Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro
Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro

1604-VLZ Pro, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the VLZ Pro series.

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 14 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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AnimalTracksStudio's review

Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro
Here is a sixteen channel rackable powerhouse featuring 1/4 inch jacks, XLR jacks and jkust about every combination you can think of is available. there are six aux sends to handle any situation you might come on.


THis mixer is well thoguht out and you should be up and running in no time flat. The manual is great IF you should need it.


The board is amazingly quiet,. even in the studio.



While a lot of people use this board as merely a live sound mixer, there is so much more that this board can do that people often over look it’s ability as a studio board.

It is a full four buss mixer so you have sub-mix capabilities of sending to four discreet locations which is plenty for a modest home studio. Bur wait, there are also up to six aux outs which can act as sub outputs as well for a total of ten discreet outs.

If you have a larger system, you have access to direct outs for channels on through eight (this makes a great direct hook up for live recording, such as to Pro Tools by Digidesign which has eight ins).

The coolest way to hook this up is to run the eight sub outs into an analog to digital converter, such as the Behringer ADA-8000, which will give you eight digital outs via ADAT light pipe and then use four assignable subs and four aux sends to feed the analog input of the Digidesign interface (Digi 001, Digi 002 or Digi 003) which gives you an unbelievable 16 inputs and still leaves you two aux sends for effects and the main stereo buss out for control room monitors. This is ALMOST a dream system for a decent studio, and what is really neat about this is that you can have EQ and effects on ALL sixteen channels.

There are a couple extra outputs like a mono out that can be used to feed a fold back system for the vocalist.

The one minor drawback is that the faders are only sixty millimeters instead of the industry standard one hundred millimeters. But for the several thousand dollars in savings over a “pro” board, I think you can live with the shorter throw faders.
MGR/D.B. Park01/29/2004

MGR/D.B. Park's review"Mackie VLZ 1604 Pro"

Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro
Well I work as a media specialist in Toronto so I got it for free for my birthday because the guys know i what one. So yah i paid nothing.

It's a 16 channel mixer with aux send and receive and everything a mixer should have it good to travel with it the BEST mixer you will ever have if you know what i mean all you pro star guys out there

there is nothing to not like there

it is the toughest piece of equpiment in your whole sound and pa system i know because it fell from a table and it survides the chash i dont know many that can survie a chash like that


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Emmanuel Delahaye04/19/2014

Emmanuel Delahaye's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great report quality / price"

Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro
Classic analog mixer 16 among mono (48V XLR mic / line TRS) + 2 among stro (Line TRS)
Outputs L / R and SUB (<75Hz to subwoofer) XLR. L / R TRS
2 auxiliary bus PRE / POST (returns or effects)
2 POST auxiliary buses (effects, including a built-)
I / O analog recording (CINCH)
- Mono: Grave / Medium paramtrique / Acute
- Stro: Grave, Medium 1, Medium 2, Treble
Mini graphic equalizer on the L / R

Dtails here:


Operation is simple and intuitive. The manual is very clear and gives many examples of use (missing, however the console coupling, but it is very simple with 2 among STREO ...).

The only point a little strange is the lack of direct assignment of a path to L / R. While not pass SUB, which is somewhat surprising departure. But it is well explained in the manual.

For example, for a basic operation:
Assign each channel 1/2
Assign subs 1 and 2 L / R
Set the level of subs 1 and 2 U

Once we understand a, a roll.

You can also assign a group of 3/4, which enables rapid mixing a group (drums, chorus, violin section etc.)

Note the presence of an output STREO (mix) supplmentaire (Utility) with indpendant level rglage (but taken after the main mix) for sound to another room or the back of the room etc.


It is the quality Mackie. Net and are right, no coloring, no breath if we know rgler its levels ...
equalizers formidable. Use with prcaution!

The equalizer output is a little gadget, but it can help in simple cases ...


I use it for over a year. Absolutely nothing wrong, except that I want another one for 32 channels on hand! (Last sono: 28 tracks with 12 channels + 2 extension pr-mix 2-> 1 ...)

In the 80s, I had an Allen and Heath 16/4/2 I'd improves (recblage buses, mute, level LEDs per channel direct outputs, headphone amplifier etc. ) .dropoff window With Mackie, I have everything!

I appreciates the sound quality, the precision of rglages, 2 among stro that allow me extension, SUB output (for subwoofer) ...

I only regret the absence of direct assignment L / R by, but that's a detail. Also, two departures AUX / PRE have more t ... apprcis (never enough mix back ...). Too bad the AUX 3 and 4 may not be in the PRE connects ...

Too old to move to digital ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro
Analog mixer rack (Rotopod sold separately).

