the Pro 8 are powered.

9/10 because I haven't tried out many other products considering I'm satisfied with them.


I do hip-hop with powerful lows. The Pro 8 allow me to work properly: the frequency response is linear enough, the dynamic response is very good, the sound is very precise.


I've been using them for over two years. They are my first monitor speakers.

- Their looks
- Value for money
- Long life (even though one of broke because of intensive, even abusive, use)


I already made my choice: I'll receive a second pair in a couple of days!

Intip's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent price /"

Prodipe Pro 8
Purchased for monitoring in my home studio.
I chose the Prodipe Pro 8:
- First of all for the very positive reviews on the internet so Audio fanzine.
- After advice for fellow musicians. I listen and compared to other monitors in the same price range.
- For its attractive price for the pair.


I think the sound is precise, very neutral, dynamic, without being aggressive, and all the details are well rendered.
The stereo image is rendered without any parasitic resonance at any frequency.
Same for the bass that are very well made. On this point, they are far ahead of all competitors in the same price range.


I use them for 4 years.
As I have already indicated, I compared it with some other models, which convinced me even more to make up my mind for Prodipe Pro 8 I found that it is day and night, for the prodipe, with a return of his much more neutral, more accurate and more dynamic, all that has been expected of monitoring for mixing home studio!
The Good:
- Its neutral, accurate and dynamic
- Good bass
- Reasonable price
The bad: it's four years since I use them and I do not find any.
Excellent price / quality ratio, perfect for my home studio use. I do it again this choice without hesitation.

Patrick.boulmier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Prodipe Pro 8
Value / very good price, recommended by a friend in the art, used for Home Studio with sub bass.
I am very satisfied for 5 years that I use.
Before I had the PMC is great, but you always find the right amp and it's too expensive for my budget.
With 8 Pro I work every day with, flawless.
Very happy


Asked on Ultimate Support Pro for orientation listener and a ceiling-mounted 30mm wooden tray.
The curve is good although I have not measured in the low there is the support sub.
Maybe a little fuzzy in the mid-acute, but for the price it does.
The dynamics are top ... tell me the neighbors ;-)


slightly more than 5 years
What I like most is that it melts forget .. the sound is there, that's all.
I tried some kind model KRK, M-Audio, PMC, Dynaudio, but Prodipe was my preference.
Yes I would do this choice although Dynaudio attract me.

kevinkxproductions's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" VERY GOOD + price and power"

Prodipe Pro 8
I can not draw attention to these speakers and their qualities as well as the three voices of the brand model, often neglected, unappreciated or discouraged by people with a strong a priori ...
Yet I put months (no time :) try many speakers in the best possible conditions (early morning at retailers with different compounds that I knew by heart audio level in different stores to try almost all models )
once selected the best, I went back to listen to all the same morning, and the finding was simple for the price and this quality: prodipe pro 8


for me everything is very good to see great subject (once again) the good situation of pregnant ... all good EXCEPT FOR THE TECHNO


3 years, no regrets and so pleased that I took the 3W ...

READ THE TEST Audiofanzine

Gwaltel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good speakers"

Prodipe Pro 8
The price curve and comments.
Use in home studio


The frequency curve is neutral enough for the home studio.
I had NS10 that I did not meet these criteria. There I found the bottom.
Good stereo, maybe a little narrow.


I use Pro 8 for 6 years.
I had NS10, Alesis.
The more the price, sound rendering.
The least: an amp dropped after two years.
Very good Q / Price.
Yes I would do this choice, but I'm starting to look to the three voices of the same brand.
dmp Lab01/20/2013

dmp Lab's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good compromise"

Prodipe Pro 8
They are primarily active speakers, which do not require amplification and can work with any analog source.
My main use is a nearfield in a room of 8m2.


The manufacturer displays 45Hz to 22khz which further confirms the role of monitors for a home studio Hi-fi listening.
dynamics is not bad with a stereo average.


2 years.
No, not in this range.
A significant margin of power, and power to change monitors 2.1 system with a subwoofer.

The ergonomic, no protection for HP.

The value remains the strong point in this range of monitors.

Yes, no problem!

maniteen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" but for a good start"

Prodipe Pro 8
- Model already used by my buddy

- Home studio

- Ultra Motu MkIII


- I think (answer to all these questions)


- More than two years

- Not

- At least more specific enough for me, I was recently at a friend who has a couple apollo + other speaker (adam I think) it was much better and longer heard the phase problem and all other default mix

- There is a price equivalent to the most interesting speaker

- The prodipe have aged badly, or at least I think competition is therefore not best now I will not make this choice the

purpletrain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Prodipe Pro 8
The sound is clean and free of artifice, he is faithful, powerful, clear.
Good monitor speakers


Yes to all


5 years,
I go to several merchants, I listened full.
The purity of the sound, no addition, his fidelity.
Excellent price / quality ratio
Dj dzil06/18/2012

Dj dzil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good compromise"

Prodipe Pro 8
DJ set at home


For me it goes!


I use them for 2 years for the DJ set at home.

I was looking for something easy to set up and having made a correct sound for a reasonable price.

After listening to several models of the same class level price, I stopped on prodipe 8, because for me they correspond more to what I expect from these speakers.

Its a pretty clear with low well reproduced, may be paying attention to some acute screaming at high volume.

Preparations for my evening workouts and mix at home they are correct and I am satisfied with the record, I mean if my mixes are not calibrated and allows me to quickly corrected all his.

For the price I would do so this choice, for now I plan to add the box that goes with it .... may soon be! wait and see