Studer 169

Studer 169

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169, Analog Mixer from Studer.

5 user reviews
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Studer 169 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Studer
  • Model: 169
  • Category: Analog Mixers
  • Added in our database on: 01/27/2003

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Studer 169 user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
 5 reviews100 %

anapurna's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Studer 169
Little wonder, little gem from the past, 70's delight
- It does not rack, but it is portable which is very convenient to adapt to working environments quickly
- There are two versions: the 169 and 269 respectively (10 channels 2 to bus 1, lanes 2 to 4 14 to return bus + limit + 4)
- Fully modular
- Mine uses a pin to the output of the block master, mic input + line grafted XLR direct out stereo jack
- The equalizer has a low shelf, a semi, a hi shelf
- S / N ratio excellent
- Clipping point 26 / 27 db (huge twist to your little mackie 16 db!)
- Limit very interesting, they are real walls! ideal to break your cretes


Let's go into detail ... I owned a 169 first. I fell in love. The only drawback really is "too small" size for the front end really the summation. We dream of breaking more leads to better isolate and to enjoy the clarity of the preamp to the mix .... 10 for me was too little too frustrating ... So I was the happy owner of a 269 (pretty rare, after all), my console of choice ... then it's better 14 tracks + 4 supllémentaires (line level) + double limit ... general configuration is fairly simple to a small detail: the quadraphonic sound. Designed in 4 bus it is actually a dual quad master: so it's pretty weird to settle panos early because you have to understand how to disable quad resimuler a stereo ... The Pan button is a double button ... it becomes an advantage with the creators of the imagination can make excellent use
For a broadcast console, it must be said, it is rather well designed, There are all you need to talk backn two steps returns, departures auxillaires ... CAUTION: While checking for out requiring direct intervention by a technician because originally they did not all!


Ahhhh ...
20/20 and even more if possible !!!!!
I do not do the drawing ... you have to say one thing: most of these were small boneless crazy consoles by brokers who sell refurbished preamps to the unit ... that's a shame, especially considering the price .. the stereo is usually broke refurbished to $ 1,500, it's expensive, but given the sound quality and demand (c highly sought after by the sound engineer states ).... but now !!!!!
and I'm picky, I bought a series of preamps in different colors, as the high end of 1073 through the Telefunken (I love !!)... but ... people here are really good too
Studer was the color, clarity, warmth ... test ... I love how you describe it: it's pretty close to the Neve melbourne in fact, the sound is "smoothy" precise energetic but "not hard", excellent for projects types jazzy, acoustic and vocal ... very well to treat a variety of micro batteries, one can find the dough to own batteries 60/70 's atmosphere WHITE ALBUM Beatles .... the circuit invented by Studer is very particular about this series besides 169/269 961/962 following models are interesting month, less innovative, more traditional

In fact for me to use the strategy is simple: I made my (usually 16 microphones) I use 12 channels of preamps studer + some color to contrast well and I started working and puff in the tools with very good plugs ... Then I run the whole mix (or subs) in the lexicon with two studer wired in there ... Heavenly! artists that I produce are all very happy, the Studer really lets break this 'paste' digital and restore electrical power to sound

- S / N ratio of madness (much better than in Neve 70's) the preamps have a crazy fishing due to the presence of op-amp 301 in the circuit that brings a big fishing
- Colored on the mic, transparent line, overall very musical
- Equalizer is quite simple the shelf are very powerful, can finish the half shooting a good eq or modify musical timbre, super
- Bus summation very clean very transparent, it twists too far (26 db) by clipping point, it leaves a headroom and thus enables to air and really have a real output level to attack your GP9!!


I'm a fan for several reasons:
- The console is very practical, not too heavy, mobile, ideal for back to live, or to register groups directly in their studios ...
- It does take advantage of 14 modules equ preamps to his mortal of the 70's inimitable miles terminals to all the crap like amek or tla, similar to melbourne, musical, smooth, very good signal / noise
- Effective miking but equally in that mix of dual purpose
- Mad behind the front end tools, sufficient, providing all you need to really give a more realistic analog to a digital work and do the summing etc. ..

I use it (169 269) for 6 years
- I love the preamps and sound clarity
- Ideal for the summation
- Very useful, since meters, tape return, departure auxillaires, no need to patch or DI etc ...

I worked on many pro consoles (Lafont, bcm10 neve, trident, mci) I love the Studer is very competitve and the same size but has the advantage of existing in a small version at affordable prices and to have on hand plenty of preamps to record and mix ... Ideal for my setup .. I tried the Snow 542, more expensive, only 8 tracks, not to, no direct out, poor sound quality (the worst of Neve preamp equ class B) ...

For the record, in fact, the 169 is not a broadcast console at the origin (it later became) Studer was put up for sale to meet demand for many working Inges sounds of music classical or jazz bands ... the idea was to place a console nearby, in the choir orchestra ... Today bnon number of studios dedicated to making sound symphony or philharmonic still have their 269 ... Save the number of Wagner is no longer counted with: dedicated to the world of classical, Studer has developed an impeccable console in terms of audio quality ... Then, with this reputation, the radios of the 70 boards (eg radio frequency) needed to read some small brackets to broadcast tapes, but they sought to have the highest quality, best sound (but it only existed in 40 / 60 channels) so they bought the 169, which was not broadcast at the base, it has become in spite of herself !!!!! The 90 and the reign of digital has caused a resurgence of the 169 on the second hand market because the radios are now covered 100% digital and have rid their old stuff ... brokers are having a field day and destroy the consoles to sell their gloreiux preamp for gold! HELP ENDANGERED SPECIES


djef2000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Studer 169
I will be short since everything has clearly trs t dj said
I love this console, it remains one of my best memories in the making
Does it also take the bcp cinma mix to sleep as a configuration of microphones nagra ... There's rarely rev it a few times, it seems to stand out a little closets these days because bcp stations have broadcast the barn vid dernirement preamps are actually trs research because they are quite unique in design and sound ... it looks like possibly the old EMT so here goes ....
I do not see what can be put to a better config 8 or 16 outputs numriques
because the quality of plug ins to make good progress and what it lacks is a bit jsute heat irrsolu and effectively the problem of the summation is really in pourrix numrique.
I think one can be found in the near future, for now I use a summing API which I connect my preamp, it works very well too, but this is not the same comfort that a mixing desk.


