Apple GarageBand Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra
Apple GarageBand Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra

GarageBand Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra, Virtual Intrument Bundle from Apple in the GarageBand series.

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stompboxjon 07/05/2012

Apple GarageBand Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra : stompboxjon's user review

« dont buy it unless you want to be a begginer for ever »

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Well first and formost I want to say that using Garage Band will only get you so far, Garage Band is Apples bottom line software and comes installed on most of the machines for free. So before investing into any of the Jam Packs that Apple puts out you should invest into get another sequencing program. Something you can further your ability with and get more in depth with music and really start to understand how digital music works. Garage Band wont allow you to do that, I say go with Logic. With that being said, if you still want to use Garage Band and want to get the Jam Pack, you would need to understand that you arent getting vst instruments. Jam pack will only give you loops, now you will get a lot of them, actually I think there are over 1,000 of them total which is a great value for the product. But paying 99 bucks for a bunch of loops when you could spend a little more and get a way better program to create music in will be your best bet.

I say hold on on purchasing Jam Pack and purchase logic. Get away from using Garage Band unless you want to be a beginner for ever. I have never purhase Jam Pack and never will, but a friend of mine has and told him the same thing im saying in this review. Its not worth spending that money on a pack of loops. You need good quality vst. If you are going to invest, get a good sequencer and start from there.

Jam Pack will work great with your Garage band but only because there can be no issues, they are only loops. Apple has just paid a bunch of musicians to record a bunch of loops and then they put them on a disk and sell them to you for 100 dollars. Do not buy this. It is not worth the money , spend your money where it will matter.