Roland GR-55GK
Roland GR-55GK

GR-55GK, Audio/MIDI Converter from Roland in the GR series.

Phil AMMELOOT 11/10/2013

Roland GR-55GK : Phil AMMELOOT's user review

«  Can do far better! »

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See it on the Roland website is well presented throughout Europe. We must sell their property.


Ouch! it hurts!
Using too complex for my taste. Roland's engineers are more cerebral user! And that's a shame! Why? Because they always forget the essential: the ease of use of the machine for any musician, the most experienced at the neophyte. With this bike they all missed, and that's saying something. Here is the list:
1) Tracking or latency is horribly behind an excellent machine produced there 40 years ago: the GR300. It is shameful on the part of Roland. Zeros!
2) Can not change the numbering of the bike (eg 12-3) and as basic to any good effect rack => 01, 02, 03 etc.. etc..
3) 3 pedals only to change the sounds?? It is the crisis in Roland? They are not able to add a fourth pedal while all other pedals have 5 pedals: 4 sounds and the fifth and sixth to change Bank.
4) To enter each program: This is HORRIBLE!! You spend too much time to move from page to page! As if you are on an Excel spreadsheet that you change every time Excel spreadsheets. LAMENTABLE! A musician is a person who wants to play and not spend hours searching where such an order, how to change such action, etc. ... This is frankly a FACTORY GAS! there it is - 400 20!
5) The use of sound effects is also poorly made: the musician lost in all these commands so long as he loses patience and interest.
6) The manual is poorly jerked: you spend most time looking at each page references and explanations of interest. Poorly done as the program of the bike!
7) You want to save a program you like. You only want to remove one or two of the four sounds because it is only one or two that interest you. You press write and you think the GR55 is saved as you want your sound. Well your dream he calls sound like the original, even in the User bank. Looking in the manual: shit! No explanation. Nothing!
8) I will stop there because there are still untold shit!


No problem for the implementation of such connection or connection: it works (thankfully, otherwise we could throw it in the trash!)


I bought there two years ago and I am very disappointed with the product despite some sounds that I found very enjoyable. I recommend to beginners and those seeking simplicity: it is not to go!
I remain convinced that Roland is a company that can produce excellent products that meet the musicians. The proof is: the G303 or G808 and GR300 were revolutionary products and have been played by professionals there 40 years. If they gave me this bike for testing and review, first I'll have indicated their dissatisfaction and on my other hand I have asked them to start from scratch and make a quality product as they see have done it 40 years ago. Puree! Damn what?? ... That will one day make a guitar synthesizer WITHOUT STANDBY!! It's simple no?
I will not make that choice and wait PRODUCT that will be worth it.