Routing Summary
Like any console
No need for manual


Silent, has rarely seen so silent for the actual hardware of the 70
I remain a bit puzzled about the eq is trs enjoyable but I regret that the low and high or fix, in fact, on low. Because of the low memory is a shelf 50hz and 150 Hz mid begins .. So the serious difficulties to ring only with studer on the other hand with a lil plug derrire roll ca ... What's great about it is holding the console, the audio quality, the summons ...


I have worked a long time since I had to hand in a studio
Has the sparation hard because when I got back mix of more traditional things such as lafont osundcraft or 6000 or other again, I do find the little magic Studer ...
In short, a little trick that you can actually fall in love, it's a little woman / console fatal
cricri d'la mort06/23/2006

cricri d'la mort's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Studer 169
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Casiment made for beginners ... so that the pro


musicality terrible


If you buy a Studer is certainly in its history, its look, its ergonomics, simplicity,
but above all for its incomparable inigals pramplis DEFINITIONS.
A small wonder! that for the price (3000-5000) is less than 8 individual same quality preamps.

Dougue's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Studer 169
I start. Tribute this minimix I love and I There's Discoveries 20 years he's taken a full orchestra. The chassis is available with rack or wooden parts varnish. The console comes in several versions: mono, stereo, quad or three buses. The connection is gnralement rear XLR inputs and for the insert jack is stereo. All of the connections (bus master, monitor, AUX SEND) is XLR. The EQ has three bands. Ct EQ, the low shelf is a little short but makes pretty things. Subtraction is an unstoppable low cut which excavates all frquences indsirables. In boost, it helps to bring back the bass deep and vibrating the low end (gnial raliste to make the steps of a lphant or weapon !!!). Then takes the semi parametric Relva and starts at the bottom, excellent for brown overtones of a bass instrument. This paragraph is semi linear and rises high enough to treble. With this knob, you can fix almost the entire spectrum. Great music, you can have fun with and without correction EXAGRES dtimbrer. We can therefore boost of 10 db 3000 Hz to bring out a female voice in the mix without dfigurer texture. Grosse quality that allows over-qualiser without PForm. This makes the semi para 169 trs effective because you can mix and place dtach DIFFERENT lments mix, allocate band frequency drives diffrent heights, all remaining tr s trs musical. it is for me one of the great quality of 169 slices. The top end (hi ​​shelf) trs is clear and smooth. The bills are excellent pramplis (input transformer and Sorites) and trs big potato: we obtain the nominal output level with an SM57 without booster. Super quality audio. 10/10!


The console is very simple. A beginners will have a rel a pleasure working on a tool as simple. The routing is basic. Sommationnent slices in the master. No galre routing is a minimix. The usual functions are directly without making head. It sounds IMMEDIATE! The manual that is never found is available on the Internet. Go little help for those seeking the doc, she is free to the ACCS studer ftp:

Everything is there, process calibration, schematics, measurements, etc ... dtails


T says it all this. I give my opinion.
The console has a pretty color though she plutt soft pchue. The Mic preamps are "open" and allow to obtain a good quality prsence of trs. The console does not blush ct of 1073, some 169 prfrent same sound at the neve. A blind test in a blind switch is surprising. For those familiar with the sound neve, the microphone preamp is studer Submitted and softer mdium up and dig down in the nave. Compar other mixers, the advantage of being relatively Studer is transparent unlike a trident which dgueulera. The Studer is a real tool box, a real Swiss Army knife (STUDER is Swiss, it's not for nothing) that works on all types of projects. For production in modern music (rap, electronica) the mix will all energo and percussivit ncessaire snapping. For lovers of analos taken, the amp will fulfill its mission perfectly by boosting your mics without PForm color. Coupled with a good U47 or static, we can will appreciate the high quality audio mixer, the signal / noise ratio and excellent softness in the upper mids and treble.


For me, the 169 is IDAL because I can catch and mixing with. The console is effective in all cases of figures. It provides that the search-ings sounds: the energy of the presence, potato gently. I am looking aujourdh'ui couple several mixers as it is possible to chain multiple chassis while keeping a master chassis and the chassis that sommationne slaves which can replace the master section by other modules. A chassis 169 can be recessed 14 modules and chassis 269 allows to put 20. Enchainer, you can configure a large mixer. I have not tried yet because I want another console. In the doc, a section is devoted for this purpose but I can not say for now since I have not tried. Feel free to send me a message for those who would make this change. In fact, it is to connect the motherboards (backplanes) with a cable to the chassis DIFFERENT behave as a unique console! Case continued ...
Assurment a great choice for lovers of sound, the sound ings, the console is robust, failures are rare and often bgnines, the mix is ​​easy to transport which allows to make the sound a little everywhere. It takes up little space and do that PSE 16 kg. A good rack full of preamps eq super!
The price of a single nave, there's no picture!! For the skeptics, to the costs, it is found in many cabins professional punctual.

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