A lamp 12v

A true Swiss Army knife:
16 x MIC and LINE input + Insert and Pre-Amp on each slice, 16 tracks in all.
6 Aux Send, 8 AUX Return (independent of Send)
8 Direct Out, 4 sub outs; Control room + Phone, + Sub Main, Main insert
The top is the adjustable sub output that renders a true Mono Main. Pity that the volume pot is on the rear face. Otherwise everything is artfully arranged.


And simple but useful manual in English, good luck.
The download in French if doubts: 20PRO-_E

Once you understand the table, read manual Entirely, archie is simple.
Always have the mimic head to optimize its use.

On the forums, I read a lot of problem of breath.
I'm not, I certainly raise the chance. Specifies that I want is a second hand.


Personally I find it transparent but I mainly use the Hardware typ Hip-Hop.
Practical and effective for patching.

Pre-Amp button on each slice is used as a convenience.
Good Eq. A 75Hz low cut on each slice.


Plus, it is unquestionably the internal routing which facilitates its use.

I use not Pre-Amps. So I give no opinion deu.

No breath, I use the Aux Send & Return, virtually all 3 types of connections on the 16 channels and above the 8 Direct Out for my MPC 3000 + DAT CAR and my turntables.
I find it flexible and effective.

It is very compact for 16 channels and well rested.

The sliders race is a little short at first glance, but their precision blades that default.

Ing a sound I had advised seen my config (6 + MPC samplers at least), I bought aprsrflexion.
I'm not.

I would advise buying but you really test everything because other forums and leave a review srieux doubt.

Patrick.salvador's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro
for features, the easiest way is to go to the Mackie website and download the description in pdf

the gain is a strong point of this console, to saturate the preamp should do it on purpose!

it'll have been perfect with a switch on / off the eq


Console easy to use, if a neophyte find her soon. attention all the same with the aux can be injected at all, or part returns 1 and 2 in the aux send 1 and 2. Wholesale feedback guaranteed.

The bus system is still interesting for the registration night, it can send a strong signal on your tape recorder, while having a different volume on the master.

using a patch see two 2 * 24 is most useful when you start to have much possibility of routing.

I liked a switch on / off the equalizer.

the image of the series sr-xx-04 still the same brand, have an auxiliary section 100% usable simultaneously would have been a big plus. then we can not use that 4 simultaneously on each track. we must choose between the pair 3 / 4 or 5 / 6.

Despite racing 60mm faders, their movement can be smooth, they offer a slight resistance avoiding the jumps when they are moving slowly. Moreover, all the knobs on this console have a slight resistance to movement.


I would say that this console has body. before this one had a phonic, see notice filed for those concerned, here one feels the difference, really, and immediately the entire registry! is at once more dynamic. to side, it could put the word "fairly" to all floors: one can get a result quite late, we may get a kick powerful enough, rather twisted, we just get way hot enough, it can get quite easily all characters sound.

coupled to various audio processors, the results can be quite impressive!

after, it is clear that if we want to excellence finesse, excellent kick punchy, with a twist and extreme music, a way like hot embers, bin, will go on very high end . 1500% after the euro tranche. this is not the same budget!

Note 10/10 is for me the value price for the second hand market.


this console will be able to render great service, see be used as the centerpiece of a project. She will be able to receive all kind of sound, with a result good enough to claim the final draft over mix, be it in home or studio setup small musical scenes.

if you want to ride quality, must immediately spend more than double!

coast decreases so does not, normal, well maintained, they do not age, keep a 10 years? no problem.

key-prod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro
the 1604 is a rackmount console, hardwearing, well finished with 8 Direct outs, 4 bus, 6 to 16 mono tracks each with an XLR connector, Jack (6.35) and an insert.


The manual is clear but not essential because the console is easy to use: there is a button for each action, they are firmly attachs, prcis and reliable.
The Pramp are good: The price quality ratio is not bad
it is a good console to record 8 tracks or to go live in 16 tracks.
I just regret the lack of a master XLR.


I do not know what to add, the console is effective and has a good service life ... She has also a reputation to match its performance ...


good quality for money, with the experience, I do it again this choice.
I like the console ...

toots's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro
see characteristics manufacturer


Easy, good qualities, and contrary to the opinion prcdent with pre-amps slightly superiors that new sries (I compar I have a new 1402)
- 16 votes, direct outputs cannal (! 16), mute, 6 to an effective eq etc ..
minimum space for small groups or studio
9/10 for the quality / price (to put 10 must be changed slice budget!)


-little breath
-a correct gain reserve
-a fairly efficient eq (with parametric)


-a year of use (some live and studio outputs voice complment)
-solidittaille reduced
I sell it because I need 14 for use "clubs" if yes it is very reliable and accurate gear

Stef4n's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro
The console is by adding back rack ears provided with.
The upper block of the console, or is all the connections can be set to dissociate themselves in different ways. By setting the block on the back of the console, it saves the units when the front rack.

