Apple GarageBand
Apple GarageBand

GarageBand, Loop Sequencer from Apple in the GarageBand series.

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MGR/ctargia 05/05/2010

Apple GarageBand : MGR/ctargia's user review

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Comes with Mac OSX

I got this software bundle in the new MAC OSX

First and foremost its free, (if you get a new mac). Simple to use and very intuitive. This is a great program for musicians who want to start to get into producing or just want to record there own music. There are tones of different tones and filters you can add to your instrument and a lot of different MIDI instruments to play around with and be creative. If you have never used audio editing software this is a great way to get started mixing and producing. You can do a lot with this program without much practice.

It is not very versatile. There is a reason you wont go to a pro studio and see the sound engineer running garage-band, it just can't do as much. Some of the MIDI instruments don't sound as authentic but that is to be expected

I would guess 'construction' would mean coding, and in that case I would say its very good, and I personally have not had it crash out on me very often.

If you are serious about producing music, you are better off with a mac anyway, and since all new macs come with this software, its worth a try. If you are going to invest money in real production, I would shell out some dough for a more robust piece of software (Logic/Reason/ProTools/Etc).

If you are just a musician who wants to compose some tunes, without learning a complex program, then Garageband is your program!

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