Roland SH-101
Roland SH-101

SH-101, Analog Synth from Roland.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 21 reviews )
 13 reviews62 %
 3 reviews14 %
 3 reviews14 %
 2 reviews10 %

SirJeff's review"Mythical. for good reasons"

Roland SH-101
I think everybody knows the features...and if you don't they are easy to find.

The features might seem limited, and yet it's incredible what you can do with it.


Is it easy to make settings? The basis of subtractive synthesis.

Is the user's manual clear and comprehensive? ...never read it

Is it easy to edit sounds or effects? No effects. Editing is über-easy, every knob controls a single function. It couldn't be easier.


Do the sound presets fit your music style? It's a mythical sound for electronic music, if it didn't suit me, I would be the problem.

Which sounds do you prefer / hate? ...
I love the basses, leads, distorted effects

Don't look for realism

I love the expression of the filter, as well, it livens up the sounds wonderfully


How long have you been using it? Used often, resold and rebought.

Did you try any other models before buying this one? Yes, everything, except analog or modeling units.

Which feature do you like the most / the least?
+ The ease of use, depth, soul, arpeggiator, mini sequencer.
- Nothing. When you buy this type of gear you know you'll have constraints: A brief warm-up time, no midi, no way to save presets... But who cares!!!

I always smile when people bad-mouth its sound qualities. Just remember this synth was chosen by the pioneers of electronic music and still is a favorite among some of its most venerated representatives, even though that wasn't Roland's intention... As with many Roland products, this product wasn't conceived to please the people that ended up using it, the latter are artists that decided to hijack it for their own purposes, because it SOUNDS GOOD!

farkey's review

Roland SH-101
Smooth and precise keyboard, 2 octaves shifter.
arpeggiator and built-in sequencer, cv & gate outputs, it allows you to control a modular synth effectively.


Easy and clear editing


I totally agree with the previous review.
Especially the noise is amazing, much better than the Yamaha, for example.
I use it mainly for leads with an old boss chorus and a SE70


I bought it in the early '90s and have never let go of it.

Often imitated, never equaled, the SH101 has no competitors...I also like the new analog Vermonas, which have a similar color to analog gear of the early '80s.
I also have a pro one, same technology as the sh101: The sound is more raw and the lows more punchy, but, in my opinion,, when it comes to effects, arpeggios and leads, the sh101 is better!...I think it's due to a Roland filter.

AlanForPresident's review"Would be great for some drum and bass music"

Roland SH-101
The Roland SH 101 is a analog monophonic synthesizer that can be purchased online for just under 1000 usd, now I feel that price is a little to expensive. Yes it is a great piece of vintage gear, but anytime you purchase vintage gear you are taking a risk because it is so old that there will be something wrong with it when you get it. So I don’t feel the Roland SH 101 should be that much, I think it should be worth around 700 dollars. But if you purchase it you wont be upset, you will love the sounds and the ease of use with the Roland Sh 101.


Its pretty easy to use, really nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to vintage gear. The more you use this unit the more you will love it. that’s one thing that I can say that is good about it. Each time that I get a chance to use it I fall more in love with the sound and warmth of the machine.


The sounds are great, some really good techno stuff, you can have all the control of the pitch and lfo with the pitch bender. Also the arp is pretty good too, you can use it to arp up and down and all in real time. The Roland SH 101 reminds me of a few other boards that have been used over the years in some recent music and it seems like this board gave a lot to the sound of the Juno line that roland has created years ago.


You will be happy with this boards sound and quality, but the price could be a little too much. It is a Very popular piece of vintage gear, and that could be why its so expensive but to me its just not worth that amount of money anymore. I wish I could have bought one for a lot cheaper than what they are asking for them.

Fabsalab's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland SH-101
SH101, "small" ynthé analog hides his game
No polyphony

Two octaves and a half to feast


The manual does not exist, it is found on the internet in pdf. but it was not used much.

The sound editing is very simple, just turn the knobs, remove the knobs and listen, try and listen, with a brief bit of practice it's OK


No velocity, no after touch
Its totally unrealistic, if we find mêm are settings for trumpets, strings and other ... in the manual: o)

The bass sound is huge but it is more versatile than that to which the trouble to look a little


I have over 15 years, I paid a misery at the time, this was before the return of the "analog is really better."
I hesitate san referrai this choice but try the machine before.
in these older analog synths crachouille, are not very fair, or stable ... And all these symptoms nor the SH101 is not too sensitive.
Mine a little crachouille

jblboss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland SH-101
mono without twelve o'clock without effects


very simple


very very good sound analog


al era cheap but now ....

valskater's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good old synth!"

Roland SH-101
- Keyboard 32 keys from an FA to an OD (about two and a half octaves)
- Monophonic
- The sounds are typical of a synthesizer, ie, unpredictable. The sounds that can modulate the Roland SH-101 are rather serious, and even then there is the possibility of transposing to higher octaves.
- There's a Pitch Bend (X, Y) adjustable pormento an adjustable one sequence and a ARPEGIO adjustable speed and "meaning" melody (ex: you can sequence DO-MI-SOL, and after play in the sense SOL-MI-DO)
- Works with a 9V or 12V adapter or with batteries (I do not know how, I just know they are very large and Cylinders)
- Possibility of adding a "grip modulation" to control pitch bend with an external control
- 1 Output, 1 Phones
- Outputs / inputs I do not know the value: "EXT CLK IN", "Hold", "CV / Gate = IN", "CV / Gate = OUT."