There are 16 single units with panoramic parametric equalizer, gain control, mute, solo and 6 auxiliary sends.
The auxiliary 1 and 2 are switchable pre / post fader.
A button "low cut" below the low setting potentiometer is used to cut the infra low (the difference is really obvious).
In addition to the faders are the buttons on bus route to the 4 "sub" or directly to the stereo master output "main mix".

each of the 16 votes are equipped with XLR microphone input, insert and line inputs on balanced jack 6.35. The console has a 48 volt power supply.
Every 1 to 8 in a direct output jack 6.35 (for 8-track recording).
The buses and the stereo outputs "main mix" are balanced jack 6.35.

At the back are usually insert a "hand insert" to address all of the console with a processor dybamique example.
There are conference and out "tape" on RCA for recording and playback K7, DAT or other recording device.
Output "control room" on 6.35 jack can connect monitors with the front volume knob and switches to select what one wants to listen (pat, sub 1-2, 3-4 sub hand mix.

Section of returns "stereo to return" allows different assignments, through switches, the "subs" or "main mix" and other routing.


Who has the habit of using analog consoles there's not rocket science.

Meanwhile compact leaves little room for fingers between the various switches and potentiometer but the fact that it gives him the ability to be rack is quickly forget this more or less annoying. For me, mine is in a rack with my expander and effects, it is a good space saving and is convenient in its use.
The switch to turn on the console and the 48 volt power supply located on the back side with the connectivity and rack when it's really not very practical

Memory the manual was pretty clear, although in English. the different possible configurations of the consoles were explained and illustrated with diagrams.


I'm not an engineer and I'm not trained to listen very much precision, but for having had the opportunity to try and listen to other consoles I've always preferred the sound of the Mackie . There really is a very good preamp which provides an excellent listening and dynamics, the "big" sound as some would say.

The parametric EQ is really effective when you turn the knob means and notament real difference in the bass that have made an excellent especially in the lower frequencies. The switch "low cut" removes the sub bass.

May be a small trainer must Suffle and if so I've never paid attention. This is one of the charms of the analog and for those looking for a sound console of this type will satisfy the Mackie pleinenement.


I've had a little over 10 years and is an integral part of my home studio.

I really like the insert general "main insert" that allows you to connect a dynamics processor to handle all of the console. I have connected with an Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom gives me all her final.
To the downside, if there really negative aspect, the switch and phantom power on the back which is not practical rack and can be the eternal lack of voice, but 16 votes rack c ' is already pretty good ...

I bought it new and at the time she was around for 7000 francs. I did it revise once there it 3 or 4 years. He just had to change the volume control of the "control room" and the technician told me that apart from that it is in perfect condition.

I have a hard time separating myself today, and if I had to buy a console of this type I will take this model without hesitation.

Guy'fx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro
Good for me it's been six years since I .. rsultat accounts:

a slice in less ...

The master left who does not work anymore ...

It's a good console, but hey, let's just say that it is effective for the routing of a config 8pistes direkt to analog disk ....
She plays the role of prampli, has not the same, a relatively large crosstalk between tracks.?


Very easy to take control ...
It will be very effective in you home studio, but completely Exceeds for sound ...
Does not have XLR outputs, prepare your interfaces ....


However the sound is clean, and breath Grable has provided you observe the calibrations of equipment ...


Well it is about 6 years ago it was very interesting CEET console on the market today with the advent of consoles NUMriques, firewire as onyx, and I still think 96 to 01V and firewire interfaces, ( FUNCTION REMOTE console numriques +) .. I think the mackie ptite has little future before it.
However in a fixed config like mine, it holds the road ...

Ye-ha's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro
Rackable 19''

16 mono tracks between line, insert, mic.
16 Gain knob.
+ Switch 4 to 3 / 4 5 / 6 so we can plug in between the 6, 4 back on jack 6'1 / 2 stereo.
3-band equalizer, 75Hz cut on the low, medium frequency adjustable knob.

Two subgroups.

Output and return types in the CAR.


Narrow inconveniant is his only, but the price of compact rack. (I do not pass a finger between two faders, the switch or there is the sub group.


It's breath, but less than a spirit.
Trs Sounds good, some reproaches from his cot cold marks English ....
Personally I had a spirit folio, and has nothing less than breath and the equalizer is the mackie efficace.Personnellement I prefer by far.
Compared to a phonic (ok c TFWP not comparable), and although it is not really comparable (lol), the Mackie has a dynamic sound, the non-phonic ....


I recently I did some basic tests on mixtures of sounds to push itself in acute self in the bass.
Dj the bass response is good, powerful dynamics and not "soften".
The knob for adjusting the frequency of the medium is effective trs.

Even when it has a certain age (purchased used) but no crash, no knob in poor condition, everything works without any problems.

Mackie is sturdy, clean, simple, effective ....