Bespeco Dynamic or volume pedals Bespeco Volume Pedals for Guitar/Bass
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Bespeco Volume Pedals for Guitar/Bass user reviews

  • Bespeco WM12

    Bespeco WM12 - " Plastoc but not fake!"


    volume pedal rack, analog. The body is machined true plastic. Jack in, jack out, and roll youth. UTILIZATION It is very difficult to get any easier, it is a passive effect, so it is constantly on the sound. one shot sound or not, or is made betwe…

  • Bespeco WM12

    Bespeco WM12 - "Ok as temporary"


    A volume pedal? uh Effects of violin, uh not for me, so it is down or up, actually. His race merely prevents the crescendo between "silence" and "little sound". A slow tempo, forget What's a mute pedal. good, considering the price should …

  • Bespeco WM12

    Bespeco WM12 - Yougui's review


    Plastic pedals Between a (in) and output (out) extremely simple! UTILIZATION It is plastic so can not be trs solid and relatively intensive use lgre thus moves easily! SOUND QUALITY Good quality of the return stroke of the pedals is quit…

  • Bespeco WM12

    Bespeco WM12 - Splotch's review


    Plastic pedals with input and output jacks in the middle of a potentiometer. In short we are asking is not a volume pedal output tuners, shame but at that price (€ 20 new). UTILIZATION I made a drawing, or it will go? The pedal is very flex…

  • Bespeco WM12

    Bespeco WM12 - Anonyme's review


    PDAL volume bass / guitar basic. Between a jack 1 output jack UTILIZATION Simple operation: you press and volume increases. SOUND QUALITY Neutral. OVERALL OPINION Trs pais plastic for the hull mounted on base mtallique. Coating of rub…

  • Bespeco VM-14 Stereo Volume Pedal

    Bespeco VM-14 Stereo Volume Pedal - Anonyme's review


    Volume pedal very decent given the price and use that I do. It is simple, easy to use, large jack mono or stereo ... (Well, I never used in stereo). UTILIZATION The knob on the side to adjust volume mini (silent or stronger which is very useful f…

  • Bespeco VM 18 L

    Bespeco VM 18 L - bibiStardust's review


    - What are the effects or types of effects available? Simple control pedal, there is a switch that still allows to decide if we want to get are up or down the pedal, and the disabled when it is in the middle. - What technology is used? (Analog, …