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EBS Bass Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • EBS Fafner II

    EBS Fafner II - "Ebs Fafner"


    paid $875 used I love everything about the fafner. it is by far the best sounding bass amp ive ever played through.It is the loudest amp ive heard, and has unrivaled clarity. The "drive" knob utilizes the tube, and you can dial in a small amount for…

  • EBS HD350

    EBS HD350 - "EBS HD350 Rackmount Bass Head"


    I bought this amp & an EBS 410 cab after hearing it demonstrated at Music Live2002 on the GB Guitars stand. Head & cab cost around £1200 for the pair. The sound that this combination produces, is far & away the best I have ever heard, and I have trie…

  • EBS Fafner

    EBS Fafner - "EBS Fafner TD600"


    I bought this bass amplifier after trying a lot different amps. I paid €1800,-. The best amp I've heard in years! Very loud. very powerfull. very clear tone. very nice looks. very good slap amp. there's almost nothing I don't like about this bass…

Translated user reviews
  • EBS Reidmar

    EBS Reidmar - " excellent"


    amp transistor 250 watts into 4 ohms (I use it with two speakers eden) Talking settings above does not do a relevant indication as to purchase, in fact found on the web advanced description of possibilities UTILIZATION In my case, and in order to…

  • EBS Reidmar

    EBS Reidmar - "The ideal compromise?"


    Reidmar the head is a small transistor Swedish design, but made in China, and operates in Class D. Power is 125W @ 8 ohms, and 250W @ 4ohms. Front, one in the order the Character switch which is basically an equalizer preset, adjustment of input with…

  • EBS Reidmar

    EBS Reidmar - " I am crazy reid"


    Head D 250W @ 4 ohm / 125W @ 8 ohms, compact (36 x 25 x 7.5 cm) and lightweight (3.2 kg). Settings on the front: switch "Character" specific to EBS amplifiers that boost the sound in the bass and treble and hollow mediums, gain, compression / limit…

  • EBS TD660

    EBS TD660 - " Sound super accurate!"


    Amp hybrid. It transistor (MOSFET power section) with a lamp inserted in the signal. The connector includes a jack, 2 Speakon outputs, a send-adjustable return, a tuner output, an ID (pre or post eq, with or without speaker simulation), 2 jacks for …

  • EBS Fafner

    EBS Fafner - crrcrr's review


    Tete hybrid compressor limiter with quality that is capable of descending into 2ohm Impedance. I do not redo the description, other reviews have done for me;) UTILIZATION In the words of the Previous Notice, even flat, it sounds! The sound is cle…

  • EBS Fafner

    EBS Fafner - tubulubtu's review


    See manufacturer or give comments below UTILIZATION Configuration easier if you can call it a configuration. You even flat branches (no effect without equa without drive) has sounded! Just a few rglages the rotary to find his sound, trs prcis…

  • EBS HD350

    EBS HD350 - worms's review


    What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)? transistor amplifier What is the power delivered? 350watts - What connection? Speakon - What are the settings, the effects? ... super control by frequency of mediums ... after being…