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  • Apple GarageBand

    Apple GarageBand - "Most Underrated DAW"


    If you're a Mac user this is a free DAW that will come pre installed on your machine. It's very easy to use and has good instruction and how to tutorials built into it. If you have problems there are always youtube videos out there that you can us…

  • Apple GarageBand

    Apple GarageBand - "Well balanced and efficient recording software for the novice to intermediate"


    GarageBand is an excellent place to start for the aspiring engineer. If it came with your brand new Mac then you are ready to roll as soon as you turn your machine on! The help files/manual are easily accessible within the program and sufficiently co…

  • Apple GarageBand Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra

    Apple GarageBand Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra - "dont buy it unless you want to be a begginer for ever"


    Well first and formost I want to say that using Garage Band will only get you so far, Garage Band is Apples bottom line software and comes installed on most of the machines for free. So before investing into any of the Jam Packs that Apple puts out y…

  • Apple GarageBand

    Apple GarageBand - "Why would a beginner buy Logic before he tries GarageBand!?"


    GarageBand was designed for the Mac OS, by the developer who made the Mac OS, so Apple's beautiful software homogeneity makes GarageBand painfully easy to start up. I don't own a Mac myself, but I've done my share of being around my friends when they…

  • Apple GarageBand Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra

    Apple GarageBand Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra - "Decent symphony jampack"


    The Apple GarageBand Jam Pack Symphony Orchestra is yet another Jam Pack that Apple has released to help extend the usage of GarageBand, their beginner DAW. The Symphony Orchestra contains various different loops of all kinds of different instrume…

  • Apple GarageBand Jam Pack: World Music

    Apple GarageBand Jam Pack: World Music - "Interesting jampack"


    Apple has various Jam Packs available for GarageBand that's meant to help extend the overall functionality of the program. This Jam Pack contains what they call World Music. These are basically just various loops they have of all kinds of different…

  • Apple GarageBand

    Apple GarageBand - "Beginner's DAW"


    Apple's Garageband is their beginner DAW that they recommend everybody try. It's meant for those who just want to dabble in recording. It's built so that it caters towards simplicity rather than trying to overwhelm the user with tons and tons of op…

  • Apple GarageBand

    Apple GarageBand - "Free, but not the best choice"


    The setup was completely done already. The Application was already in the computer and there is no manual for it, it's just a mediocre software that came with the MacBook Pro. GarageBand is only compatible with Mac, as it was made by Apple Inc. so yo…

  • Apple GarageBand

    Apple GarageBand - "Ubiquitous, yet surprisingly useful program"


    This program comes standard on Macintosh computers. I never particularly cared for it very much, having been familiar with Pro Tools (and to a lesser extent, Logic) already before I purchased a MacBook Pro. The program is easier than Pro Tools to get…

  • Apple GarageBand

    Apple GarageBand - "Apple GarageBand"


    Comes with Mac OSX I got this software bundle in the new MAC OSX First and foremost its free, (if you get a new mac). Simple to use and very intuitive. This is a great program for musicians who want to start to get into producing or just want to …