No need for a manual, this synth is very easy to use.
Of course, you have a multitude of potential given the number of adjustment possible!


Analog sound.
To try to be clear, the sound of this synth can be used in progressive rock, it can be used as "Piano Bass" (that's what I did in fact, with electronic organ, and Hop, we go for the complete Doors!), one could even reproduce sounds at Daft Punk.


I use it for a year now.
This is the first synth I have, and the only negative I have to proclaim is the mono ... I know, it's also a Minimoog monophonic and yet it is a great instrument, but the mono really limits us as to the total explotation of these little toys.
If I remake my choice, I rushed to a polyphonic synth.
Anyway, I will not complain, the Roland SH-101, I found it in the basement of a bar! :-P

boudifle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good cam"

Roland SH-101
Everything has been said above!


Very easy to use, it is a good way to get to analog. The only downside may be the arpegiator difficult or almost impossible to stall on a tempo ... Analog Analog!


The range of sounds is not super wide but just for the bass that can come out, it's worth it!


For over 20 years, I always had at least one SH101, and I even had the handle at a time into a synthetic strap or the doc in Japanese! is a tireless and timeless synth, which I use mainly for bass sounds. It gave me this synth is pleased to spend days hacking away (and note my hacks on photocopied manual presets blanks!). That said, for some time, I went (oh sacrilege!) To more than honest emulation that fill the lack of control related to the analog ... it will make some jump, but I assume ...

choquette's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a status of "classic" well deserved."

Roland SH-101
2 octave keyboard and a half (FA DO) with a switch for transposition of +1 / -1 octave.
pitch bend wheel (horizontal) / modulation (vertically) and dosed assignable to VCO / VCF and pitch separately.
arpeggiator and sequencer triggable by a gate signal is connected to the speed of the LFO.
I / O CV / Gate Standard (1V/oct). minijack in
main output and headphone jack 6.35.
HOLD pedal input jack 6.35.
Click on EXT jack 6.35: controls the speed of the arpeggio / sequencer


LFO: triangle, square, and random noise, from 2 to 20 hz. applies to the pitch with a slider and knob bender. VCF in PWM and the square of the VCO: a slider and a 3-position switch to select the source: LFO, ENV, or Manual (PW simple).
mixer section for the determination of the volume waveform of the VCO: SAW and SQUARE SUB with the oscillator and the white noise generator.
SUB OSC fairly complete: October square -1, -2, and PULSE -2 October October
then the section with conventional filter cutoff, resonance, depth ENV, LFO depth and Keytrack.
VAC: 1 switch to select between WRAP and GATE.
ADSR classic with a 3 position switch: Retrig or not, and trigger the LFO.


that's the interesting part: Roland classic sound with silky Square, a pleasant SAW reminiscent of many TB-303. a filter that creamy little saturated self oscillates violently while being very musical, quite the opposite of PRO-ONE example. makes this filter ROLAND IR3109 (Jupiter 6, Juno 8 6-106, JX-3P) is my favorite filter in the world.
for a small monophonic (one CSO, one LFO ENV 1) it has a fairly comprehensive modulations, especially lack of ENV on pitch. Note that the NOISE shaped LFO can get very aggressive sounds unlike other Roland.
a standard brief recognizable at first listen.


past ten years that I practice that is my favorite bass machine. but it provides very good sound LEAD classic and sequenced sounds interesting. no complex modulations (or extreme) but a full, punchy, powerful and above all a shell prompt (analog), which ridicules the most recent synths.
I highly recommends that they though the rating used is overvalued (€ 350 seems a fair price)
Note that many changes can make very easy to turn it into the semi modular system 100.

ZeeByeZon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Easy to use, great sound"

Roland SH-101
It's a mono synth, fully analog, without memory, where each parameter is directly accessible on the front panel. There is no simple and convenient.

A single oscillator at first, but you can mix the waveforms, and it has a sub oscillator and a noise generator. There is a detachable and adjustable portamento.
A resonant low pass filter, which can easily grow in self-oscillation.
One envelope, which can act on the VCF and VCA.
An LFO can act on the VCO, the VCF and the VCA. You can also use the noise generator as a modulation source, giving very good results.

There is also an arpeggiator and a small built-in sequencer.


Editing sounds is straightforward, simple and enjoyable. The calibration parameters are perfect. Everything reacts exactly as expected.

The keyboard is small: 2 octaves 1 / 2, luckily the little switch octave leap is convenient and well placed. It is controllable CV / Gate, and then access to five octaves, it is easy to control via MIDI converter.

The bender meets great, we arrive at a game very expressive, especially since the keyboard is nervous and reacts to a quarter of the hair.


The sound of the SH101 is alive, not fat, I love it. Nothing to get rid of the oscillators are fine, the filter is great, the dynamic envelope is super!

One can only regret the absence of possibly a second oscillator for added versatility. At the same time, we would lose a little simpler and it's also what makes it to the point with this synth.


I use it for more than 10 years, I never get tired.
The three things I love about this synth:
- Sound
- Expressiveness
- Simplicity

It is very difficult to talk price with machines that are 30 years old, so I did not venture :-)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The most intuitive synth I have had"

Roland SH-101
Synth super intuitive!


Fader = parameter, it is the dream ... One can not imagine more pleasant for a synth.


Can be created fifteen billion sounds with eyes closed. A real pleasure.
Just let go hacking away!

If you start plugging it into a multi-effects pedals and guitar, we discover another fifteen billion of new sounds:)


I think it's my favorite synth of all categories (I prefer my MS20).