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Akai Professional DPS user reviews

  • Akai Professional DPS16

    Akai Professional DPS16 - "Akai DSP-16"


    I acquired the unit at guitar center. I needed something to record with and I paid about 2K for it. I think I can still unload it on some sucker First of all the manual was poorly written at least my version. I think the product was rushed into the…

  • Akai Professional DPS16

    Akai Professional DPS16 - "AKAI DSP16"


    The DSP16 features a recording section which is capable of 10 track simultaneous recording and 16 track simultaneous playback, a mixer section of 26 channels, and an internal effect section that enables you to use four effect channels simultaneously.…

  • Akai Professional DPS16

    Akai Professional DPS16 - "Akai DPS 16"


    got this unit on sale for $1300 about a year ago...but i believe musicians friend is now currently pricing them at $1300 as well. this unit sounds bad ass...however, if you want to record anything that is deemed 'releasable' i would invest in a dece…

  • Akai Professional DPS24

    Akai Professional DPS24 - radikal's review


    More details technique.de anyway everything is in the studio (or almost)! UTILIZATION C is not easy at first, even broken head (especially routing) but with the help of another user (thank you Bruno!) Amy j've managed to do. the manual is a bit…

  • Akai Professional DPS12

    Akai Professional DPS12 - malor's review


    - What is the connection (analog, numrique, MIDI)? Connectivity complte: master out in the CAR (not need more I think it is a machine for models mix is ​​supposed to happen inside the limit, we go back a shot multiband compressor output for " infla…

  • Akai Professional DPS16

    Akai Professional DPS16 - michelsabot's review


    Including 2 XLR analogue 8entres 24-bit 96 khz chantillonage up !!!!! storage via SCSI hard disk drive UTILIZATION We can not be simpler! Ideal for scne because trslger and portable, but also perfect for the studio. I have not had even read t…

  • Akai Professional DPS12i

    Akai Professional DPS12i - Getaurel's review


    Do the internal hard drive. Trs good multitrack numrique. Perfect sync. UTILIZATION This machine is an evolution of clbre DD1000 used in radio before the advent of ProTools. The functions are simple. SOUNDS WARNING! This machine is a…

  • Akai Professional DPS16

    Akai Professional DPS16 - Arts en Scène's review


    16 tracks DtDs friendly, 8-input jacks on symtriques (combo XLR / jack and power supply phantme for channels 1 & 2), an I / O numrique S / PDIF, 4 AUX jacks on sym, Master and Monitor CAR, MIDI. The CHARACTERISTICS are allchantes: up 96kHz/24bits, …

  • Akai Professional DPS12

    Akai Professional DPS12 - Psychonain's review


    6 entries on Jack symmetric or asymmetric, recording 16 bit 48 khz 12 tracks read, in short it is a very nifty little device to make preparations models, or simply mobile studio to record his ideas dd14gb UTILIZATION Easy to use you can alrea…

  • Akai Professional DPS12

    Akai Professional DPS12 - The Montmirail Studio's review


    Jack entered, sync noon spdif out 44.1 Sampling External SCSI disk storage and backup SCSI drive (plextor) external if updating the bios I have not a severe lack of output, only one master! UTILIZATION Operation is simple, you can start wit…